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Q: Tim Chaney said:
whatever happened to Dakota Smith?

A: This is a good question. The last I heard he was going to attend junior college but I did not hear anything after that.

Q: CryWolf said:
What is your 40 time?

A: 4.2 on the track, 4.4 on FieldTurf.

Q: CryWolf said:
Is Aja Dang being recruited by SI? How many stars would you give her?

A: Yes, she is a 5-star. Hopefully you voted for her in the Maxim Hometown Hotties contest.

Q: snarfy said:

malachi raises a good point that I would like to develop further. In the 50-0 game last year we faced a championship-winning team, but usually championship teams don’t lose FIFTY TO NOTHING to their main rival.

What happened? Did they not play their starters? Or do they suck at football and they actually won a championship for a different sport like skipping practice before getting your ass handed to you by a Big 10 opponent in a 5th tier bowl game?

Thanks for any insight you can share.

A: They knew their coach was going to be fired and did not have a lot of motivation. The big problem last season was they did not believe in Rick Neuheisel and I heard that from players.

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  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Wolf voted for Aja in the hometown hotties after working with her on the USC report… Kinda creepy eh?

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Then WHY did the bRuins lose to ILLINOIS (who ended the season on a 6-game losing streak before beating Fucla) when Neuheisel was ALREADY GONE!?!?

  • marvgoux

    Because they gave up on the season after we punked them 50-0? Didn’t they give up 50 to the Quackers the week after we destroyed them?

  • CryWolf

    Aja Dang should be a GA

  • SCTuro

    Come on 50-0? there is NO excuse for that. Just admit that you were totally outmaned, you suk, those are believable reasons.

  • carlosb

    “The big problem last season was they did not believe in Rick Neuheisel and I heard that from players.”

    How the hell does Scooter know what the players at ucla are saying when he doesn’t know shit about inside USC, his own assigned beat? You’re a big phoney Scooter! Quit making shit up will ya?

  • JAG

    Of course Scott knew the Bruins did not believe in Neuheisel…but some how forgot to mention it on his blog. It’s just like when Scott always reports there’s two silent commits and then tell us about it after signing day. I wonder why Wolf’s “inside USC” information only comes out after it becomes public knowledge. Acutally, I don’t.

  • dtksr1

    Posters like carlosb & jag, if you don’t like what Wolf writes, no one is forcing you to come onto this site. Go find a website you like…

  • carlosb

    @dtksr1.. WTF? You telling me that I have to like what he blogs to voice an opinion on this site? LOL.. I guess I have to love that sorry ass obama in order to log into MSNBC, ABC, CBS,CNN, also?
    Wolf blogs late news, sometimes a load of made up crap, he positions his blogging to become devils advocate and he is about the least informative so called USC beat writer in town. So Mr dtk.. hows about you pull your lips off of Scooters ass and then go fuck yourself dipshit!
    Fight On

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    I seem to recall a post several months ago when Wolf said something cryptic about the UCLA players not believing in Neuheisel, or wanting Neuheisel gone, or something to that effect. I remember that somebody asked Jon Gold about Scott’s statement over on Gold’s blog.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    poor Nattering Nabobs and Dummies…wolf points out some FACTS, and they fall apart like little children!!

    i will point out that whenever Southern Cal is in the news (Caesar leaving, Bush scandal, Sanctions) the media goes running to who?? the wolfman, that’s who!!!

    ESPN, CBS, ABC…they all run to the Wolfman when they need the REAL INSIDE SOUTHERN CAL info!!!!

    what a bunch of dumb jamokes!!! no wonder the wolfman takes such delight in constantly goofing on you chowder heads!!!

    you just keep oooooooon sweet scoopin’ wolfman!!!!

  • dtksr1

    carlosb… America’s finest! There you go Scott, prime example of someone angry in his life and no where to go.

  • carlosb

    Happy as hell in my great, comfortable and easy going life.. probably because I don’t have to worry about keeping my lips wet and moist so that they can kiss the ass of some half assed journalist wannabe… Keep it up dtk, and the scooter may give you one of those cd’s of his exclusive CJ Spiller story break, better yet, the game tape from the inagural Pac 12 championship game.
    Fight On