Answer Saturday! (Part 2)

In this segment, a question about whether Dion Bailey should play cornerback.

Q: TROJANS32 said:
A follow up to my question last week—I know Dion is a great tackler [I think he led the team in tackles], but because he is so small [he got at least one concussion that I know of], it really is amazing he can play LB at all. Also, I know he has a history of being a great safety. My question is — what skill or skills does he lack to be a great cornerback since he has shown himself to be a great tackler and pass defender? Sincere thanks for your answer.

A: I think he could potentially play cornerback like Josh Pinkard did. But I don’t think that is his ideal skill set. He is a great hitter and physical player, which is ideal for safety or linebacker. He is athletic enough to play three spots but his greatest impact at the college level is linebacker/safety, in my opinion.

Q: CryWolf said:
Would you have a job if this blog were titled “INSIDE NDSU BISON”?

A: Uh, probably not. And probably not for Inside Michigan Tech or Inside St. Olaf either.

My question for this forum is how many players did we sign in Jan-Feb for next Sept.? I keep hearing 18, but I only can count 17—the 15 the scouting services listed plus Shaw and DeVante Wilson…am I missing anyone, and, if so, who? Many thanx, and thanx for the forums too.

A: USC signed 12 players on Signing Day and brought in five in January (17). Perhaps the confusion is because USC can bring in 18 players in the next recruiting class and that number has been widely discussed the past 2 weeks.

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