• USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Any guess on why there are so many UCLA trolls on a USC blog? Bored.. envious.. extremely intimidated at the 2012-13 football team after the 2011-12 beat them 50-0..? Just some guesses.
    I mean…
    Yoda (a character created by a Trojan)
    UCLA “dynasty” (huh?)
    “Count” choco
    spe(cial)ed jones
    and new members like Bill and

    I mean, what the hell? are they closet SC fans? LOL

    Troll on though!

  • SUC, you are a bonafied moron…usc is a joke athletically a and academically inferior to UCLA, it is blasphemous to include the lowly trOJans and the great UCLA in the same sentence. UCLA is superior to usc in EVERYTHING — take all the tainted wins the last decade and the toe jams are irrelevant suck

  • SUCK IT!!!

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Wolf, I went to UCLA campus the other day, there seems to be many “Chinks” in their armor….

    Oh and one slopespic with a mean hut dug cart…

  • lbc trojan

    Rob, you seem to have conveniently forgotten that:
    USC’s men’s water polo team just won a 4th consecutive National Championship (coincidentally it came with a win over UCLA),
    the tennis team 3peated and could go for 4 in a row as well.
    Our women’s bball team picked it up for the men and swept the Bruins.
    Football: 11 natl titles to 1 (shared)
    Baseball: 11 natl titles to 0
    …are you sure UCLA is so superior?
    Fight on!


    Hadn’t been to the UCKLA site in months, but moseyed on over to see the reaction to its loss to old Coach Steve Lavin.– Pathetic. I could not put down UCKLA any better than the UCKLAs. Talk about eating your own.

    Got some new UCKLA blood on the SC blog recently, and their diatribe makes ol’ UGLY Bucket’s worn-out schtick look like he is Ernest Hemingway.
    One word on superiority UCKLAs:
    SC men: 91 national championships
    UCKLA 72

    Academically, it is a draw, except SC has the most diverse student body in the country. Now, that is an education in itself.

    I will give UCKLA its due however. I visited the campus two weeks ago with my wife, and its Japanese garden on the southeast edge of campus takes you away from the cares of L.A. life. Highly recommended.

    Over and out

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    lbc: You lose this one big-time, and sound intelligent enough to know that. Dude, we lead the known free world in NCAA championship banners, which includes all of your aforementioned sports.

    Even with all of your cheating, please don’t tell me that’s news to you.

    Oh, and did you know you have been on sanctions in football too?

    And that OJ is all bored-out now in prison?

    Wow. Dream on though …

  • uscmike

    No one has yet to answer Scott’s question. Instead, the usual pissing contest occurs. As usual, there are no winners.

    RuinBob called someone a “bonafied” moron. You can’t make this stuff up.

  • thekatman

    The only reason UCLA will have more recruits is because USC can only recruit a lessor number. But SC will have a better leel of recruit. This is an example of where more(a) doesn’t beat Kiffin quality.

  • Gnossos

    uscmike, you’ve got to cut bRuin Slob some slack, he’s only 12, but he’s been married and has 2 kids (?).

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    Gnossos, uscmike –

    Please don’t forget that Boob is also an ex-Marine, has been dating a 30 year old for the past 16.5 years, and is your typical blond-haired Latino with a shaved-head.

    He can not be bothered with spelling and reality.

  • Edward

    USC v UCLA: Should make for a great rivalry. Noel Mazzone’s offense v Monte Kiffen’s and Ed Orgeron’s defense. Orgeron fired Mazzone at Ole Miss after one season as his OC.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Rockies: How many in the sports that people actually HEAR ABOUT? Jackass. Aside from basketball, I’m SURE you attend gymnastics to root them on in all those Title IX natl titles.

    Troll on though!

    Ps. 50-0. From the team on probation. LMAOOOO

  • USC – 714


    Look at how these weak minded little UCLA dipshits just flock to this blog…it’s like USC is constantly on their minds, dominating their lives.

    Oh how it’s so great to be a Trojan…something these dudes will never be…but wish they could.

    Don’t worry trolls, UCLA is still a fine institution, just not quite USC.

  • Bluerhino45

    Ugggg you UCLA Kats are un real how the hell can you say UCLA is dominant vs USC in anything… Seriously when was UCLAs last major title in anything basketball in the mid 90s? Wake the hell up instead of pretending your good at anything why don’t you picket outside dan gureros office and demand up grades in your programs… UCLA basketball has become an after thought… They have done sh!t since the o’bannon brothers were there. Seriously I don’t even like coming on this blog anymore because it’s like arguing with infants… You’re lucky to still be in the PAC 12 there are moutain west teams I’d rather play then your sorry squad… And before you go there I know Jim mora just got there and blah blah blah… If Nuehisel who had a ton of success with Washington couldn’t get it done because no one wants to play there mora won’t either trust me…

  • Trojsteve5

    USC has won 12 national titles in baseball to add to the list from lbc. while bruins one big chance to get one they choked vs. the other usc two years ago. Their posters conveniently forget Billy Don Jackson (murder) and Don Henley (drug dealing) when bringing up O.J. on this board. They only wish he had played for them.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    thanks again, wolfman, for this gladiator style match up opportunity to emasculate the trOXans!!! we don’t do it intentionally, it just happens!! like if you put Clubber Lang in a cage match with Don Knotts…Clubber would try to go easy, but eventually he gonna throw one of those slow motion hooks while making that roaring monster noise!!!

    it must be infuriating for the Assorted Dummies to have Cadre bust into their house every day and put their muddy boots up on the coffee table, but what can they do about it?? in any battle of wits they appear to be embarrassingly unarmed!!!

    it’s like the Daily Show vs Fox News…one side is getting mercilessly blistered daily, and the other side isn’t even quite sure whats happening!!

    but it all good, Dummies!! we’re nice guys!!! in fact, we are gonna be there for you to pick up the pieces this Fall!!!! of course then were gonna scatter them.


  • W.E.B. Dupree
  • in sheep’s clothing

    not that commitments by april 1 mean anything – but if you’re going to play that game you’d have to do it as percentage of allowed allotment since USC has 15 and ucla 25. you could add star value to the calculation as well.


    UCLA not even on the list for top popular sports teams…