Morning Buzz

USC was one four Pac-12 schools (Arizona, Cal, Colorado) that voted in favor of an override of proposal to offer athletes multi-year scholarships. Perhaps the 15-scholarship limit influenced USC’s vote.

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  • sureshot

    I’m surprised that Haden would vote against the four year optional scholarship offers. Not only are schools under no obligation to offer more than one year, USC never releases guys early – so it could only help SC.

    Sure, Kiffin and company may nudge a guy out the door by telling him that significant playing time awaits him elsewhere, but I can’t remember a single time when USC pulled a schollie from a guy for performance reasons.

    I’d like to see some of the power return to the players, and I am for multi-year scholarships.

  • BruinRob

    Uhhh, ya think?

  • NOBS

    Uhhh, ya think? What a dope…both Haden and the Slob