Answer Friday!

Q: Nathan Exp said:
The L.A. Times reports that Kiffin and Haden went after UCLA WR coach Eric Yarber but he decided to stay in Westwood. Do you read this as a big disappointment for Lane that he didn’t get Yarber?

A: I’m sure there was disappointment in terms of competing and not winning. But I doubt Kiffin thought it was anything more than a long shot because Yarber was recently hired and coaches usually do not move that quickly.
Kiffin probably put on a full-court press as he is known to do when he wants to hire someone but then moved on. He doesn’t seem to get emotionally invested in his coaching staff like Pete Carroll did.

Q: Edward said:
Is this your blog? Who has control over it? Who has control over the comments by you, and your readers?

A: This is the Daily News’ blog. I do not control the comments. I am responsible for my own comments.

Q: Karillo said:
When is the Spring Game and will Sammy Knight be there?

A: The spring game is April 14 and to be honestI don’t know if Sammy Knight will be there.

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  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    T. Martin > Yarber(?)

  • miguelito

    yup, coaches typically offer the job to the person they dont really want first. then after the one they dont really want rejects them, they move on to their #1 choice

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Since we’re all just speculating, it is also possible that he tried for Martin, got turned down, then tried for Yarber, then went back to Martin, tried like hell, and succeeded.

  • sureshot

    Maybe Kiffin thought the combination of Yarber being added to his staff and Yarber being subtracted from ucla’s staff was greater than Martin. It’s pretty clear though, that Coach Kiff doesn’t care what others think of his position coach hires. He will hire the guy he thinks will do the best job. It too awhile, but I have faith in Kiff.

  • CryWolf

    it’s just like recruiting HS players, you have one spot and you offer it to more than coach. if you have more than one commit, then you pick who you want and tell the others to move on