Sputtering Stat

USC point guard Maurice Jones missed 30 of 39 shots in USC’s past three games.

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  • ProbationU

    Pretty soon he might be able to figure out why he is so open and virtually unguarded.

  • ThaiMex

    fit on Torgan Bros!
    You know what you call a Torgan Basketball “Player” that shoots 3 of THIRTEEN (13) for 3 straight games?
    AN OVERACHIEVER!!!! fit on!
    Write down this date…MARCH 3rd. “Insider”, Nubsie tells me thats the day (final men’s basketball home game) SUCks plans on HANGING that New Banner in honor of this Years RECORDING SETTING Team. I hear they’re gonna hang it right next to the Hanging Curtains! Suugarrry Sweeeet!
    fit on!
    Limbo U!, just when you thought they couldn’t go any lower.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Wow Thaimex looks like he’s having a great Friday night lmao… geek
    How’s UCLA football? THAT can’t get any lower! (seeing as they’re now the WORST bowl team in history!) ROFL
    Mediocre on though!

  • uscmike

    T-Mex’s act is so “booooooooring” … like when the bRuin marching band takes the field.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    SlopeSpic, I didn’t see you at Galen with your hut dugs the other night. Are you over at the Sports Arena cheering on that #powerhouse best basketball school of all time?

  • uscmike

    By the way, Kobe has missed 28 of 39 shots in his last two games. So MoJo has good company.

  • ThaiMex

    It’s “CURTAINS” for the SUCks B-Ball team almost all the time…but especially when they play at home. What’s with those DUMB CURTAINS anyway? Who designed that place? LIBERACE?(fit on!) It’s supposed to be a Basketball “Facility not some F.I.D.M. students expression on window dressing! On second thought, THIS YEAR’S BANNER, is gonna look GREAT next to those DRAPES. FIT ON!
    LIMBO U…there’s NOTHING ELSE like it.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Wow. Thai your act is getting lamer and lamer. Cant get creative? zzzzzzz…. lame. I’m out.


    Mo was most hurt by Fontain going down. Jones is not supposed to be a featured shooter; he’s more of an ancillary chose. And at 5 1/2 feet, when guarded, it is expecting too much of him to shoot a high percentage.

    You know, maybe ThaiMex is not the Ugly Bucket. I don’t think the Ugly one would write such nonsensical garbage, even as an alternative ego hoax.
    Oh, and Thai, you’ve lost your man card. This constant negative SC dribble sounds like a self-centered, bitchy teenage girl

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Geez Louise!! it bad enough we have to listen the trOXans vainglorious jibber-jabber, but such sloppy miss-use of language cannot be pishawed away so easily!!

    LJ for the second time, the word is not “dribble”!! dribbling is what Mo Jones does right before he tosses up one of he bricks!!

    the word you were going for was “drivel,” which is what the vast majority of trOXans spout on this blog!!

    don’t worry LJ, whenever you’re champing at the bit to make a point, but your words don’t jibe, the Cadre has your back!!!

    oh, Chucker-Bucker, you’ve done it AGAIN!!!!

  • oneillwatch

    Actually, Chuckie, you don’t have to “listen” (there’s audio on this site?)to Trojan “jibber-jabber”, you and your ilk can always go to a UCLA site and listen to the crickets.

  • BruinRob

    Will USC ever have a decent basketball team EVER again? not since the days of Minor, have they had a team that could be considered a slam-dunk tournament team…losing 26 games this season? really? thank God for the schedule makers putting Division-3 teams in their schedule, or right no they would be 0-28