Best Start in 24 Years?

USC is 6-0 after a 10-2 victory over Akron. If the Trojans win Sunday, they will be off to their best start 1988, when they started 15-0. Pitcher Ben Mount struck out 8 in 7 innings.

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  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Cuing the bad guys in “Race for your Life Charlie Brown” We’re number 1! We’re number 1!

  • .mownyc

    Krueter wouldn’t have beaten Akron, hell his teams couldn’t beat bruinrobs alma mater Cerritos JC

  • CryWolf

    what’ their SOS?

  • ThaiMex

    It’s all a bit strange….Coach Cruz, for his ENTIRE life…hasn’t been PRO-USC….while the truth is he’s ALWAYS been an “ANTI UCLA GUY”….I don’t understand why…though I do recall VERY SPECIFIC road trips to TUCSON for UCLA Football games and him rooting for the BRUINS. At any rate…Coach CRUZ is a BROTHER…and I will always SUPPORT him as a fellow WEST-SIDER.
    He was a GREAT HIRE (contrary to “INSIDER” nubsie’s opinion) and after only into his second season, the results are apparent.
    Good Luck Coach Cruz, except when playing U-C-L-A!

  • I’ve said this before here and almost got killed for it…I have more faith in USC baseball than trOJan fans on here, and I’m gonna say it again “watch out Omaha, here come the trOJans!”

  • NOBS

    SlobDusky, quit trying to kiss our @$$. WE DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK. Now get back to Cerrtios Baseball and get your napkin degree out to wipe the mustard off your face.

  • Why the hostility my good friend NOBS? I come in peace, and this is how you treat me?

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    Wow… what a pansy…. ha

    Bruin Rob said:
    Dear Jack,
    UCLA does not print any T-shirts that are not for “National Championships” with USC having such a “storied” tradition, why do they print T-shirt celebrating a 50-0 score? how about acting like you actually expected that to be the score??? LMFAO!!
    You ask what am I doing at 5:55 in the morning? it’s called waking up early, so I can keep myself in tip-top shape, first 24 hour Fitness, then my cardio, at the hiking trails…it’s how this 67 year old remains a stud, and ready to kick young trOJan punkss asses, any time anywhere…I’ll take your ass out Clubber Lang style MoFo!!
    February 25, 2012 12:36 PM

    What a joke.
    Ps. UCLA basketball sure looked like a powerhouse against the Zona Cats!
    Troll on though…

  • Moron, you coxucker, how’s SUC’s basketball doing now a days? Thank your schedule for including 5 JCs thud year, if not you would be losing 30 games this year.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    @bRuinslob: USC is known for basketball as much as UCLA is known for football (LOL). So… how’s UCLA basketball doing? Since UCLA is a BASKETBALL SCHOOL… they’re going to THE TOURNEY right?

    NIT on though! and troll on anyway…

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    What a dumbass. Who is this fucking pathetic asshole?

    Bruin Rob said:
    @NOBS, you are the last “man” on earth I would ever worry about screwing my wife…to start, you dick is smaller than a newborn’s belly button, and to make matters worse, for your tiny little pecker is buried beneath 17 layers of fat mass…hell, when you piss you resemble an old corrosive shower, clogged up and squirting water/piss from all directions…as for the action you get now a days, it comes from your poodle dog “fidos”, and that’s only because you lick his balls, and you threaten not to feed him if he doesn’t stick his little red schlong in your fat ass.
    February 20, 2012 11:57 AM

    …Great representative of UCLA!