Tournament Check

Utah squeaked out a victory over Stanford and now leads USC by two games in the Pac-12 basketball standings following the Trojans’ 56-52 loss to Arizona State. If would the Trojans finish 12th, they play the fifth-place team in the Pac-12. That would be Oregon if the season ended today.

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  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Wolf: How can you just flush a major sports program like a dirty condom? I mean, SUC actually played valiantly in defeat on Saturday, even if it did set the all-time mark for season futility. And no coverage whatsoever? What if they’d have actually WON!

    You are all such fair-weather fuckheads.

    After all, we do need to revel a bit after a particularly bitter football loss this past fall. Of course, we did still win the inaugural Pac-12 South Division Football Championship, which reminds me of this whole banner thing, since THAT IS what a fine institution is all about. And no one does that better than UCLA, this is certain to all.

    Isn’t there plenty of room in the trophy case for this “pile of shit trophy” now that you’ve had to clear Heismans and banners due to sanctions and murders and the like?

    But don’t print that banner too fast!
    It won’t be ready until your JV team finishes this beautiful, awe-inspiring — if even tear-jerking, what with all those boo-boos this season! — run at 6-26.

    Cheat On!

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    USC basketball isn’t good, but I support the team. No problem. Will UCLA fans show up to the new Pauley Pavillion if their team is as disappointing as they are this year? No, just like SC football fans don’t fill the Coli when they aren’t good. But hey, that’s Los Angeles for you. So cut the superiority bullshit, ucla-of-the-rockies, because unlike USC FOOTBALL (the sport that matters), UCLA basketball (isn’t UCLA a basketball school?) SUCKS.

    Will the bRuins even make the tourney?! I think not.

    NIT on though… and troll on anyway!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    @ucla-of-the-rockies, 50-0, douchebag.