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It can be dangerous business criticizing someone else’s Top 25 ballot. You might look really foolish, as a “national expert” does today because in late October he clumsily mocked my preseason No. 3-ranking for Kansas. (Link here).
Here’s the key passages: “Kansas at No. 3? Seriously? Kansas might not finish in the top three of the Big 12.”
I’ll take the high road and refrain from making light of that sentence.
And later: “I texted (Kansas coach Bill) Self, told him one voter had his team ranked ahead of North Carolina and asked for his thoughts on said voter. “He’s nuts,” Self replied, and that sums it up pretty well.”
Lucky for me I don’t have to suck up to Self and can vote teams where I feel they should be. Sometimes it looks smart. Sometimes it does not.
On Saturday, No. 4-ranked Kansas defeated No. 3-ranked Missouri and is poised to be ranked third this week. Maybe someone can ask Self if I’m still nuts.

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    Scott, you wake up early on a Sunday morning and this self-congratulatory matter is the first thing that comes to mind?

    You do have a long way to catch up to the narcisstic Ugly Bucket, but you seem to be gaining ground on the Ugly one.

  • SD Trojan 2

    When does C.J. Spiller sign his LOI?

  • LanceKiffin

    In summary: while it’s impossible to literally blow oneself, Scott proves it can be done figuratively.

  • Evil Robot

    Be careful patting yourself on the back, you might pull something. Pretty bold call with ranking Kansas highly. After all, they have finished the season outside of the top 10 twice in the past 10 years. If ever there was a dark horse in college basketball, its Kansas. This is about as bold a call as Obama’s all chalk bracket from 2011.

    Going into next season, I really see Duke, North Carolina and Kentucky as real sleepers.

    For football, I would reeeeealy go out on a limb and make the crazy prediction that the winner of the SEC championship game will have an outside shot at playing for the National Championship.

    Perhaps you could shock the entire world and take the Chinese in ping pong for the 2012 London Games?

    By the way, I hope you list all of your own qualifications in quotes. Given your track record, it only seems appropriate.

  • CryWolf

    once in 20 years your longshot pick comes home. does that make an expert? i see the strategy now, don’t go with the consensus, but pick a long shot if it does happen to win, then you are the expert amont all experts

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    Anyone that points out his accomplishments has very few. Scott Wolf has only proven the adage, that even a blind squirrel occassionally finds a nut. Scott Wolf is a moron. Plain and simple.

  • danmed

    Let’s remind your readers that in that same poll, you had UCONN ranked #1 overall. #1. Anyone care to take a guess what UConn is ranked this week?

    Hint: it starts with “they’re n-” and rhymes with “pot”

  • Gnossos


  • JAG

    Presason polls are a crap shot. If Wolf really thinks his smells sweeter, then the joke’s on him. Of Wolf’s Preseason Top 25, a full half of them aren’t even ranked now. Sadly, this is about average…as the people who vote in these polls have absolutely no qualifications as voters except that they work for a newpaper.

    Congratulations, Scott. You just made some other fool look foolish. But if are going to gloat about your preseason poll, consider the following:

    You had Kansas at 3. But they didn’t come out of no where. They were ranked #13 overall.

    Only two voters had UConn ranked #1. You were one of them. UConn is now 17-11, and unranked.

    You had Missouri at #24. They are currently 24-5 at #3.

    You had Arizona at #6…10 places higher than everyone else, just like you had Kansas 10 places than everyone else. Except that Arizona is currently 21-9, unranked.

    You had Pitt at #11. They are 15-13, #98 in RPI.

    Overall, your preseason ballot is very undistinguished if you look at it now. You were right about Kansas, but that does not mean that you are not a fool.

  • Great job Scott, you apparently know something that douche bag does not know, and I sure let him know in my comment: “Gary Parrish, you must feel like a complete idiot, attacking Scott Woif of the Daily News…maybe you haven’t noticed, but Missouri was #3 in the nation…I think you owe Scott Wolf an apology, apparently he knows something you only wish you knew.”

    Keep up the great work Scott, maybe one of these days your trOJan readers will appreciate your work as much as us Bruin fans do.

  • SD Trojan 2

    Cerritos Rob, its hard to take anything you say seriously without your juvenile butthole symbols.

    JAG – good work taking Gargamel to task. I learn more facts reading one of your posts than 2 months of this blog.

  • jack

    Cerritoslob has his nose so far up Scotty’s ass, if Scotty makes a sudden left turn, his nose will snap off.

  • Hey Jack, why the hostility? Duse, you need to get laid.

  • jack

    Cerritoslob, nice command of the English language. “Duse you need to get laid.” Don’t be afraid to his control F7, thats spell check, along with a question mark. Thats called proper punctuation. Like I said before, that Cerritos JC education is paying divid ends for you. As far as getting laid, what would you know about it? You, as you now claim, are a 67 year old troll. You could have an IV drip of liquid Viagra and you would still not be able to get it up. Troll on douchebag!

  • NOBS

    Jack, SlobDusky GETS laid everyday….EVERYDAY… his SON.

  • Cade McNown’s Handicapped Sticker

    Snap! You go, girl!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket


    wolfman, you’ve done it AGAIN!!!!!

    you are aaaaaaaaall outta bubble gum, wolfman!!!!!

    ok now i need all you Nattering Nabobs, Assorted Dummies and Cyber Bullies to form a line kneeling right behind the wolfman….that’s it. LJ, you’re first? ok, now i need to each to plant a big fat smoooch on the wolfman’s booty!!!!!


  • Hey Jack, you may want to follow your own advice: “Don’t be afraid to his control F7, thats spell check, along with a question mark. Thats called proper punctuation…” (are missing a word in there in order to make sense in your statement”) what a douche bag!!

    You may want to check your grammar as well. TOUCHE!!

  • jack

    Actually, Cerritoslob, control F7 would not have caught that because the word, “his”, is a proper word, not a misspelling. The word should have been, “hit”. Also, there is not a word missing. This is called syntax. Go get a dictionary, if you have one, which I doubt, and look up the word. Again, your limited education speaks volumes about your intellect. Troll on “Senior Citizen” douchebag!

  • jack

    Here is a multiple choice quiz for all in this thread.

    What does the number 50 and Cerritoslob have in common?
    A.) His IQ.
    B.) His waist size.
    C.) The number of lies he has told on this blog.
    D.) All of the above.

    We all know that 50 is the number of points that FUCLA got their asses handed to them by USC this past season, so feel free to make a selection. Fight On! If you’re a member of the Clueless Cadre, Troll On Douchebags!

  • booty11

    Where was this when you has Boise State #1 all year. Or a couple years ago with West Virginia? Your such a douche Wolf. My 4 year old nephew guesses something correct every so often too.

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    jack – I believe you are “mean and nasty.”

    RuinBoob is such a clown that only he is capable of hijacking Wolf’s completely moronic post, and making himself out to be a bigger fool.

  • NOBS

    Jack, I think it’s “D”!

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    If you wanted to take a single Wolf post and comment thread as an example to show people what this blog is all about, this one would fit the bill.

  • @Jack, did you even go past a JC? let me be more precise…you wrote: “Don’t be afraid to his control F7….”

    I believe you wanted to say: “Don’t be afraid to USE YOUR control F7” – not “his control F7” you dumb shit!!

  • uscmike

    To answer your question Scott: Yes, you’re still nuts … especially after that narcissistic post.

    Although if Bill Self was asked today about Scott Wolf, he would reply: “Who?”

    By the way, a broken clock is right two times per day … or twice as many times as Wolf.

  • @Jack, did you even go past a Hish School education?

    Let me be more precise…you wrote: “Don’t be afraid to his control F7….”

    I believe you wanted to say: “Don’t be afraid to USE YOUR control F7” – not “his control F7” you dumb shit!!

    Hey Jack,
    suck it! 8===D~0-:
    lick it! 8===D d:
    swallow it!! 8===D~<O-:
    Lick my
    Ass!!!!!!! (__!__)d-:

    you ass hole!! (__*__)

  • Jethro Sabbath


    I believe BruinRob’s latest comment has made this an even better example.

  • malachi crunch5

    Ruin slob makes me laugh bcause he is fat and that is funny.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Wolf, let Gold spit this self congratulatory B.S. on that other blog. You got lucky with KU, admit it, Mizzu was one unlucky foul call away from winning that game.

    Real question is do you have the testicular fortitude to vote USC football preseason #1?

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Looks like the true “slob” is back! Surprise, surprise.

    Troll on though…

  • @SUC, SUCk On!!!

  • barney

    You the man Scott. You got it right. Bleep those who would suggest otherwise. Geezus, they think they’re in a chat room.

  • SC for LIFE

    Well, it’s been a month since I last visited this site and I see I haven’t missed much. Guess Scott Wolf hasn’t killed himself or been fired from the Daily News yet. Too bad.

    I’m going to do some arithmetic as punishment for wasting 25 seconds of my life here. See you guys in a month.

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    Bruin rob is truly a piece of trash. What a waste of space.

  • NOBS

    SlobDusky is a douchebag. PERIOD

  • jack

    Time for question number two of our quiz.
    What was the reason that Cerritoslob was “harrassed” after the USC 50 point beat down of the pansy ass Bruins?
    A.) The USC fans that he encountered were afraid of him due to his “physical” superiority.
    B.) The USC fans were intimidated by his white FUCLA football jersey.
    C.) His two sons said, “If anyone messes with my 67 year old stud of a dad we are going to kick someone’s ass.”
    D.) All of the above.

  • steve49

    ever notice bruinrob, he always has to call us names. he is obsessed with cock. Sounds like a total westwood liberal to me.

  • Another great day in Bruinville, UCLA #3 UCLA beats #2 USC and#1 Stanford to win a women’s water Polo tournament. sweeeeet!!! Let our Bruin dominance continue over Cheat U. Goooooooo Bruins!!!!

  • Trojanfan

    bruinrod like to taste cock, according to Bucket…ouch!!!!

  • Trojanfan

    Hey bruinrod….Bucket said he has the flag pole ready for you….ouch!!!!

    PS…you need to smile more when the flavor changes

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    What about Men’s water polo beating UCLA to capture a 4th straight natl title? Forget about that, moron?
    I’m sure you were there supporting the ladies (aka taking mental photographs to jerk off to later).
    Troll on though…

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    What a dumbass. Who is this fucking pathetic asshole?

    Bruin Rob said:
    @NOBS, you are the last “man” on earth I would ever worry about screwing my wife…to start, you dick is smaller than a newborn’s belly button, and to make matters worse, for your tiny little pecker is buried beneath 17 layers of fat mass…hell, when you piss you resemble an old corrosive shower, clogged up and squirting water/piss from all directions…as for the action you get now a days, it comes from your poodle dog “fidos”, and that’s only because you lick his balls, and you threaten not to feed him if he doesn’t stick his little red schlong in your fat ass.
    February 20, 2012 11:57 AM

    …Great representative of UCLA!

  • BoscoH

    Ah hell yeah, Scott! Fight On!

  • NOBS

    SlobDusky, how did the Women’s Water Polo team at Cerritos do? I can hardly wait. BTW, those AA meetings you go to have NOTHING to do with your Cerritos Napkin degree. ROFLMAO

  • marvgoux

    I guess this avalanche of response proves that despite Pat Haden and Larry David’s disgrace of a team, Trojans still care about basketball.