The Top 25

Here is this week’s ballot for the AP Top 25 basketball poll:

1. Kentucky
2. Syracuse
3. Kansas
4. Michigan State
5. Duke
6. North Carolina
7. Marquette
8. Missouri
9. Baylor
10. Wichita State
11. Murray State
12. Ohio State
13. Georgetown
14. UNLV
15. Michigan
16. Wisconsin
17. Florida
18. St. Mary’s
19. Gonzaga
20. Indiana
21. Iowa State
22. Creighton
23. New Mexico
24. Florida State
25. Notre Dame

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  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Wait, what? UCLA is a basketball school! Where are they? I mean, USC is successful in football even through sanctions and a bowl ban! What is UCLA’s excuse? Bring on the trolls…. Zzz…

    Troll on though!

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    What a dumbass. Who is this pathetic asshole?

    Bruin Rob said:
    @NOBS, you are the last “man” on earth I would ever worry about screwing my wife…to start, you dick is smaller than a newborn’s belly button, and to make matters worse, for your tiny little pecker is buried beneath 17 layers of fat mass…hell, when you piss you resemble an old corrosive shower, clogged up and squirting water/piss from all directions…as for the action you get now a days, it comes from your poodle dog “fidos”, and that’s only because you lick his balls, and you threaten not to feed him if he doesn’t stick his little red schlong in your fat ass.
    February 20, 2012 11:57 AM

    …Great representative of UCLA! Like the saying goes… troll on!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket


    well looky, looky!! i notice none of the Nabobs, Dummies or Bullies dared to critique the wolfman’s picks this week!!!

    not after they witnessed the Clubber Lang-style beatdown wolfman gave to CBS Sports’ Gary Parrish!!! i pity the fools!!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Bucket, I indeed critiqued Wolfman’s picks! Quote:
    “UCLA is a basketball school. Where are they?”
    Funny how you ignore the truth! That’s ok, because by ignoring me, I know I REALLY get under your skin. You respond when you actually have an argument. See, I keep saying, USC is a football school and continues succeeding even through sanctions but UCLA is not succeeding in hoops despite being a “basketball school.”
    Troll on though!!! Deny on anyway bRuin dummies!!!

  • http://http::// BruinRob

    SUC owns, any goof ball with half a brain knows that it is impossible to have a top team in college basketball year after year. The only the schools like Kansas, Duke, North Carolina, Gonzaga, that have their players stay for all 4 years excell during the regular season, and by the time they reach the Elite-8 the get eliminated by the teams with one-two and outs.

    But it’s okay, if you don’t understand that, because USC has never had a relevant basketball program, so asking you to understand the whys and why nots is like asking NOBS to stop having his poodle “fidos” stick his schlong up his hairy and stinky ass…but it’s okay though, that we don’t have a great team this year, because we have one the best recruiting classes coming next year with some super studs…and besides!!! who cares if we don’t make it to the tournament this year, as long as we bitch slap you USC pansies on the hard floor, is all it matters!!! LMFAO

    Hilarious how these moronic condoms give me so much material almost on each post to be able to mop the floor with these losers…here comes the 50-0 reminder in 3…2…1…yes 50-0, the greatest thing that ever happened to UCLA, it gave us Jim Mora, the meanest nastiest coach in college football.

    Jim Mora would beat the crap of out Lame Kitten in a street Brawl, just like Klemm would beat the snot out of El Orejon, just like I would beat the shit out of Jack and NOBS and SUC owns, and Monopoly, and any other trOJan fool on here, except for “I am great” he’s one tough hombre, the rest of you are a bunch of pussies.

    Envy On though!!!

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    Dear idiot (Cerritos Rob),

    Here it is again, and please, respond to this. USC has continued winning Rose Bowls, national championships, heck they won 6 BCS games having went to 7 in a row. While UCLA did make three straight Final Fours a few years ago, why didn’t they win even one? When is their last national championship? UCLA basketball has become irrelevant nationally for more than just “a few years” now. What’s the excuse?
    USC had the excuse of sanctions and bowl ban yet still finished TOP 5 and pre-season 1 or 2 going into the following season DESPITE NO BOWL GAME & PROBATION.
    So what’s UCLA basketball’s excuse while playing in a TERRIBLY WEAK PAC-12 conference that will get maybe two teams in the tourney…????
    Any intellectual answer to why USC (a football school) can continue to be relevant through probation yet UCLA (a basketball school) can’t stay relevant in an AWFUL CONFERENCE? And answering with “because you are cheaters” is middle school and only makes you look stupid. Your answer is…?

    Troll on though…

  • BruinRob

    @moron, it’s called having a payroll you idiot! Marc Tyler said it you ass wipe! Would you rather play for free at UCLA? Or would you rather USC “break bread” duh!!! What a dumbass!!!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Wow. I was wrong… I thought you had the ability to be intelligent and give an honest, intellectual answer. What a coward.

    Eh… carry on troll..

  • usc50ucla0

    my fellow Trojans… have some respect for the guys across the street. bRuins gave up football for Lent. Problem is: short bus captain didn’t tell’em Lent season is before Easter! Not Christmas hahaha

  • BruinRob

    SUC owns/moron – you wanted the truth, right? obviously you CAN’T HANDLE the truth. – but I will amuse you a little bit you wrote: “USC has continued winning Rose Bowls, national championships…” — they won ONE shared (1/2 title) title in 2003, and they were stripped from the other.

    you wrote: “USC had the excuse of sanctions and bowl ban…” —- What does being on sanctions have to do with the ability to win games? are all the 5-star players SUC has required to play in potato sacks? or with one arm tied behind their back? – what an idiot!!

    you wrote: “So what’s UCLA basketball’s excuse while playing in a TERRIBLY WEAK PAC-12 conference that will get maybe two teams in the tourney…????” — they are not very good this year, it’s that simple…as for excuse? our #1 scorer and #1 rebouder was kicked off the team for having a shitty attitude, do you think USC would have kicked off the teaam your top player in the team? I DON’T THINK THEY EVER WOULD! why, because SUC is a “win at all costs” screw sportsmanship, screw the players’ attitudes, screw any flaws, as long as these guys get wins for us.

    you wrote: “Any intellectual answer to why USC (a football school) can continue to be relevant through probation yet UCLA (a basketball school) can’t stay relevant in an AWFUL CONFERENCE?” — USC continues to be relevant only becaue the scholarhip reductions haven’t hit home, yet, but you will have a major drop off in success beginning in 2013 when the depth charts are depleted, unless of course all the recruits stay healthy and perform like SUC expected them to when they were recruited, and we all know that is just pie in the sky…as for UCLA basketball, we have one of the top recruiting classes coming in next year and if we get Shabbaz our season will jump through the roof, but even without him we will kick some major ass, just watch.

    p.s. my previous answer/post was an honest answer, it’s not my fault you condoms live your fanhood in denial, so I thought I would amuse you a little bit in this post.

  • lbc trojan

    Rob, USC won 2 consecutive AP national championships followed by 3 consecutive Rose Bowls (2007-10) in your stadium. Ignoring that?