A couple topics. What is more disappointing? A six-win USC basketball team or a 16-win UCLA team? And should the schools agree to ban alternate uniforms for the crosstown rivalry? USC considered one last year while UCLA wore its all-white alternate.

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  • Fart 0330

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  • Jethro Sabbath

    How can anyone expect to top that?

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Answer is easy.
    USC is a football school that succeeded through sanctions, a bowl ban, and being virtually ignored by ESPN until they were forced to recognize that SC was “back” at the end of this year.
    UCLA is a basketball school that even when appearing in 3 CONSECUTIVE Final Fours did not win even one. And before that.. when did they last win a National Championship? early 90s?
    How has a “basketball school” that has ZERO COMPETITION in their cross-town rival USC (and a WEAK Pac-12 conference that might get only TWO teams into the tourney) managed to become NATIONALLY IRRELEVANT for more than a few years?
    USC basketball is bad but that is almost expected. Doesn’t mean I don’t root for them.
    UCLA basketball doens’t have the tradition anymore that USC football does. And they claim to be a BASKETBALL SCHOOL?

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    of course, ThaiMex and Charlie Bucket (the two trolls that visit this blog more than SC fans do) will mostly ignore the points I’ve made. They tend to repeat themselves while ignoring the truth.
    Don’t let facts get in the way of your argument, boys!

    U-C-L-A deny deny deny!

  • uscmike

    Let’s talk baseball. USC is #23 in the current baseball poll, one spot ahead of #24 UCLA … kind of like the US News and World Report College rankings.



  • lbc trojan

    Owns and mike pretty much covered it.

    Fight on!

  • Jon

    6 wins is terrible. KO can talk about injuries, but what about all those bad losses while Dedmon and Fuller were still suiting up? For example, the home loss against an undermanned ASU team.

    KO had better deliver big next season.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Sir Fartsalot, what is your take on whether we should hurry up and get out of Afghanistan?

  • CryWolf

    one question per topic please

  • @moron – “USC has continued winning Rose Bowls, national championships…” — they won ONE shared (1/2 title) title in 2003, and they were stripped from the other.

    moron wrote: “USC had the excuse of sanctions and bowl ban…” —- What does being on sanctions have to do with the ability to win games? are all the 5-star players SUC has required to play in potato sacks? or with one arm tied behind their back? – what an idiot!!

    moron wrote: “So what’s UCLA basketball’s excuse while playing in a TERRIBLY WEAK PAC-12 conference that will get maybe two teams in the tourney…????” — they are not very good this year, it’s that simple…as for excuse? our #1 scorer and #1 rebouder was kicked off the team for having a shitty attitude, do you think USC would have kicked off the teaam your top player in the team? I DON’T THINK THEY EVER WOULD! why, because SUC is a “win at all costs” screw sportsmanship, screw the players’ attitudes, screw any flaws, as long as these guys get wins for us.

    moron wrote: “Any intellectual answer to why USC (a football school) can continue to be relevant through probation yet UCLA (a basketball school) can’t stay relevant in an AWFUL CONFERENCE?” — USC continues to be relevant only becaue the scholarhip reductions haven’t hit home, yet, but you will have a major drop off in success beginning in 2013 when the depth charts are depleted, unless of course all the recruits stay healthy and perform like SUC expected them to when they were recruited, and we all know that is just pie in the sky…as for UCLA basketball, we have one of the top recruiting classes coming in next year and if we get Shabbaz our season will jump through the roof, but even without him we will kick some major ass, just watch.

    According to Marc Tyler SUC “breaks bread” for their players, of course they’re going to continue to have the top recruits!! USC does a great job in keeping it low-pro when paying their athletes…had Bush NOT refused to pay back the $600,000 ($300,000 to each agent) the world would have NEVER known how crooked and corrupt SUC truly is…SUC has learned their lesson, on how not neglect certain aspects of their “operation”, I’m sure that now they educate the agents as well as their players and players’ families, in order to keep their cheating program from getting the death penalty.

    Cheat On though!!

  • Watch out Omaha!! here come the trOJans!!! who cares that they’ve scheduled Division-3 in the early part of the season to have a fluffed-up record…just like their basketball team scheduled Division-3 teams and started the season 5-1 and have an since are 1-18…but it’s okay trOJans 6-0 is awesome (at least on paper) hahaha

    Dream on though!!!

  • Jon

    Considering that the sanctions were used to recruit against USC, and that upperclassmen were allowed to transfer without sitting out a year, it’s pretty phenomenal that USC went 10-2 in its second year under sanctions. Also mental toughness on the part of the players, to play that hard knowing there wouldn’t be a post-season for them.

    Of course, not everyone could cut it at USC. Promising players Markeith Ambles and Dillon Baxter were both released from the team.

    At the end of the day, there’s only so much coaches can do. Ultimately, each student-athlete is responsible for him/herself, which even UCLA fans recognize:

    Sad day for UCLA when even the basketball fans are forced to join football fans in that familiar Bruin refrain: Wait until next year!

  • Jon

    Baseball’s quickly turning it around. Crazy how far Kreuter set the program back.

    With its rich history (12 national titles), it’s good to see the baseball program getting back to its winning ways.

    But Cruz knows it’s a rebuilding process; he’s set his eyes on making Regionals this season. Hopefully not much longer before such a storied program is once again eyeing Omaha.

  • miguelito

    Your beloved campus is in a shit neighborhood. USC = gringos that like living in the bario (aka white trash)

  • miguelito

    Your beloved campus is in a shit neighborhood. USC = gringos that like living in the bario (aka white trash)

  • Trojan Conquest

    Definitely ban alternate uniforms for crosstown game. USC/UCLA game is so unique, and getting back the tradition of both teams wearing their home colors is great. This game looks so great, and it needs to be moved back to a day game. Those white uniforms were terrible, and they weren’t even the correct blue color. UCLA should incorporate navy as a trim, like the Chargers did with their light blue uniforms, but not in place of “true blue”. I’m not a Bruin hater, and I actually like their uniforms. Their move to be more “uniform” with this true blue was a good move, since it was never baby blue like NC. I remember when Larry Brown got major heat when he changed UCLA’s uniform color to North Carolina baby blue.

  • @another moron, Jon wrote – “Considering that the sanctions were used to recruit against USC, and that upperclassmen were allowed to transfer without sitting out a year, it’s pretty phenomenal that USC went 10-2 in its second year under sanctions. Also mental toughness on the part of the players, to play that hard knowing there wouldn’t be a post-season for them.”

    What does being on sanctions have to do with the ability to win games? are all the 5-star players SUC has required to play in potato sacks? or with one arm tied behind their back? what athlete is going to roll over and say f**k me? look at Ohio State! by your logic, they should have been 0-12 after having their coach fired and the #1 Heisman candiate QB and other defections, and all the rumors about them getting major sanctions handed to them – again, what an idiot!!

    p.s. don’t get too excited, remember USC basketball also got off to a 5-1 start after scheduling cream puff Division-3 teams, just like USC baseball…but hey! SUC fans are dulusional anyway…so feel free to…Dream On!!!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    @BruinRob, Jon’s point about transfers and player mentality (knowing the entire nation is virtually ingnoring them) was spot on.
    And have you seen our depth chart the last 2 seasons? USC with a shortened roster beat a full UCLA roster 50-0. Enjoy that!

    FIGHT ON!!

  • Globe

    I didn’t know UCLA had a baseball program. But I live in Omaha so I don’t see that many team play.

  • in sheep’s clothing

    so will ucla’s basketball’s big drug issue about to become public through SI be addressed or obfuscated by our wonderful ucla contributors? i might take drugs just to stay awake whenever ben howland speaks. what a dynamo!

  • lbc trojan

    Yes, BruinRob, USC won two AP national championships. Not to mention THREE consecutive Rose Bowls in your team’s stadium from 2007-10. Remember those?

  • gotroy22

    It amazes me how many SC fans accept mediocrity and humiliation from Bozo the Coach when we were a dropped basketball under the hoop from beating eventual NCAA runner up Michigan State and making the Sweet 16 for the second time in three years.


    I almost agree with you gotroy, but KO has had hardly anything to work with. I think his defensive mentality as coach, eligible transfers, new recruits, and healthy returning starters will give this program a boost next season and they’ll compete for a conference title.
    Haden has already said KO will be back, so until then, onto football season! Oh wait, we have an undefeated baseball team to keep an eye on…
    Fight on!


    Building a basketball team is light-years easier than creating a winning football team.

    Get 3 studs and 5 role players, and alakazam or whatever, you have a team contending for a national title.

  • ftfo2005

    Firstly, i had no idea that there was such a thing as a ‘fluffed up record’ in baseball, but i guess if anyone knows anything about fluffing it’s bruinrob (

    Secondly, whatever. Also, everyone cheats (
    Get mad because we cheat and win.

    Thirdly, yeah, white trash, thats exactly what the general perception of USC is. lol.

    (also good point lawyerjohn)

    Fourthly, see you in three years, after the reductions are felt, and ask me (seriously, fucking ask me) if we’ve lost to any teams 50-0.

    Finally, not that i should have to point this out, but go ahead, tell me about your 100 championships, tell me about your women’s lacrosse or handball or whatever…i don’t really care. I don’t even care about our baseball team (i’ve been to a few games and they’ve been great, but i was drunk, whtver). Basketball and football are what matter. And yeah, we’d be talking shit if our bball team was great, but it’s a down year. But we also wouldn’t be trying desperately to point out flaws in UCLA football if we put up the ridiculous season you just put up.


    Overall, pretty good points, ftfo2009! UCLA would go absolutely CRAZY with joy of USC ever lost 50-0. But we’re USC. Not UCLA.

    Fight on!

  • jack

    Fredy Wallin to Cerritoslob. “Cerritoslob, you 67 year old stud. Take me to bed or lose me forever!”

  • @Globe, if you really lived in Omaha you would know UCLA had a baseball program, they’ve been to Omaha the past two years…troll on though!!

    @Jack, Bruins are NOT gay, you want some gay action? call SUC owns, or NOBS, or Monopoly, they are as gay as a 3-dollar bill, sorta like you.

    Enjoy those tiny little tickling your @$$.

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    Ignore bRuinSlob. He’s looking to get the attention he doesn’t get in life because he’s a loser that supports a university that would’ve never admitted him.

    Troll on though.

  • ftfo2005

    BruinRob, your use of the phrase “troll on though” makes me think that you misunderstand it’s actual meaning. But I think it’s cute that you think you know how to use the internet.

  • gotroy22

    Fifty, O’Neill was handed the top five University of Arizona basketball program from Lute Olson and he botched it. The players revolted under his abusive coaching style. Why would we want a certified failure? Let’s do what we have done in even minor sports like water polo, tennis and volleyball get the best coach money can buy.

  • Jethro Sabbath


    UCLA was not in the College World Series last year. Where do you get your misinformation?

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Here’s all you need to say about UCLA today:


  • BoscoH

    We were gonna go to the tournament
    Until we got high

    We were gonna win the Pac 12
    And then we got high

    Our coach is such a joke
    And we don’t know why. Why?

    Because we got high.
    Because we got high.
    Because we got high.

  • ftfo2009

    rofl bosco. A song about not paying child support and running from the cops – in reference to our basketball team?

    Tell me when you get your GED.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    @ftfo2009, it’s about UCLA. Read SI.

  • ftfo2009

    noted; thanks.

  • BoscoH

    Why don’t you tell me
    what Howland’s doing wrong?

    Why don’t you tell me
    where you hid the bong?

    Don’t light one without me!

    [Visual: hold your fake doobie in the air.]
    U C L A smokes.

  • @homo- “ROASTED” what happened did UCLA get caught cheating? Did UCLA players get paid by agents or coaches? NO, UCLA kicked a player off the team for reasons that SUC would actually put him on a pedestal….don’t confuse our program run tight with your loose program where the prisoners run the asylum.

  • TrojanFamily

    Well they kicked him out of the program after starting multiple fights with teammates. Have they kicked off the players responsible for the rampant drug use? Have they removed the boosters who are providing limo rides to the team?

    Rob, with his extolling the virtues of the 50-0 loss as well as the school’s lackluster responses to Howland’s shortcomings, reminds me of the child who walks into a room filled with manure and shovels for hours convinced there must be a horse nearby.

  • usc50ucla0

    bRuinsRobbed… you’re right when you said
    “UCLA HAD a baseball program” they also had a Basketball program. Is this what you mean by mean and nasty? It’s really working for your bb program, isn’t it?

    That’s the inside joke re: “Don’t bRuin you life” while USC is sanctioned/probation/stripped, they move on and make lemonade while fUCLA continues to wallow in it’s own boo-boo. What’s the fUCLA FB ‘handicap’ players doing now? Nelson? fUCLA kicker that hit a light pole on the 405 and left a teammate stranded & unconcious?

    And, RB? PC? Who’s doing something and who’s getting searching for SEC 8 housing?

  • @trOJanFamily wrote: “Well they kicked him out of the program after starting multiple fights with teammates”.

    Kicking Reeves Nelson off the team for fighting is more than USC had ever done…must I remind you how Steve Smith a USC WR broke Dominique Byrds Jaw in the USC locker room?? and how last year Lutui broke the jaw of one of your RBs jaw during conditioning after running a 40 yard dash?? must I remind you how O.J. Mayo broke the jaw of a team mate who happened to be the son of one of the USC coaches, I belive it was the kid that skipped his senior year from H.S. to play for USC, he’s a black kid who had an Italian accent, I can’t remember his name…in ALL THREE of these incidents NONE OF ABOVE REFERENCED INDIVIDUALS EVEN GOT DISCIPLINED from their coaches, in fact in the O.J. Mayo incident it went days unreported until word leaked out…so stop your bullshit non-sense, because you know you will get hammered each time, when you conveniently try to make UCLA an institution that tolerates crap, when in fact it is just the opposite.

    trOJanFamily wrote: “Have they kicked off the players responsible for the rampant drug use?”
    Really??? UCLA has repeatedly suspended players for violations of breaking team rules …and those violations include but not limited to drug use, which could include marijuana, or other. Does USC even test their players??? I SERIOUISLY DOUBT IT!! “rampant drug use”? really? please enlighten me, post a link to support you accusation of “rampant drug use”, I can’t wait to see, you foolish jackass…if you want to talk about rampant drug use in our campuses, uh, do the Ting brothers sould familiar to you? their dad, was providing steroids to the trOJan team…and does the incident in which the USC assistant getting into a car accident sound familiar to you? he was the one directly involved in juicing up the USC players…and what about Taylor Mays? he had 20 inch arms at USC, and within 5 months after graduating his arms resembled those of a skinny H.S. player, hummmm I wonder why??…what about Brian Cushing?? that dude was juiced up since his H.S. days, and all thru college, did you ever not see his “bitch tits”? thank you for the opportunity to make an ass out of yet another dumbass trOJan, YOU.

    BruinRob, the #1 fan of the UCLA Bruins, Defending Pac-12 South Division Champions.

  • OJ Mayo breaks Daniel Hacket’s jaw.

    Steve Smith breaks Dominique’s jaw, over a video game.

    Stanley Havili breaks T.J. Bryant’s jaw.

    None of these thugs even got suspended FOR EVEN ONE PRACTICE.

    but Thug On though!!!