• Trojan Conquest

    Really? You’ve answered less than half of the questions from a week ago. Why not finish your previous questions before asking for more? It’s not like there have been any in depth stories for you to cover this time of year.

  • bbfan with bag on head

    Hey Scott. I think it would be interesting to see you grade out the basketball team every game like you do football, although it might be tough since you might not get to see every game. What grades would you give for the season? Something like offense, defense, effort, recruiting and coaching.

  • CryWolf

    If you were Mora and had Scroggins, Kessler and Wittek, plus the current stable of UCLA QBs, who would you start?

  • .mownyc

    Ted Tollner inherited a program on the decline and on probation, he hired poor assistants and he never seemed to grasp what being a head coach was all about. He recruited OK, but he coached poorly.

    Larry Smith arrived, taking over a program in decline. He had some good years but he seemed to be happy recruiting so so classes and trying to make them better players than they were. He never got the USC thing and off he went

    Robinson comes back, takes over a team that go used to losing ( remember the UA game in Tucson where they just flat quit ? ). He recruits pretty well but he isn’t given any $$$ to hire top assistants. Garrett dislikes him, so out he goes

    Hackett comes in, he’s abrasive, his playbook is voluminous, he acts aloof as well and he can’t win, so out he goes.

    Carroll comes in after MG tried to hire Erickson, Holtz, Bellotti, he recruits like a mother, he has great assistants after the first year and he thrives until his ego gets the better of him, so he flees.

    Would you add anything else?

  • The Ghost of John McKay

    Does Ben Howland survive after the SI article ?

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Interesting fact you had about George Harrison in the last forum Scott. I know he liked soccer, but I was under the assumption that he disliked cricket. Do you know who his favorite English soccer club was and did he actually like cricket ?

  • tom_floyd

    Prior to his injury last summer, Jio Fontan was planning to petition the ncaa for an extra year of eligibility. Since he will be back next season because of the injury, is there still a chance he could return the following year also?
    Thanks for continuing the forum!

  • ftfo2009

    Thoughts on how the DL will play out – we obvious have experience/depth potential issues. From what you’ve seen from practices, what kind of shape are we in?


    What is your favorite PAC 12 city to visit and why and what has been your favorite non conference city that you have been to and why?

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    With this new cloud of shame around the UCLA program, will USC basketball seize the opportunity to sign Shabazz? Thaimex will eagerly await your response…

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    wolfman my question is: are you as completely UNDERWHELMED by the “blockbuster” story in SI re: the UCLA basketball team as the Cadre is?? as the LAT stated “No potential NCAA violations were alleged in the article.”

    what we have here are young men smoking some reefer and throwing a few elbows. and drinking some beer and going to parties?? sound like a typical night for most 19-21 yr olds.

    Howland come from the rough and tumble Big East, not Strawberry Shortcake Town. and anyways the Bullies and Dummies were dealt with, Howland ran them off to other schools. i think if anything he has been criticised for being too tough and chasing his problem children off to UNLV, etc.

    do you agree this is much adieu about little?? he does have more players in the pros than any other coach and a number of them recently said he was tough and a disciplinarian but it got them pro ready even after one year!!! not too shabby, huh?? testify, wolfman!!!

  • usc50ucla0

    fUCLA is irrelevant… NObody cares what happens at fUCLA!!! It would be a bigger story if it happened at UCDavis. THAT would be tragic!

  • carlosb

    My unanswered query from last week was 1-10 does Scroggins see the field in 2012? Do you expect Wittek or Kessler to transfer when the other wins the backup?

  • torpedoman

    Does MNT 1-0 ITA mean anything more significant than “just a friendly” result? I feel this is actually historical and will also be a huge stepping stone in Klinsy’s endeavor. Really want and would appreciate your take on this story.

  • Globe

    What has Leighton Baines ever done to warrant a starting spot for England? He’s useless.

    It’s a shame we’re only allowed one question or I’d ask the same question about Gareth Barry.

  • Nathan Exp

    Scott,are you surprised that Dillon Baxter couldn’t even last a couple of months with SDSU?

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Monopoly: You can have Shabazz. He’s this year’s version of OJ Mayo.

  • AndyUSC2012

    Do you think its possible with the depth of talent and interest from 2013 running back and DB recruits that we take as many as 3 running backs and 5 corner back/safety recruits? It seems as though positions such as linebacker fullback and tight end can be ignored this year and quarterback, and reciever may only take one for each. Obviously we will need 3 or 4 at DL. and 2 or 3 at Oline but the true thin positions after this year numericaly are in the rb and d backfield agreed?

  • steve49

    Real easy one for your great mind Scott, tell us who we will be playing against in the upcoming NCAA National Championship next January.

  • NOBS

    Scott, how do you grade Haden now? Do you honestly think he’s doing a better job (i.e. winning) than Garrett? Do you think MG would keep KO?

  • NOBS

    Scott, how do you grade Haden now? Do you honestly think he’s doing a better job (i.e. winning) than Garrett? Do you think MG would keep KO?

  • LanceKiffin

    With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, was Kiffin’s benching of Dillon Baxter justified or do you still believe you were correct in questioning Baxter’s lack of playing time that ultimately led to his transfer?

  • Pop Goes The Weasel

    My question last forum was asking if you could give us your current projected two deep at CB and safety. If you subsequently answer it from now, please forgive me for asking again. Scott, may I make a quick aside to reader Edward–Edward, the answer is yes.
    Scott, I picked up your full meaning on the spotlight question re the linebacker depth. Thanx. I have to restrain myself in my old age.
    Scott, my question for this week is–does your paper have the accurate e-mail address of everyone who comments here? I ask because one comment about a deceased ex Trojan a couple weeks ago could easily lead to a lawsuit if I am not mistaken, and if the parents want. Thanks in advance as always.

  • gotroy22

    How does Kevin O’Neill survive after losing to lowly ASU and falling to the bottom of the Pac 12 basketball standings… Do you think ASU is better than SC or was KO outcoached?

  • marvgoux

    Are the reports by CBS Sports of shady dealings by associates of Ron Holmes true and should USC drop our recruitment of his son Shabazz Muhammad after being warned by the NCAA that the prized recruit may be ineligible?

  • dtksr1

    Well Scott, you opened it up with your postings about UCLA fans posting on this website… and amusing them.
    The controversy with the UCLA Basketball program does not surprise me at all, because it, as well as the football program was overseen by a an AD that should have never gotten this position in the first place. He had no experience with football coming from UC Irvine (if I am not mistaken)and has lead the program to today being worst off than when he came into the position. Beside him being 50 pounds heavier today,and obviously being nothing more than a career State employee bean counter, why should Dan Guerrero be kept as the AD?

  • Our 75 Is Better Than Your 85

    Does it ever bother you that people visit your blog not to get information on USC, but rather to talk trash to other visitors and to poke fun at you for your absurd opinions and incompetent journalist skills?

  • “Count” Smackula

    Vulfman, I noted zhat vhenever a (real) blockbuschter schtory regardink Souzern Cal occurs, (e.g. zee OJ I & OJ II schtories, zee Bush/Sanctions schtory, Caesar leavink town just ahead of zee posse schtory, etc) a media frenzy breaks out to get zee moscht knowledgeable Souzern Cal inschider on zee air for expert inschight und commentary.

    I also note zhat vhether its ESPN, ABC news, CBS, etc zee number vun sought out exschpert is YOU, ZEE VULFMAN!!!

    So my qvestion (if you deem it not too personal) is: do you get paid any schpecial appearance fees for appearink on zee air vith ESPN, Jim Hill, Petros or whoeffer? or, is recognition as zee undischputed top Souzern Cal beat writer in town rewardink enough?