Can someone explain to me how the bRuin posters here can be considered as anything but delusional?

  • Trojan Conquest

    You have any investigative journalist look deeply into a program, they’ll find something.

  • Marky Marc

    “There were nights out with current and former NBA players, television stars and models. One evening the partying started at the Beverly Hills mansion of a wealthy UCLA fan. The Bruins were then chauffeured in a Rolls-Royce to a West Hollywood club, where several players were ushered past a long line of people and given VIP treatment at a table in the back.”

    Sounds like EXTRA BENEFITS to me…but I guess only a cheating Trojan like Reggie would take those, right? Whatever. Nothing new here–we all know the hypocrisy of UCLA fans.

  • sureshot

    “It would have been hard to envision four years ago that UCLA would be in its current state. Back then the team was united, the players mature and humble. Who could have predicted a train running so smoothly would go off the rails? Who could have foreseen such a departure from the UCLA way?”

    Clap clap clap clap clap clap!

  • dcard1097

    Wow, UCLA basketball….now a dirty laughing stock

  • ProbationU

    Just goes to show that even after a night of partying, smoking weed and taking ecstasy…the Bruins can still pound the Trojans on the hardwood. And you still want to keep KO?

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    poor troXans. this is all you got from this blockbuster??? this was the Y2K of sports scandal blockbusters!!!

    hell, OJ II caused far more trouble single handed than the cumulative years of “scandal” detailed. he busted a teamates jaw and took envelopes stuffed with cash!!

    oh well, with your ballers poised to set an all time record for crappiness you need something to hoot about!! enjoy!! HAWR-HAWR!!

    the wolfman will straighten you chumps out!!!

  • Trojan 70

    I can hardly wait for Cerritoslob to spin this – “yeah, getting beat 50-0 was the best thing that ever happened. We got Lessa..” Now, “taking ectasy before practice really helped our free throwing %.” Spin on losing turd face – sanctions coming for the gutty BB program. New coach, new AD. What a pig sty.

  • ftfo2009

    Obvious troll is obvious.

  • BoscoH

    “High” up in the hills of Westwood.

    (That’s the end of the song.)

  • usc50ucla0

    we don’t need to yak-et. It’s obvious bRuins have problems. we’ll do what we always do… laugh under our breathe.

    That’s the difference between a Trojan and a bRuin. We get to work while y’all create more smoke. Keep smoking it Phukets, you’re on the same path as Reeves Nelson

  • Sam Gilbert

    dcard, let good ol’ Sammy here tell ya, UCLA’s basketball program has been dirty for years. But unilke when Papa Sam and J-Dub ran Westwood, the filth came hand-in-hand with Bruin championships.

  • ftfo2009

    Honestly, I’m not sure how much longer i can deal with idiocy of this magnitude.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    NIT, raves, and weed; looks like the California tax payers are getting great things for their money these days!


    Seriously, thank God we’re all paying for these losers to get a free ride and free drugs.

  • OJ Mayo breaks Daniel Hacket’s jaw.

    Steve Smith breaks Dominique’s jaw, over a video game.

    Stanley Havili breaks T.J. Bryant’s jaw.

    None of these thugs even got suspended FOR EVEN ONE PRACTICE.

    but Thug On though!!!

  • ftfo2009

    Lol remember when you’re retarded?


    Reactions don’t dispel the nature of culture. Let me know when stanley, steve smith, or oj mayo get in another fight with a teammate.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Well, when we all voted to enact Proposition 420, the initiative that guaranteed free weed for UC college athletes, I guess we should have expected it would come to this.

  • ftfo2009

    Also, really? Those are your examples? Not Rey Maualuga and his propensity for mistaking people for punching bags?

  • ftfo2009

    God, BruinRob just constantly shows me how much better of a troll i would make than him.

  • Definitely NOT the UCLA way…I’ve said on Jon Gold’s blog, and I will say it here, Ben Howland has got to go, too many talented players have transfered and Ben Howland is the reason…so long Ben,

  • @Homonopoly, “tax payer” money??? the players are there on scholarships using funds from the revenue generated from the athletic program, you dipshit
    @dcard1097 – “laughing stock”? not nearly the laughing stock known as USC athletics…nice try though, get back to me when you read of these players receiving money to go to UCLA…smoking weed? I’m sure even YOU do that, let alone an 18 year old kid…ecstasy?? you mean to tell me YOU don’t do that??? try it some time, sex is great!!

  • TrojanFamily

    Well Rob, perhaps USC can beat the Bruins in basketball program 50-0 so you can get a new basketball coach as well. You seem to love it when your beloved Bruins get crushed badly enough by USC to fire the coach.


    No offense, uckla, but I read the first page of the article, not the entire 4-pages, and that is all the time I want to invest in this matter. A matter, by the way, that is more fluff than substance. I don’t really see a “big-deal” violation here.

    Now if I were the Ugly Bucket or one of the other uckla losers on this blog, I would be up-in-arms angry about this revelation if it were directed at SC. And that would fit their usual 2-faced hypocritical style.

    As for the 3 in a row Final-4, and ucklas casual response to it, shame on you. And stupid you. It is hard, real hard, to make the Final-4 these days, and one day the ucklas will look back and say, “Gee whiz, we should have appreciated that great success.”

  • Jon

    High profile athletes accepting benefits from wealthy alums?

    I would have never guessed.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    So, is this why UCLA isn’t a “basketball school” anymore?

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    LawyerJohn: That was about as level-headed of a response as I’ve ever seen on this blog … or ours, for that matter.
    A lawyer, I am not. But with all Bruin pride aside, that was my exact response to most of the article. Which is sad, because it also gives rise to just exactly where the major sports (fball & hoops) sit integrity-wise at major college institutions.
    How many other major college programs with a storied past in either of the aforementioned sports couldn’t have had their own mascots inserted into that article?
    Still troubling? Yes.
    Reeves Nelson? At least CBH did eventually send him down the road. Just how many prima-donnas like him still lurk today on a major college roster?
    George Dohrmann? A gifted writer, but sadly he’s got deep ties back to Reeves while he was in high school. You think Reeves may be a little bitter? You think Dohrmann might have called and simply said, “Spill it, bitch, and I’ll buy you lunch wherever you want.” I would hate to find out that Dohrmann has any deeper ties to USC or any other axe to grind than I understand he may have.
    But that goes toward making excuses, and that is not what this rant is about.
    John Wooden? Those days, simply put, are probably gone forever. In every sport and everywhere. Was he wise enough to know before he died that this current UCLA regime was in deep trouble? Possibly.
    Is USC all THAT BAD? No.
    Is it always fun to go back and forth? Hell yes!

    And, as for Shabazz Muhammed, you may not want him so badly now that it’s been unveiled that he’s got major money/donor issues leaving with him from Bishop Gorman.

    That is, unless you want this year’s version of OJ Mayo.

    And I say that with a sober heart, no joke or pun intended and with a sadness for the state of major college sports in America today.

    As much as so many of you would love to see it come true, will we see sanctions on this? Probably not. But sadly, does it really matter given what WE ALL KNOW is truly happening at our own schools and so many others across the country?

  • TrOJanFamily, 50-0 in Basketball would be just as awesome!! It would guarantee UCLA getting a new coach the next day, unfortunately I like the odds better of NOBS seeing his dick one day.

  • NOBS

    SlobDusky, you are a total bore, a liar and a fool. I hope your wife did die. It saved her from having to listen to any more of your crap. I’ll bet you and the 3 (or 5?? right) slobs were nerds in high school and this is your “big boy” outlet. What a tool. Cerritos Napkin degree On!

  • jack

    Wow Cerritoslob, a 67 year old, self proclaimed stud, on ecstasy? I thought your body was your temple…all natural? I guess you need something to keep up with all the 20 something “hotties” you’re banging every night. Either that, or trying to keep up with all those Whopper and fry orders that keep piling up at Burger King.

  • BoscoH

    I think it’s cool how current Bruin players have learned from the legacy of the greatest Bruin of all time, Lou Alcindor, about how to treat migraines.

  • NOBS

    Bosco, AND how to be an @$$hole….aka Nelson

  • BruinRob

    Ftfo2009 – I
    Was referring to incidence within the team, I was trying to make comparisons with what Reeves Nelson did. How do I pointed out other incidents involving usc football players I would be here all night typing away

  • NOBS

    Hawr Hawr SlobDusky. No wonder your wife was drinking. The other driver probably had just listened to you as well and had to have a few pops. FOOL

  • uscmike

    It is embarrassing for UCLA for sure. Nelson was a punk. Howland is out of touch with his players. However, drinking and getting high goes on at every college campus. It doesn’t make it right, but what is the big deal? A UCLA program in decline. We already knew that. This will blow over for the Bruins. Howland has gotten rid of the bad apples. I don’t see UCLA firing him after this season. If he brings in top recruiting class, and he makes the tournament next season, he may survive. He just needs to lighten up a little bit. Maybe he needs to get laid.

  • Jethro Sabbath


    What is your first language?

  • Sam Gilbert

    John Wooden allowed Bill Walton, Keith Wilkes and Kareem to all smoke pot whenever they wanted, it’s not like this is new behavior from a Bruin coach or player.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    And the great John Wooden also was known to attend Star Trek conventions dressed as his alter ego, Captain Leather-Tron.

  • NOBS

    John Wooden was a dirty filthy foul mouthed cheater.

  • @Jethro, my first language is Amozonian, why? you must be referring to my last post? I used my phone, and the dumbass (like NOBS) phone chooses the words, and did not notice word selection, until right now. hahaha
    What I was trying to say was that I only pointed out incidents by trOJan players against fellow trOJan players, to compare Reeves Nelson thugging against his own team mates, and how UCLA kicked him off the team, while USC took no disciplinary actions against their players/athletes for causing bodily injuries to them, in all three cases USC players suffered broken jaws from their own team mates…get it now?

  • Jon

    There’s a difference between an isolated incident and 3 years of harming teammates. Convenient that Nelson got the boot only after the Wear twins became eligible.

    Also, UCLA players apparently don’t punch as hard as USC ones. Bruins dole out black yes; Trojans crack jaws. Yikes.

    Btw, how’s Stephanie Lazarus doing these days? Too bad “UCLAzarus” isn’t as catchy as “TrOJans”.

  • GlobeHop310

    As a Trojan, I just want to voice my full support for Dan Guerrero. He is a great Athletic Director, makes great coaching hires, runs a tough anti-drug program, isn’t afraid to discipline under-performing coaches or abusive players, protects legacy players like Coach Wooden’s grandson from physical abuse, keeps student ticket prices down, earns the trust of alums and keeps the media well informed and supportive. What a great bRuin!