Draft Talk

USC offensive tackle Matt Kalil’s been the No. 2 pick in many mock drafts but there is a lot of buzz that teams, including the Seahawks, might move up to the second pick and select Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III.
Ironically, teams might trade up now because they don’t think they can wait a year and get the top pick next year, which could be USC quarterback Matt Barkley.

More From The Combine

USC linebacker Chris Galippo ran a 4.66 in the 40 to go with his benchpress of 19 reps of 225 pounds. Defensive end Nick Perry excelled with a 4.5 40, which should ease concerns about his added bulk (6-3, 271). Perry is now considered a near-lock for the first round.
Defensive tackle DaJohn Harris did not participate. Defensive tackle Christian Tupou did 30 reps on the benchpress.

Tee Time

During last weekend’s coaches’ clinic at USC, Coach Lane Kiffinn thanked new wide receivers coach Tee Martin (a former Tennessee QB) for supplanting him as the most hated man in Tennessee.

Perry Update

Defensive end Nick Perry is intriguing teams at the NFL combine because he showed up at a larger-than-expected 271 pounds but also did well with 35 reps on the benchpress (225 pounds) that raised his stock. Teams are wondering now if Perry will only be able to play in a 4-3 defense or if he will also be agile enough to play in a 3-4.

Combine Talk

USC tailback Marc Tyler ran a disappointing time of 4.72 seconds in the 40-yard dash at the NFL combine. Fullback Rhett Ellison ran 4.79, which is around the mid-area times for tight ends at the combine.

Morning Buzz

It can be dangerous business criticizing someone else’s Top 25 ballot. You might look really foolish, as a “national expert” does today because in late October he clumsily mocked my preseason No. 3-ranking for Kansas. (Link here).
Here’s the key passages: “Kansas at No. 3? Seriously? Kansas might not finish in the top three of the Big 12.”
I’ll take the high road and refrain from making light of that sentence.
And later: “I texted (Kansas coach Bill) Self, told him one voter had his team ranked ahead of North Carolina and asked for his thoughts on said voter. “He’s nuts,” Self replied, and that sums it up pretty well.”
Lucky for me I don’t have to suck up to Self and can vote teams where I feel they should be. Sometimes it looks smart. Sometimes it does not.
On Saturday, No. 4-ranked Kansas defeated No. 3-ranked Missouri and is poised to be ranked third this week. Maybe someone can ask Self if I’m still nuts.