Stop And Start

One of the odd things about USC’s spring practice is that it opens Tuesday and then quickly goes on hiatus the following week for spring break. It might make more sense to start after spring break and then go continuously but Lane Kiffin wanted to start as quickly as possible because USC did not play in a bowl game.

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  • Gnossos

    I’m glad Kiff is charge and not you, Scooter.

  • ZeeCommish

    It might make “more sense” to you…but then who said you had any sense??


    Middle-aged men, and Wolf is one, do not accept change gracefully. Kind of set in their ways, especially men who live alone, which I presume Wolf does.

    Now, I like this idea of breaking up the practices. The boys know that they only have one-week to really show their stuff and really put out before a one-week break, and so I bet they will be going at 100%

    This might become the norm for Spring football.

    Fight on, Coach Kiffin