Answer Friday!

Back to answering reader questions.

Q: carlosb said:
Scooter.. your honest opinion here… 1-10.. Ten being best. What number do you personally, based obviously on your ‘insider status’ and keen cutting edge understanding of our team… forecast Jessee Scroggins ever taking a snap for USC, and if permissible, sticking with the USC QB’s, does either Kessler or Wittick transfer when the other becomes the official frontrunner?
Thanks, in advance, for your answer/s..

A: I think Scroggins could take a snap as a reserve. I believe Kessler or Wittek will be the starter in 2013. I don’t think they will transfer in 2013 because whoever wins the job will have a tenuous hold on it and if they get injured, the other QB will play. But I could see one leave after the 2013 season.
Q: DarthTech said:
Any chance we’ll ever see you write a book about the Pete Carroll era at USC? Sounds like there have been some great behind the scenes stories and characters (Carroll, Chow, Sark, Kiffin, etc) over the years here at Heritage Hall.
A: I admit it is a tempting prospect because so much went on during that time. The relationship between the coaches alone would make a great chapter and Kiffin’s increasing role within Carroll’s coaching staff and his part in the departure of Chow.

Q: CryWolf said:
forgetting physique,if you could play any position in football, what would that be and why?

A: Probably linebacker because you are in an ideal spot to make plays and it never gets boring.

Q: CMK will turn 72 in a few days, how many more years do you see him coaching at USC? Do you think CLK sees CEO as next in line to take over the defense?

A: I think Monte Kiffin will continue for a few more years if he feels he can handle it physically. If Ed Orgeron remains on staff, I believe he will expect to be the next defensive coordinator.

Q: uscmike said:
Scott, does Daily News receive compensation (e.g., ad revenue) for the number of responses/comments that you receive to your various posts? Do you receive extra compensation for it? (If that last question is too personal, then please ignore.)
For example, you have often included a “USC v. UCLA” post without any real substance. This appears to be designed so that you get a bunch of USC and UCLA fans to comment (which unfortunately often leads to a “pissing” match). Not sure what the motivation is behind such posts, other than to generate more “hits” on this blog which leads to additional revenue.

A: The point of the USC v. UCLA posts is to create an outlet for fans of both schools that is separate from other posts. This is designed to let the regular readers avoid the banter that they complained about having to endure in normal posts. However, my experience is people still go to the USC v. UCLA posts and read the comments and then complain about them.

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  • Trojan Conquest

    Wow, really dodged that question. And the UCLA/USC posts hasn’t stopped all the BS going on in all the other posts.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    My head is spinning. Does anyone read the above answers and realize that this blog IS A WORLD OF SHITE?

  • Globe

    uscmike – does the wolfman ever post anything of “real substance”?

  • uscmike

    Scott, way to play dodge ball with my question. If Scott is too lazy to proofread, then I should have known that he would be too lazy to ask someone at the Daily News to respond to the question of revenue.

    Globe: Good point.