Answer Monday!

How USC allocates its scholarships next year highlights this segment.

Q: Globe said:
What has Leighton Baines ever done to warrant a starting spot for England? He’s useless.
It’s a shame we’re only allowed one question or I’d ask the same question about Gareth Barry.

A: Baines has proven to be a pretty good left back in the Premier League. He’s not really shown the heart to play for England. I’m not sure why Gareth Barry started last week against Holland other than the fact Mr. Negative Tactics, Stuart Pearce, was coaching the team.

Q: Nathan Exp said:
Scott,are you surprised that Dillon Baxter couldn’t even last a couple of months with SDSU?

A: Yes. It is pretty hard to get dismissed that quickly. I’d heard from USC players that Baxter was missing things but even for him this was drastic. I think he needs to figure out what he wants to do with his life because he is running out of chances and needs to decide if he is going to take football seriously.

Q: AndyUSC2012 said:
Do you think its possible with the depth of talent and interest from 2013 running back and DB recruits that we take as many as 3 running backs and 5 corner back/safety recruits? It seems as though positions such as linebacker fullback and tight end can be ignored this year and quarterback, and reciever may only take one for each. Obviously we will need 3 or 4 at DL. and 2 or 3 at Oline but the true thin positions after this year numericaly are in the rb and d backfield agreed?

A: I think it’s going to be two running backs (perhaps three if a fullback is found) and four cornerbacks-safeties. But your numbers work if USC can bring in some recruits at the midyear. For example, tailback Ty Isaac says he will graduate early, so he could be a possible midyear recruit. That would make it easier to sign three backs. And I’m pretty sure USC will take a safety/cornerback as one of the three mid-year scholarships. That’s the only way I see that many players getting scholarships at those spots because Lane Kiffin knows defensive line is just as important (if not more) to take additional players for next year.

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  • NJ Trojan

    USC should have 12-18 offers to honor next go-round. To go 3-deep at each position they’re gonna need 3 interior OLs, 1 OT (unless Cope-Fitzpatrick slides over to OT), 1 TB, 2 DEs, 2 Ss & 1 CB. That’s 9-10 must-haves. Current JRs who could–that’s could–leave early or might not pan out would include Martinez, Garness, Graf, Woods, Flournoy, Greene, Breslin, Andrew, Simmons, Bowman, Wright, Harris & Robey. So, I’d say getting an additional OT, WR, DE, LB, S & CB would be important. That’s 15-16. And of course, TB & QB are so critical I’d get an additional one of each. That’s 17-18. I don’t think USC can take anymore & they can only take that many if 5 current players leave early for whatever reason.