• I partied with John DeLorean

    “someone has to replace Kalil at right tackle”–what? Are you really that bad at your job, Wolf?

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl
  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    My burning questions:

    Should I ever come to this blog to gain actual insight into the Trojan football team, or should I only come to this blog to blast SlopeSpic and her alter ego Buckshat?

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    wolfman, don’t pussy-foot around the REAL NUMBER ONE (and only) ISSUE facing SOUTHERN CAL…here’s my list:

    #1 issue: what on Earth will the trOXans do when they fall behind in the second half of any game??? we all know the PIOUS PASSER cant do anything to remedy that situation!!!

    the rest is all chhheap coffee shop jibber jabber!! wolfman, you yourself stated the coaches have expressed this concern in the past!! only now, it for all the marbles!!! i can still see the Pious One’s face after Vontaze intercepted that pass last year….it was like the petrified Pious One threw it right to him!!! that look of fear and confusion on his face whlie Vontaze helped him up will haunt me for the rest of my life.

  • lbc trojan

    The fact that Charlie Bucket watched USC-ASU last year says all you need to know. I don’t know SC fans that actually watch a UCLA football game. Nor do I know USC fans that troll UCLA blogs.

    Fight on!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Bucket, I love when you bring up Barkley’s inability to come from behind! It reminds me how rare USC ever trails football games! We can’t all be Kevin Princess.

    Ever since Barks led the GAME-WINNING drive at the Horseshoe against Ohio State (who went on to beat Oregon in THE ROSE BOWL) as a freshman, USC has rarely trailed games!

    Ohio State didn’t count because it was all Joe McKnight? Ummm. Check it:

    Barkley pass to McKnight for 21 yards.
    Barkley pass to McCoy for 26 yards.
    Barkley pass to Williams for 10 yards.
    Barkley converts two QB sneaks on 4th downs.

    ESPN fun fact: Matt Barkley led a 14-play, 86-yard touchdown drive that lasted six minutes and 10 seconds late in the fourth quarter to give USC the win.

    The worldwide leader disagrees with you, Bucket! front page of ESPN college football!

    Troll on though!

  • uscmike

    Kalil at right tackle? Has anyone checked your eyesight recently, Scott?

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Ps. In case you couldn’t do the math, Barkley accounted for 57 yards to McKnight’s 29.

    How was the drive all McKnight?

    Troll on though…

  • Evil Robot

    Pretty good article, except that (1) you got the position of the likely number 3 NFL draft pick wrong, (2) ignored Leonard Williams, the #5 rated DT recruit, being available for the season, (4) failed to mention that Kessler “beat out” Scroggins only after he needed surgery on his throwing hand 3 weeks before the opener and (5) ignored that Farmer played some TB last year before requesting a move to his natural WR position. I guess the walk-ons don’t count either… period.

    At least you got the new coaches’ names right. If SC grades out as a B after beating UCLA 50-0, what grade would you assign to your preview?

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    ok, lets get to work….

    first, “Southern Cal is rarely behind in games”?? to some extent that might be deemed a true statement. on the OTHER HAND, they have LOST 11 games during the Pious Passer’s tenure!!

    i would humbly suggest that losing 30% of the games he played is not compatable with the statement he is “rarely behind”!!!

    second, insofar as the OSU game is concerned, the wolfman himself stated on the record that the Pious Passer does not get credit for the OSU “comeback” game. take it up with the wolfman, pally.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl


  • Iknew it was TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, a trOJan not making the Headlines for all the wrong reasons during an off-season?? then (((BOOOOOM)))

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Non-factor. Who is he? Don’t even remember him ever seeing the field.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    I love that RuinBoob lives for this stuff though. Such a cool guy!

  • Karillo

    BruinRob K,

    Any truth to the rumor that you were banned from Gold’s blog after claiming you were an “honorary Bruin” because you donated money?

    Is that why you asked USC fans to go troll on his site?

  • NJ Trojan

    “little-known North Dakota State” Really? Really? I realize they might not be as big and bad as say UCLA, but haven’t they won nine NCs at their level???

  • Karrillo, yes it’s soooo true! Who told you?

  • Karillo

    Prove you aren’t, post over there and paste the link here.

  • I have no idea where you got that from, if anything I would be banned from posting here on Scott Wolff considering I get dragged into posting profanity and what not…why would Jon God ban me?

    You will find my post located #18 from the bottom.


    p.s. I also asked you on another thread why you keep referring to me as Rob “K”, curious that’s all.