Answer Monday!

Time to answer some more reader questions.

Q: CryWolf said:
If there was a best of seven basketball tournament held between the best that the USC football team can field (not including those not on campus yet like 6’9″ Banner and Agholor) versus the USC basketball team, what is your predicted outcome?

A: I’d still go with the basketball team because they only play one sport and the football team needs a point guard. But then again, Marqise Lee could handle that role.

Q: ftfo2009 said:
What’s your (alcoholic) drink of choice before starting threads on this site?

A: Wolf vodka.

Q: CryWolf said:

Who is CLK’s favorite beat writer/blogger (you can include yourself)?

A: Tough question. Lane Kiffin loves to suck up to Colin Cowherd but he doesn’t really have a blog so I guess that doesn’t count. So I will count myself because he never fails to make references to my blog, so he must read it.

Q: NOBS IS A said:
Has Frank Cruz won more games this year than Chad Krueter did in his whole USC coaching career ? And remind us again who hired Chad Krueter and FORCED Mike Gillespie out

A: Although the baseball team is coming down to earth, they are currently more successful than any Kreuter team. Mike Garrett fired Gillespie and then was recommended to hire Kreuter by some of his underlings. It was one of the sloppier moves made during Garrett’s tenure.

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  • CPEM

    “It was one of the sloppier moves made during Garrett’s tenure.”

    That’s like saying attacking Pearl Harbor was one of Japan’s “sloppier” moves. Both moves resulted in nuclear destruction.