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A Southern California high school football coach who went to Las Vegas last weekend for the 7-on-7 passing tournament said Vista Murrieta safety Su’a Cravens is the best local college prospect since De’Anthony Thomas.

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  • ThaiMex

    Every Torgan knows D.T. was over rated and just TOO SMALL & likely to get hurt. Heck…some of the BRAIN SURGEONS here even suggested D.T. was afraid to compete, and that he ended up North because the UNIFORMS were better looking!
    We all get what we deserve….Nubsie got his…and SUCks likely starting tailback will be a converted LINEBACKER (?) instead of ALL WORLD DeAnthony Thomas…a guy you really didn’t want anyway.(I suppose we’ll be hearing the same thing about CRAVENS, once he signs w/Mora and crew)
    Brilliant, simply brilliant! FIT on TORGAN!

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Wow SlopeSpic is on one tonight. I wonder if the health department shut down his fishsauce burrito cart once and for all… (there are rumors of peddling ectacy to UCLA students from the cart)…

    Cravens has been a strong Trojan lean for two years now. Su’a will wear Cardinal and Gold and will be a package deal with Michael Redfield. In fact, I feel so arrogant right now, i’m Gauran F’in Teeing multiple Natty’s within the next 5 years!

    Once Sills signs with SC, Charlize’s, errr SlopeSpic’s head/vag will blow up!

  • BruinTodd


    Your write wen you write. I can’t wait too see deanthonay and mr. Cravings lite ing up the PAC next year strutting campus to in there baby blue!

    Fight Fight FIGHt! Lose on TROJENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How LO can YOu GOOOO

  • Trojanfan

    Hey Thai!!!! it sounds like you still have bruinrod’s dick stuck in your ear. It’s really effecting your perception. Go put your head back in the hole….idiot….LOL….troll on!!!!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl


    I understand you’re obsessed with hating USC (how could you not hate greatness especially when you’re a UCLA fan?), but at least do your homework if you’re gonna obsess over all things USC Trojans. The linebacker converted to tailback will likely be 3rd or 4th string seeing as we return our senior 1,000-yd rusher (Curtis McNeal) and DJ Morgan (who started a few games last season).

    bRuins… Always saying “when we get ________ we’ll beat SC.” How does that slogan go…?

    UCLA: Champions of the Offseason Made Here

  • Su’a Cravens is gonna be a Bruin, didn’t you know??? what wrong with you people!!

    @HomoMono, the only ecstasy found now a days is the left overs from the 136 that Eric Wright had in his dorm… — hence all the ecstasy sales at the raves at the sports arena. LMAO dumbass, I love when you post stupidity, it gives me a chance to slam you fools.

  • @trOJanFan – the only “dicks” stuck anywhere is the one in your ass by SUC owns, and the one in your mouth by HomoMono…bitch!!

  • Bruin Rob

    (__*__) TASTE IT!!
    (__!__) LICK IT!!
    8====D SUCK IT!!

    Yes, that’s right, my name is Bruin Rob and this is what my life has come to. Cursing at people like a cool guy and drawing penis/anus drawings like a creep here on a USC blog.

    What can I say? I’m a troll.. I know.

  • Trojanfan

    Hey bruinrod, is that the best you can do…..weak!!!!….idiot….troll on

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Was my comment removed because it offended the lady boy at the top?

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    HAWR-HAWR!! first the insipid, vile NOBS was banned!! then Jethro’s intrusive conjectures were kiboshed!!! and now the Mono feels the Claw of the Wolf!!!

    meanwhile the Cadre has emerged as the wolfman’s Go-To

    we got your back, wolfman!!! you keep ooooooooon sweeet scoooopin’ and we’ll take care of the Nabobs and Dummies!!!

  • @trOJanFan – you’re a little fish swimming among sharks in the Cadre Tank.

    @SUC owns – must I remind you that only here to beat you, defeat you, dyck whip you, then flip you?

    p.s. my drawings are better than yours, but troll on though in the Cadre Blogs.

  • Bruin Rob

    I’m so cool. I own this blog.

  • Trojan 70

    Scott Wolf – Moderator of the biggest cesspool in organized blogging. Good Lord, does the Daily News every read this crap? A fourth rate paper and moderator. Wolf, you and Lob from Signal Hill are in the same boat – total, 100% losers.

  • trOJan you hypocritical POS you’re part of this “cesspool”, crybaby little b***h you don’t like it? Run along pussy!!

  • Trojan 70

    That right CerritosLob – now living in Signal Hill and going on hiking adventures in Wilmington, living in a one bedroom apartment overlooking Home Depot while admiring your ass in the mirror. Oh I forgot, a beaner with a tatoo and a shaved head. You would know a cesspool alright, you have been in one your entire life once spit out by mom. Living vicariously through a beyond medicore ucla football program. Oh thats right, you know some of the guys on the team. That is rich – What a total turd. You are the perfect definition low inteliiegence, low income, under achiever. WElcome to Signal Hill, that is where you belong.

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    bRuinSlob has to be among the lowest forms of life. He’s not as despicable as a murderer, rapist, etc., but he is definitely a pathetic individual.

    His life consists of perpetuating lies on an SC blog and nonsensically cheerleading a university he never attended, all while posting his unusual, expletive drivel.

    And I can now expect another childish response from him. To which, should I bother to read it, will make me laugh and shake my head in disbelief.

  • trOJan 70 – Signal hill is where I build my bank roll and where you will find me getting my cardio at 6:30 am. You’re not only a hypocritical POS but I see you’re a racist as well, nothing new coming out out of SUC racism at its highest…little crybaby POS get off these that were created fir real men not little fruitcakes like you…go back to your bed, you broke ass mo-fo and cover yourself with your rainbow blanket. BUAHAHAHAHAHA

    Please respond so I can rip you a new one. Yes, I’m so cool you can call me breeze …and unless you went to Cerritos UCLA you could never be these cool. LMAO.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Free Nobs!

  • Jon

    Wow. The troll has finally lost its mind.

  • usc50ucla0

    hahaha that’s what happens when you go to Mexico for a 3rd World defective penis pump and didn’t have the extra pesos for the optional testies.

    what he lacks in foresight he’s gifted in foreskin…. flapper flapper

  • Trojan 70

    Build your bank roll in Signal Hill? Still pimping huh Lob? You are too stupid to earn a credible living. Cerritos/ucla proves how dumb you really are. The only cardio you get is playing with yourself in the mirror.
    Don’t get any on the keyboard loser.

  • uscmike

    Wolf, this blog has become a joke. Good bye.

  • Bruin Rob

    This is simply hilarious.


  • W.E.B. Dupree, when NOBS gets his freedom it will will be when I stop pissing in his ashes, and I crumble them again into poweder and sprinkle them in El Segundo, where all the shit water gets recycled.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    BruinRob, without Nobs here to match your constant posting of profane comments, the whole ecosystem of this blog has been thrown out of balance. And who will provide us with reviews of the finest hotels and restaurants in Pac-12 college towns?

    Free Nobs!

  • W.E.B. the only reviews of the “finest” when it involves NOBS was the review of the “finest freeways exits for pan handling” and the “finest triple-cheeseburger” joints in Stanton (which ultimately proved to be his fortunate death from a “triple by-pass”), that he was able to afford through generous contributions from Knott’s Berry farm patrons…and I saw WAS because he’s inside an URN in my bathroom where I piss in every morning.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    memo to Cadre: i am sending out an updated Cadre’s Enemies Spreadsheet tonight. please bring with you to Preferred Plus Night tomorrow! as you know, it’s been a great year!!! we have leveraged the internet to gain traction and velocity towards our goals!!! we have few viable targets left!! Garrett, Sample, Caesar, Floyd, all ran out of town!! even some readers like NOBS and Jethro have been neutralized or eliminated altogether!!! we are now unopposed!!!

    i remember how we started as a rag tag bunch of brash upstarts who adopted the derisive name “Cadre” and transformed it into a Brand!!! now little Bruins walk around saying “i’m gonna be in the Cadre when i grow up!!”

    here we are on a Southern Cal blog that is friendly to Bruins interests!! the wolfman knows how to treat UCLA fans!! we are bigger than US Steel!!

  • Jethro G. Sabbath

    But you did lose the last football game 50-0

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Does America even know what is happening with Nobs being banned from this blog? I am going to make a viral video that will be bigger than Kony 2012. I will start a Nobs 2012 charity and pay myself a sweet salary with the donations, until I am living the fat life and having a nervous breakdown on some San Diego street corner.

    No, wait, F that, I will have my breakdown on a street corner in Paris, because I will be making big-time Kony money. Lucky for me, this blog has already committed a great injustice, banning Nobs but letting BruinRob roam free.

  • Son of Charlie!!! you did it again!!! that last post was surely one of the finest ever on Wolf’s blog, especially “now little Bruins walk around saying “i’m gonna be in the Cadre when i grow up!!” that is HILARIOUS!!!!

    W.E.B. Dupree, that is also one of your finest and funniest posts ever, although I don’t appreciate your slap to my face…you know darn well that every vile post I’ve ever posted on here has been in self defense.

  • Karrillo

    Cerritos CC’s finest was banned from John Gold’s blog for claiming to be a honorary alumnus. Fact.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    thanks Tru-Rob!!! you know, i re-read my post an agree! it was pretty damn sweeeeet!!

    the blog is now property of the Classy Cadre!!!

    to give due props, WEB, although you have clearly lost your mojo, i have to say your “ecosystem” comment was first rate!! i got an extended chortle out of that one.