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USC defensive line coach Ed Orgeron spoke Saturday about the need to recruit a bigger pool of linemen for next year’s recruiting class. And maybe he proved the point after practice when he spent so long speaking to defensive end Kylie Fitts of East Valley High School in Redlands that Coliseum security wanted to clear them off the field so they could go home.
Fitts might graduate high school in January, which would make him more appealing to USC with three midyear scholarships to award.

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  • Bruin Rob

    I’m not sure why we UCLA fans dominate the comments section of this blog when it’s mostly football talk. We F’ing SUCK at football.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Ahh yeah, more mean mugs for the D-line baby…

  • ftfo2009

    hay u guiz

    you hear mora just bought a house like a block from kif?

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    This is a non-sequitur.

    Having a lengthy conversation with a recruit after practice is in now way indicative of recruiting a greater number of Defensive Linemen.

    This is all too typical for Wolf, who either has an agenda or is myopic. He takes a pre-conceived idea and then finds information to support it. The end result is sloppy, lazy writing.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    wolfman, you are simply amazing!!! you indeed cover the Rest of the Earth!! you are like Agent 13 on the old Get Smart show always lurking in a locker, trashcan or mailbox to get the sweeeeeet scoooop!!!

    the Agin’ Cajun may be old, hobbled and grouchy but he sure can throw his recruiting rap!!!

    memo to Toni Sciacqua: i know you are patroling his blog…and it’s very welcome, believe me!! could you please look into the above entitled “BRUIN_ROB” i believe this person in direct comflict with your recently published primary directive which is to ban all commentators who impersonate, are vulgar, or attribute false statements to others!!!! i thank you and our own lovable BruinRob thanks you for your very kind attention to this troubling mattter!! Ciao!!

  • ThaiMex

    Thank you Chucker for your well timed post. It’s so sad these Trolljans must resort to TRICKERY and misrepresentation, but I suppose it’s a big part of the “HERITAGE” thing.
    You guy’s are a disgrace, but FIT on Anyway.
    LIMBO U, a tradition like no other!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Thai, it’s all they got left!!!! decimated on the battlefield of friendly sports debate they resort to personal attacks and skullduggery!!

    Limbo U indeed!! no fight left!! but i wonder how can this be, with the consensus #1 Team in the coutry and a guaran-fing-teed BCS Champeeeenship!!! but nooooo they are all defeated and grouchy!!! could it be they have come to the bitter realization that the Cadre is correct, and the Pious Passer simply lacks the ability to pull out the big signature win, much less a comeback victory!!!

    as an aside, seeing Tebow on TV reminds me how genuinely good and decent a young man he is. whereas our Pious Passer calls opponents “Dirty Players” simply because he is afraid of them…pious indeed!

  • Jethro G. Sabbath

    If there’s one thing Bucket/Thai/Yoda/Dynasty/Count is against, it’s people using multiple handles.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Testing, testing, one two…. SlopeSpic….

  • Bruin Rob

    Jethro FTW buahahaha!!!

    Oh hey.. what the heck.. TROLL on!!!!


    Hut dug! Hut dug! mmmmmmmm

  • BruinTodd

    Just wake up what abowt you?

    free donut or entemin crumb bunt new York puff shuger creem jelly cake free no charge brekfest on me cant decide HELP!!!

  • ftfo2009

    The ironic part about all of these UCLA posts that make fun of USC for improper grammar is when they themselves inadvertently use bad grammar.

    It makes me smile.

    Please keep on making posts.

    Please keep on laughing.

    Please keep on making UCLA look bad.

    Please keep on losing.

    Because without you fucktards to remind me about just how retarded Bruin fans can be, I would coalesce with the rest of the country and lovingly see you as the little brother you are. Enjoy your women’s gymnastics, or curling or whatever else the NCAA thinks is a sport. It’s fucking adorable.

    tl;dr. You guys make me angry, and it reminds me that I should keep hating UCLA. kthnxbai.

  • Bruin Rob

    I must agree with ftfo2009. That was simply perfect!

  • When I saw the headline “Where Are They Now?” I immediately thought of NOBS…NOBS is currenlty in his own URN in my bathroom, I piss in him every day.

    Charlie Bucket, as usual your posts are hilarious, brilliant, witty, and sooooooo spot on.

    SUC owns, as usual repetitious and boring, NOBS must have died of boredom reading your boring bullshit.

    FUfo2009, as usual whining like a little b***h.

    Jethro, as usual Mr. Paranoia

  • ftfo2009

    Rob, as usual you neither address any of my well-founded thoughts or bring anything intelligent to the table. Thanks.

  • ftfo2009

    On a side-note, to ucla fans, I have a serious question:

    Do you guys think UCLA will, in the foreseeable future, have a run like what USC put together with Pete?

    inb4 cheating
    inb4 sanctions

  • ftfo2009, unless UCLA cheats like USC did, NO…as for “inb4” sanctions, puhleeeeze what the hell does “sanctions” have to do with the ability to win games? anyone that thinks that just because your team is on sanctions the players are going to roll over (as NOBS did before he turned to ashes) is a fool…every kid playing college football has dreams of reaching the NFL, so why would 4-star and 5-star players all of a sudden resort to playing like the USC of ’90s? the real test for USC’s program will once the three years of scholarship reductions are completed. After this next season USC will be declining each year because of the lack of talent quantity – unless of course every recruit lives up to his potential and stays injury-free, and we all know that’s almost impossible. If you ask me if UCLA will dominatge USC as we did in the ’90s? I’d say yes we will, will we be in 7 straight BCS games? I would say that would be very hard if not impossible to do, edge USC – only because of the cheating it took place was USC able to accomplish what they did.

  • ftfo2009

    There’s a reason why I said inb4 cheating because I don’t really want to get into a discussion as to how much of an effect to on-field performance the cheating had (my obvious stance is little to none). But sanctions can affect a poorly-coached team, and it doesn’t take much to demotivate 20 year old kids.

    As a fan, I look forward to having a competitive rival school. As a poster on this forum, I fucking hate it.

  • Bluerhino45

    So let me get this straight…. UCLA fans are confused as to why us Trojan fans don’t react to them on the board anymore? Simple the same way you respond to that annoying ex gf who just won’t stop blowing up your phone? You ignore em til they go away. Problem is this board is the best part of their day. Once they’re done greasing themselves to the latest Justin beiber pix on tmz they come on over and act like they’ve accomished something and blurt out whatever clever remarks they think they might have had and fail as only bruins can time after time…. Ill check back on this blog in another few weeks to see if the roaches have been exterminated with hope… Most likely not but a man can hope can’t he? Troll on

  • SoCaLNative_1959

    Why would anyone let a troll dominate his blog with multiple user names and prevent any meaning exchange to take place?

  • Bruin Rob

    UCLA: Champions of the Offseason Made Here

  • ftfo2009 – if you saw the 2004 USC UCLA game in person or on TV, you know the Pac-10 was completely corrupt by the officiating, UCLA lost 29-25 but should have been a UCLA victory, had UCLA won that game, it would have meant a revenue of 16 million dollars for the Pac-10…you remember that Bush fumble that wasn’t? in which Spencer Havener recovered the ball and no one within 10 yars was near him? that would have put UCLA up 31-29 with 3 minutes to play with the defense doing a great job that day – Bush was already technically ineligible. Had the officiating been done the right way with no biases UCLA would have won that game and USC would have NEVER played for the title, and even though USC got stripped of the BCS title the A.P. Title would have NEVER happened.

    Then in 2005 we all remember the Bush Push in Notre Dame, again Bush ineligible and had lots to do with the success in that game that SC would have never won…Fresno State is another game, do you really think USC would have won that game without Bush?? HELL NO!! Bush had arguably the best game ever by a RB in college football history, without Bush, SC loses…so YES! Cheating was the reason for USC winning…

    And how can any red blooded American turn the other way, knowing that every decent school/program would NEVER allow 5 players arrested for rape/sexual assault; possession of fire-arms; armed robbery, soliciting sex from an undercover police officer; aggravated assault; possession of drugs with intent to sell; and multiple DUIs, etc. etc. as was the case with USC players during the CArroll era – these transgressor were allowed remain in the team…had USC done what any decent school/program had done – kick those players off the team – the team would have NEVER enjoyed the success they did.

  • ftfo2005

    It’s not like those reps to Bush would have disappeared…they would have gone to someone else. Bush did a lot for us; I was at all those games and for every 20 yd run, bush got stopped for no gain. Fresno state Bush had two fumbles by himself. Again, anything’s possible, but we likely would have lost some games without him. Who’s to say LenDale wouldn’t have carried us? Or what if Leinart had a couple more throws instead of Bush carries….we don’t know. But I’m obviously biased.

    In terms of the rape/sexual assault stuff, yeah. But you do know that stuff goes on everywhere. Syracuse basketball this year had players with drug arrests (just off the top of my head). Urban Meyer had more arrests during his stay than any other program in the country (I think it was like 23 players arrested).

    And don’t even get me started on Miami. The point is it’s a corrupt system, and to pick and choose, like the NCAA and everyone else does, is wrong. Yeah, we might have cheated, and had players arrested. But we’re not the only ones, and by far not the worst. And by that I mean we don’t pay our players [by we I mean school boosters]. Like Auburn, Alabama, Clemson, Oregon, Miami, etc. etc. etc. have.

  • ftfo2009, we can agree to disagree. In regards to the players being arrested, I realize it’s not violating any NCAA rules – but personally, I find it to be an unfair advantage when a schools turns the other way and ignores all transgression by the players, when UCLA kicks off a player off the team for being accused of grabbing her ass, even though he was dating her, and some dyke who liked her attacks him – E.J. Woods and Woods grabs her by the throat in self defense, and UCLA gives him the boot…or the three players UCLA kicked off school for that lap top they stole from a locker, the lap top was recovered, yet all three players were gone. So what I’m saying is shouldn’t our schools be held to higher standards than those of Miami U? we all want to win games, we all want our teams to be successful, and when USC ignores rape arrests all that other crap it doesn’t look good, hence the term used loosely “win at all cost”…it seems our schools have two different standards of conduct, thus USC becoming more attractive to kids with a savage-like mentality that go there because they think they can do whatever they want without paying the price…but, it is what it is…in all honesty, I wish UCLA would adopt that same “win at all cost” mentality.

  • ftfo2009

    I agree, and I think USC has adopted a ‘if you can’t beat them join them’ kind of thing. If Florida (with Tebow as their team leader) had 30 arrests Urban’s tenure, and is in good standing with the NCAA, why not accept the better athlete? Sure, they might not be the best kids, they might be extremely immature, but we’re talking about the difference of millions of dollars here – and the supposed judiciary branch doesn’t seem to care about it. They’re more concerned with whether a coach offers a recruit a soda, or if a player makes a phone call in the wrong area.

  • Sounds good to me. Have a good day, man.