Question Of The Day

Does Tre Madden’s move to tailback mean Lane Kiffin can bench running backs for fumbling now?

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  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Does Gargamel making another A-hole post mean, I get to bench this blog in favor of real reporting from Michael Lev this year???

    (answer, probably not, as long as SlopeSpic still on this blog….)

  • JAG

    I hope that there’s enough RBs so that ball security remains a requisite skill for playing time.

    People criticize Kiffin for benching RBs for fumbling. Fact is, taking care of the football is the most important thing a RB does. Kiffin is right to demand excellence in this area. Fumbling loses games and prevents players from succeeding at the next level. If players want to lose games and fail to develop crucial NFL skills, they should go to UCLA.

    Come to think of it, Wolf should take his Bruin-like attitude to the UCLA blog….