Spring Fever

The star performance by De’von Flournoy during Saturday’s practice was not surprising because he’s made big plays during his entire career at USC. But the problem is too pay too much attention to the coachspeak regarding how this might mean a larger role for him in the fall.
Players who perform in spring regularly get ignored in the fall. Robert Woods and Marqise Lee are going to be stars No. 1 and 2. And does anyone seriously believe George Farmer will not be No. 3 if he is healthy? If for no other reason because Farmer did not play (and he did not redshirt) he could easily transfer?

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  • Globe

    “the problem is too pay too much attention”….I think there’s another problem Scott.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Scott please look at the last sentence of your post. Now go report to BruinTodd for some of that fine UCLA education!

  • SLOTrojan

    Scott, I have been following your blog for some time now. I am by no means a Professor of the English language, but for someone who writes for a living, you make a lot of mistakes on a regular basis. Can you not proof read your posts before making them? It really is brutal to read and it certainly does not help reinforce the value of our degrees from this fine institution….

  • umpalumpa4sc

    train wreck of a post.

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    train wreck of a journalist.

  • snarfy

    and it’ll be a train wreck of a comments section when the offseason champs from UCLA show up.

  • MAN!!! why don’t you loser get off Scott’s back?!?!?! There is a reason why HE is the writer and YOU are the reader. None of you losers could ever hold Scott’s jock strap…not, get off OUR BLOG!!!!

  • Bruin Rob

    Get off OUR blog! It’s UCLA’s time: the OFFSEASON!

    UCLA: Champions of the Offseason Made Here


    It is strange that a writer does not proofread his posts. But then again, Wolf’s meaning usually comes through, much as an English-challenged person can often be understood.

    What is more surprising is the avalanche of uckla posters. Granted, the Gold uckla blog is filled with vanilla comments i.e. Oh, Mr. Gold, you are the greatest, enjoy your family vacation.

    But why uckla posters are obsessed with our SC blog is interesting– you don’t think it is because they wish uckla had the same success in football as SC, do you?

    Naaaah, that can’t be it.

  • Jethro G. Sabbath

    BruiRob is impressed with Scorr’s Grammar.

  • Scotty Wolf

    I just don’t have time to proof my post, I’m to busy reading all of the real journalist columns finding out what is going on.

  • steve49

    Its when they (Fucla) look at all the national champeenships, all the superbowl players and hall of famers USC has put out they get so confused and filled with envy they can’t keep away. Posers, all of them. Can’t deny it.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    @umpalumpa, How does, and snarfy, excellent team effort, that was funny stuff. I’m glad no else posted some tedious nonsense to break up the flow.

  • Lawyer John, the fact we UCLA supporters outnumber you on you OWN blog, has nothing to do with UCLA football’s success or lack of, it has to do with Scott Wolf’s brilliant open forum and allowing you and I to express ourselves in thought provoking subjects…I love John Gold, but like you said it’s filled with vanilla commentary.

    @steve49, we are also here to piss you off and be a thorn on your side…and of course because your players and former players give us so much hilarious material, it’s just hard not to be here and make of fun of all your numb skull athletes, especially football players. LMAO

  • Karillo

    Cerritos CC’s finest was banned from John Gold’s blog for claiming to be an honorary alumnus. Fact.

  • Bruin Rob

    I truly believe I am a thorn in Trojan fans’ sides and they’re not actually laughing at me. Duh!

  • Bruin Rob

    Bruin Rob said:
    ftfo2009, we can agree to disagree. In regards to the players being arrested, I realize it’s not violating any NCAA rules – but personally, I find it to be an unfair advantage when a schools turns the other way and ignores all transgression by the players, when UCLA kicks off a player off the team for being accused of grabbing her ass, even though he was dating her, and some dyke who liked her attacks him – E.J. Woods and Woods grabs her by the throat in self defense, and UCLA gives him the boot…or the three players UCLA kicked off school for that lap top they stole from a locker, the lap top was recovered, yet all three players were gone. So what I’m saying is shouldn’t our schools be held to higher standards than those of Miami U? we all want to win games, we all want our teams to be successful, and when USC ignores rape arrests all that other crap it doesn’t look good, hence the term used loosely “win at all cost”…it seems our schools have two different standards of conduct, thus USC becoming more attractive to kids with a savage-like mentality that go there because they think they can do whatever they want without paying the price…but, it is what it is…in all honesty, I wish UCLA would adopt that same “win at all cost” mentality.

    March 27, 2012 10:27 PM

    …..I actually said something THOUGHT-PROVOKING, CIVIL, AND INTELLIGENT? Hm, I must’ve been high. Can’t do it everyday! Back to TROLLing!

  • Gutty Lil Bruin

    Agree with the real Bruin Rob. We are destroying USC in the offseason. Unfortunately every year we actually have to play games with our stupid powder blue unis or our new tighty whities and the embarrassing losses start piling up. Chucker Bucker, aka Thai Mex, will have no real team of his own to follow so he will continue to post here.