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On the recruiting front, cornerback Chris Hawkins of Rancho Cucamonga is supposed to announce his college decision Sunday. Hawkins will decide among USC, Stanford and Washington. The same high school coach that raved about watching safety Su’a Cravens last weekend in Las Vegas talked in less glowing terms about the four-star cornerback in combine-type workouts. Time will tell.
Perhaps more significantly, USC recently offered 290-pound defensive tackle Toby Johnson of Hutchinson Community College in Kansas. Defensive tackle and tailback are the biggest areas of need for the Trojans.

Photo/247 Sports

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  • The MonopoIy Is Over Here

    I am so depressed! With my sweet lover NOBS gone, I am so lonely! I rented Brockback Mountain the other day and had to watch it twice by myself. I am a shell of my former self, that is why I am posting immediately after each Wolf entry! My life, my love, NOBS is gone. And I just cant…I can’t…

    So I’ll continue to provide lots of filler to Wolf’s Blog but without any substance. I am the Pink Slime of Inside USC commentators. Anyone interested in a fat ugly impotent piece of decroded crap?


    Well, didn’t that same high school coach say that Cravens was better than chicken soup. Tough to top that.

    Besides, cornerback is a difficult position to grade.
    So much technique and experience are required, and good coaching can expedite the process.

  • HomoMono, is NOBS’ really the best you can do? Are you that ugly? Posting at 4:17am really? What an effing loser you are HomoMono.

  • ThaiMex

    Mono…You Torgans are a bit “queer”…most of the time i just don’t understand the rambling that goes on between you and your “brothers”. I never saw “BROKE BACK MOUNTAIN”, but if watching it over and over again makes you feel better….You Go Girl! (Cowboy hats are just so Macho!)
    Nubsie’s demise is probably a LOSS you won’t soon get over. Fear not, however, because there’s a NEW SHERIFF in Town, who goes by the MIDDLE INITIAL of “G” (know who I’m talkin’ bout’?). He appears to have “ALL THE TOOLS” to “FILL YOUR VOID” and as a matter of fact, has already BOASTED about his KNOWLEDGE of the MANLY kinds of things you might be interested in.
    You’ll get over this…eventually, no doubt.
    Fit On Torgan!
    (Love is in the Air, I can just feel it!)

  • Bruin Rob

    GOD we are so pathetic. Posting about USC every day. I need friends šŸ™

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    This is just sad. UCLA is an embarrassment when seeing what type of fans ^ they have.

  • Jethro G. Sabbath


    Still hurting from that zinger yesterday? Admit it, you really teed one up for me there.
    Why so angry? It’s all fun and games here.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    SlopeSpic busting out the Heath Ledger impersonation again! He does it so well, you know, because it’s really natural for him. As a matter of fact, we could call him the gay nature boy, Rick with a lot o Flair!

    This Hawkins kid sounds no bueno in a year stocked with DB’s. I say stick with Cravens and Redfield. Other corners will appear later in the year.

    DT from JC could prove solid. Nick Fairley anyone?

  • Jethro G. Sabbath

    BruinRob calling out the imposter posting as Monopoly for doing so at an ungodly hour.
    Beyond embarrasing for the troll community here.
    The cadre is in shambles!

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Unreal, my posts get taken down because I say SlopeSpic? Man, screw this place…..

  • BruinTodd

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  • marvgoux

    Why was NOBS banned?

  • Sam Gilbert

    Is there a reason he’s announcing now?

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    marv –

    NOBS tormented bRuinSlob mercilessly to the point that the Slob whined to LA Daily News to make him stop. Although, I’m not entirely sure that NOBS was banned, as it may have had more to do with NOBS no longer finding the Slob’s juvenile, expletive-laden, histrionics entertaining.

    And for those of us that wish the Slob would be banned too, it will never happen. By keeping him around, Wolf deflects 90% of the comments toward the Slob and away from himself.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    @How does, perfectly said.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Marv: oh NOBS was banned allright!! evidently his claim of being an “Insider” only pertained to his sweeet lover Mono!! HAWR-HAWR!!!

    Marv, the fact is, the Classy Cadre now runs day to day operations on this blog….the wolfman is the brains, and the Cadre supplies the muscle!!! you cross the wolfman, and you answer to the Cadre!!!

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  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Using the word “queer”
    CAPITALIZING words they enjoy FREQUENTLY emphasizing
    Using the same retarded lingo in every post

    Yeah, Charlie Bucket and ThaiMaxiPad are definitely NOT the same geek.

    Just like bRuinSlob and his 20 other usernames

    TROLL on though, dweebs

  • NOBS wasn’t banned, he died from $uking his poddle’s wienner so much, and of course from haveing 18 layers of lard mass…I should know, I have his ashes in an extra large URN in which I piss in every day, which by the way I will have it available for Saturday’s practice at the coliseum, just in case any of you would like to avoid walking 40 yards of stairs to the bathromm.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    BruinRob, you spend enough time on this USC blog, I guess you might as well start attending USC’s scrimmages as well.

    I don’t think security will let you in with an urn, though, unless it’s full of kickback money for Coliseum officials.