Tale Of The Tape

So far in spring practices freshman Cody Kessler has not thrown an interception while senior Matt Barkley’s thrown seven.

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  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Kessler = 3 years of comfortable wins over the gutties…

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Given that I’m not a Trojan my comments may not be welcome. My guess is Matt Barkley’s job isn’t in any jeopardy and he’s working on some new things. Mr. Wolf is leaving out some context to stir up more of this unfortunate banter between “fans” of the two schools. Last year showed Barkley has full command of the offense regardless of whatever spring controversy Mr. Wolf is trying to gin up. Thanks for allowing me to post comments here Trojan fans.

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    That’s two good, insightful comments from Dynasty today, which means that he’s added far more to this blog than Wolf has all year.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    @UCLA Dynasty,

    Never understood why you felt compelled to come discuss all things USC football being that you’re clearly a Bruin fan and should despise USC enough to want no part of these discussions. However, I can appreciate the civil and intelligent comment you just left if it was in fact genuine (something BruinRob doesn’t know how to do for more than a day).

    I agree with you – Wolf stirring the pot on this second-rate blog gets extremely old. Barkley throws interceptions in practice… BIG F’ING DEAL. He had one of the best TD-Int ratios in the nation last season. His decision-making has vastly improved each season.
    Wolf is a hack. Thanks for the classy comment.


    Here comes CHARLIE BUCKET to remind all of us Trojan fans about Vontaze Burfict’s play on Barkley @ ASU. Sugary sweet. Next.

    Ps. SCOREBOARD, Bucket (50-0)

  • UCLA Dynasty, dude c’mon mAaAaAnn!! what kinda posting is this!?!?

    Anyhoo, back to the topic…I predict Barkley will be benched by the fourth game of the season and USC starts 0-4 and Kessler will step in and be the starting QB the rest of the season…and Barkley will regret it for the rest of his life not having jumped to the league where he could have been a second or third rounder and make a decent $250,000 per year salary holding a clip board like Matt Leinart.

    @SUC owns, shut up!!! “I can appreciate the civil and intelligent comment you just left if it was in fact genuine” you sound like a big pussy!!

  • Trojan Rewind

    I think it’s a given that How does Scott Wolf keep his job? is a total loser that has no life…so all you can hope for is being the attention whore that you are…which means that this blog is the only way you get attention…and posting on every single topic because you have no life…but then again, Scott Wolf has a blog and you don’t…how is your life turning out?

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Trojan Rewind has enough time to criticize How Does for criticizing Wolf. Hmm, how’s your life turned out, Rewind? LOL

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    My life is just fine Scott. And no, I don’t need attention. That is your game – routinely referencing yourself in your posts. Anyways, I get enough attention from my family that this blog does little for me other than provide a few laughs and read a few insightful comments.

    Your criticism of me would probably be well-founded if I were the only person that found you (Wolf) to be so horrible at your job; however, I am not. I’ve noticed even very mild-mannered individuals, who have not voiced displeasure with your work, now referring to you as a joke, etc. And that’s just on this site. Offline, the comments are even less flattering.

    Perhaps, I am more vocal than others. And the reason for being so vocal is that I believe Scott should be fired, and replaced with someone that would work hard at this job. With a 10.9% state unemployment rate, there should be no shortage of potential candidates that are eager to become a USC beat writer. USC, its alumni, and fans deserve better than the crap you post.

  • Trojan 70

    Amen “How Does.” Wolf is abysmal at what he does on this blog. He is, however, a mediocre writer for at best a second rate newspaper. He chooses to run/allow this blog to model after the National Enquirer. Headlines with absolutley no substance trying to lure in assholes like CerritosLob and Fred Wallin. Clearly, Michael Lev’s blog is where you go to get actual fact and substantive reporting.

  • spedjones

    Pick 6 Barfly back at it. Funny thing is that NO QB at UCLA has thrown a pick so far this spring under new HC Mora!!!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    ^lmaooo @sped! probably because your defense is just as sh!tty as your offense! D can’t get a pick and QBs aren’t accurate enough to hit a DB in the numbers much less a WR!

    TROLL on though, bro!!

  • sureshot

    I love how Trojan Rewind always rides up on his white horse to save the day for his alter ego, Scooter Wolf.

    I’m not psychologist, but if I played one on TV, I’d diagnose Scott as either bipolar or schizophrenic. Either way, he’d be much better off on his meds than without them.

    As for Kessler, I see the second coming of Drew Brees. A little undersized, but deadly accurate with a great feel for the game.

    As for spedjones, I haven’t been following the ruin practices, so I don’t know if they’ve even strapped up yet this spring (well, we all know the bruins have “strapped on” but actually playing football is up for debate), but if what you say about no picks is true, it is also true that the defense has totaled zero picks. When you play against yourself (not play “with” yourself, don’t get too excited there, chief), there are always two sides to the coin. A great effort by one side could mean a horrible effort by the other. When it comes to ucla though, you can bet it’s probably just a bad offense going up against a bad defense with lots of dropped catches and interceptions throughout.