On Display

A number of USC recruiting targets will be at Cerritos College on Sunday for a Nike combine. Among those scheduled to appear are linebacker Michael Hutchings of Concord De La Salle, safety Max Redfield of Mission Viejo, safety Priest Willis of Tempe, Ariz. and safety Tahaan Goodman of Rancho Cucamonga.

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  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Buahahahahaha the home of RuinSlob! Sweeeeeeeet scoopin, Wolfman!! (chortle)

  • Jethro G. Sabbath

    Insert BruinRob joke here

  • Awesome!!! right in my own back yard!!! sweeeeeeet scooooop Wolfman!!! any of you punk asses want a piece of this stud…you can catch me under the scoreboard, I will be sporting my USCM tattoos on my deltoids, and a dragon on my fore arms, along with a clean shaven head, c’mon pussies, LET’S GET IT ON!!!!!


    You would think a real marine (or former) would not spell it “USCM”… Just shows that USC is so far in his head that he cant even spell out USMC, and instead spells USCM.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Bru-Rob, i do believe that your post caused the Nabobs and Dummies to spontaneously make water in their pants!!!

    your epic battle with I am Great is still being studied by martial artists throughout the world!! how DID you guys ever get his eye back into its socket??

    fortunately i know as two honorable men, you both pulled punches and withheld full Fists of Fury strike velocity!!!

    but no worries, these trOXans seem aimless and impotent since their leader NOBS was taken out by Wolf Team Six!!! it’s always the same, cut the head off of the snake, and the body dies!!!!

  • LMAO “USCM” hey it’s what happens when you do this while you drive, AND using your phone with small keys…give me a break for God’s sakes!

    @Charlie, “I am Great” is actually a pretty good fighter we went for 3 rounds and the kid has one vicious right hook!! I ran out of gas, as a 68 year old, I don’t have the stamina I used to, only when it comes to the bedroom, then I have tooooo much stamina is what I’ve been told by my GF of 17 years, wink wink!! afterall isn’t that were the stamina matters?? hahaha

  • Sam Gilbert

    This is golden.

    FalconRob is in a quandary. He hates admitting he’s not a true Bruin and really just a Falcon but he could go get on the field with his Cerritos alumni card to try and sway recruits to the school he so desperately wants to associate himself with!!!

    And in regard to FalconRob’s claim that he’s something to be feared.
    I seem to recall you pathetically describing yourself on your topix page you had linked to your handle as having something along the lines of “a little something extra on the sides.”
    And wasn’t that linked to your facebook page that had a pic of you looking like you ate Norm Chow?

    FalconRob, you already try and be something you’re not – a Bruin. Don’t keep sinking into lies… you fat loser.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    ROFL @ Sam Gilbert! BOOOOOM! By the way, FalconRob, you troll this blog while you drive?!?! Your life IS WORSE than I thought!!! Buahahahahaha no worries though….
    TROLL on anyway!!

  • Trojan 70

    The only good thing about CerritosLob texting while he drives is that he will eventually run into a light post and put his family, friends, and former Countrywide associates out of their misery. Lob’s urn with his ashes would be a great pot to piss in! Everybody would gather at Tito’s Taco, eat a burrito, and piss in Lob’s urn. Cerritos will declare it a national holiday.

  • steve49

    Jeez, this is getting sad on here. Scott, get some help and lets get back to football, soon.

  • @Fat Sam a.k.a Jon – Describing myself on my Topix page as “having a little something on my side”? meaning some young poon tang, which something that you will never know of because you only likeCock. I never posted any pictures of myself anywhere on these blogs…and you got the wrong guy on facebook, I wish I was his age, but like I said, you little pu$$y, come and get some on Sunday…I’m not a Bruin through a degree, but I’m an honorary Bruin because of my generous contributions to the John R. Wooden Athletic Fund.

    @SUC owns, I drive a vehicle so high tech that it would virtually impossible to get into an accident while I’m behind the wheel.

    @trOJan70 – the only one that will be doing the pissing is me over you after I knock your ass out if you have the balls to show up at Cerritos college on Sunday, whatta ya say queenie??? come show me how tough you are…p l e a s e ?? maaaaake mmmmy dayyy.

  • @trOJan70, come and get some queenie.
    @SUC owns, come and get some, princess.
    @Fat sam, come get some, b***c.

  • Trojanfan

    Bruinrod and bucket need to both meet under the score board for some flagpole time….ouch!!!! don’t forget the butter….LOL….troll on girls

  • I’m right waiting for all the tough guys under the score board and no trOJan tough guys wanting a piece of of this tough senior..