Morning Buzz

A rare open football practice at the Coliseum at 11 a.m. Word to the wise. Figueroa St. is closed around the Galen Center for the Kid’s Choice Awards, which are taking place in the arena today.
Meanwhile, USC baseball goes for its second victory of the weekend over Washington State this afternoon in Pullman.

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  • N0BS

    God, I hope my alter ego NOBS is allowed no where near the Kids’ Choice Awards. His self described unlegal acts were described on here many times. Wolfie, you did the right thing banning NOBS, he was a horrific person and should be locked up.

  • Bruin Rob

    ^loser. I need a life.. or just a better football team.

  • NOBS is locked up, in his Urn in which I piss in every day, his ashes are getting crusty.

  • USConquer

    Knock it out, gays.

  • SUConquer, you talking to the wrong NOBS, the real NOBS can’t stick it in you anymore, he’s been reduced to ashes in his Urn, and I piss in it every day, it’s getting crusty.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    First you post as “N0BS”, then you post as the normal RuinSlob when nobody responds to your bullshit, then you respond with trash again when someone finally says something.
    You’re starved for attention in the worst way.
    God you’re a loser. Enjoy your shitty life.

  • Let me get this straight, you’re calling me a closer, yet you stalk me every day and copy and paste my posts all over the place…and, you use about 7 different handles on here…you criticize me for being here and you go UCLA threads as anons because you are too much of a coward to post under your normal handle…truth is you’re a P O S.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Uhhh, right. I’m a loser for copy-and-pasting the nonsense you write to point out what a loser you are. Totally makes sense. And I have been to “Inside UCLA” like TWICE in my life. Why the hell would I ever care about that lame football team the way you are obsessed with USC? You’re a joke. Go get a life.

    Ps. If I were bored enough, I’d report you to the blog administrator for the crap you write (the way you bRuin trolls have done) so that you’d be banned … aka be forced to create a new handle. Your life is sad.

  • !^^^^ report me? Buahahaha!!! I add more to Scott’s blogs than you ever dreamed of…stop your bullshit or I will ask Scott to ban you as well. Got it?

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Get a life troll.

  • This will be my last day here for at least three months I have a project that will require much of my time…so take your shots while you can, after today your insults will be reverted back to you.

  • usc50ucla0

    90 days in County Jail??? Is that all you got for that pandering charge? WOW you got off easy! Guess your reuniting with Pinto, Mookie y Texas John… the ‘down low’ trio.

    btw pissing in a urn on multiple occasions makes it a pee bucket… it’s the 21st century fool, we have indoor plumbing… at least USC graduates have them