Hawkins To USC

Safety Chris Hawkins of Rancho Cucamonga committed to USC today during a Nike combine at Cerritos College. I already mentioned earlier this week a high school coach that saw him at previous combines offered mixed reviews. Now the question is whether fellow Rancho Cucamonga safety Tahaan Goodman will also commit to USC.

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  • I saw him play several games this past season, he’s alright.

  • gotroy22

    He’s a Rivals.com 4 star recruit. Welcome Chris!

  • Trojanfan

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  • Troy

    gotroy 22 – He may be a 4 star recruit but have you seen some of his films? I don’t know how much you get into scouting players but the kid has a long way to go. Also, he’s listed as 6’0 and 170lbs so he’ll definitely need to add quality weight. But I agree, welcome Chris! There is a reason SC has offered you a scholarship, especially when its down to 18 this year.

  • JAG

    USC (and every other school) is recruiting for talent and potential, not finished product. Wolf has twice referenced an ambiguous “review” from an anonymous high school coach. Except that Wolf has failed to report any legitimate critque or review of Hawkins other than “mixed” from his anonymous high school coach.

    Hawkins may or may not be a truly elite talent. One on hand, we have 24 D1 coaching staffs between Florida and Washington who obviously think that he has elite potential. On the other, we possibly have an anonymous high school coach who is apparently willing to allow his unspecified concerns be expressed on Wolf’s blog. In my mind, this kinda sums up the type of journalism (and substance) that Scott Wolf is all about.

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