• steve49

    Wow, he would rather walk on at USC than take a Fucla scholarship. Nuff said.

    Maybe he got one of those erroneous acceptance letters from Fucla also. Gotta suck to be a ruin.

  • ^^^no, maybe the kid didn’t pass the admissions test at UCLA so he chose his University of Second Choice…congratulation trOJans you got a kid unrated according to rivals.com and offered by two schools UC Davis and UCLA…6’1″ 205lb OLB whooopeeeee! from a high school I’ve never heard of. congratulations! !! you really got one on us!!

    Jordan Payton, Ishmael Adams, Ellis McCarthy…nuff said.


    say what you will, but he still decided to walk-on at USC rather than take a free ride at UCLA. Troll On!

  • Chiete76

    Let’s see, SC now rated higher acedemically nationally than ucla…can’t even use that poor excuse anymore!

  • BruinTodd

    BruinRob is kerect. He wood be Bruin if he Cood be bruin.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Chiete76 is correct. A 4.1 GPA means academics probably wasn’t the reason.

    IDIOT on, though!!

  • BruinTodd

    USC owns the rose bole

    Theynx for calling me a idiot. UCLA OWNS THE CALLASEEUM.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    50-0.. terrific ownership!!!!!!

  • BruinTodd



  • BruinTodd



  • malachi crunch5

    Jordan Payton…SC let him go, they found a better WR’s
    Ishmael Adams…who? overrated.
    Ellis McCarthy…Daddy’s boy. Won’t compete. Like the easy road.


  • BruinRobert

    Say what you will, this kid can play. He also had offers from slew of other D1 schools. Cal, Boston College etc

  • booty11

    50-0! Thanks for the long term lease.

    Hey Bruinrob way to say 3 names and say “Nuff said” 3 big recruits now will turn the program around? It must suck to look at all the top recruits USC gets and realize you only can grab about 3. Not to mention one of your 3 is a guy we dropped cause he wasn’t old enough.


  • booty11

    Correction, Payton wasn’t good enough, pretty sure he is old enough.

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    If anyone needs a reminder as to how much this blog sucks, check out Michael Lev’s post on Marqise Lee.

    I’d love to see Wolf try to write a similar article and try weave in some pathetic criticism of Kiffin.

    Rewind – perhaps you could do us a favor, and show the column to Wolf. Maybe he’ll then do everyone a favor and fall on his sword.

  • Troy

    FYI, Elijah Steen has a 4.1GPA and also received scholarship offers from Stanford, UC Davis, and the Air Force Academy.

  • steve49

    ^ yep, Nuff said.

  • ThaiMex

    Dear Dipshitz…
    This quote from Steen
    “Steen said USCs film school played a major role in his decision. ‘Thats what I want to pursue, he said.”
    Typical distorted material from Kool Aid drinking SUCksters.
    FIT on Torgan!
    (nice to see OWN’s get OWNED over @ Jon’s site….BOOM ROASTED!) The Cadre takes it easy on you over here, we fight fair, especially on guy’s that fall for simple April Fool’s pranks!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    WTF? I haven’t even been on Gold’s site, moron. Considering the fact that you can comment anonymously with any name, shouldn’t you be smart enough to know that anyone using that name is probably RuinSlob trying to start a fuss? Moron.. lmao

    TROLL on though, cool guy!

    Ps. Your Internet muscles look huge tonight, bro!!

  • Edward

    @Scott: All the other news outlets have Shaw as a RSSoph with three years eligibility.

  • @FOTV – Steen “chose USC over a free ride to UCLA”? huh? that would be very stupid under any circumstance. My guess is UCLA offered and he didn’t pass they admission tests, which is exactly why the other guy from Florida didn’t get into UCLA – he definitely didn’t pass the test – that is a well known fact, that’s when he chose University of Second Choice. Unless his parents are rich and hard core USC fans or USC alumni, why would he pay $5,000 per month for his kid’s education when he could have gotten a free education at UCLA?? Even in my case, if my son’s case, as much as I hate USC, if they are offering my son a free ride and UCLA isn’t, guess where my son is going?

    Elijah Steen = unrated. http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/football/recruiting/player-Elijah-Steen-135431

    fountd on the page 22 of 24 pages of OLB nation wide. http://footballrecruiting.rivals.com/quicklist.asp?Page=22&Search=1&Sport=1&qs=1&Year=2012&Position=13&DPosition=20


    @Malachi – Ishmael Adams over rated? he was the U.S. Army game MVP. Ellis McCarthy won’t compete? so anyone who choose another school over USC doesn’t want like to compete?? freakking arrogant SUC fans.

    @Botty 11, there are many more that are gonna be instant impact players, I just named the ones that USC was interested in, and they chose UCLA. Devin Fuller is a Michael Vick type QB that is a human highlight reel on his own…Jeremy Castro whom we stole from Oregon on signing day…Marcus Rios, is a stud…Aaron Porter is an animal!…all these guys will see a lot of action this year.

    SUC owns, you’re an idiot…but you’re a cool guy though!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    BruinRob is a UCLA fan that trolls a USC blog everyday. Yup.. definition of “cool guy” bahahahahahaha

  • Kiffins Momma

    Steen wasn’t offered by either Stanford or UCLA.

  • usc50ucla0

    if fUCLA is so ‘GREAT’ then why is the crown jewel of the UC system…. CAL???

    perhaps fUCLA should move to the SCIAC Conference and compete with the likes of CalTech.

    so what’s the admission test that’s so difficult to pass at fUCLA??? Application for CA-DMV Handicap placard? Or request for food stamps?