Tailback Depth

I asked Lane Kiffin on Monday whether he regretted not signing a tailback, especially tailback Kelvin York, who committed to USC and then signed with Utah after being dropped by the Trojans.
“Things change in recruiting all the time,” Kiffin said Monday. “Generally speaking, whether a kid can get qualified or get into USC (are issues).”
Does that mean York could not get into USC? Perhaps. Or maybe USC cooled on York after he injured his knee.
It might have seemed like a smart move in October. But not when Amir Carlisle transferred to Notre Dame.

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    So THIS is what Wolf will be nagging about all Fall Camp and season. Off to OCR & maybe even some LAT! Not to mention Arrogant Nation. Won’t need to come here EVER come football season.

    FIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Trojan Hoarse

    What a shocker……Wolfie sits back and smugly second guesses a Kiffen and situation for which he is not even remotely qualified to cover (forget about the other 2/3 of the world being covered by water)…funny thing is, Wolf is so far removed from being “inside”, that he has to resort to pure speculation because nobody will confide in him, other than the sock police and cheerleaders who don’t know any better….


    Can you imagine Kiffin’s reaction whenever he is approached by Scott:

    1. Oh, Lord, here he comes again, and there is no place for me to hide.

    2. Oh, it’s only Scott. I’ll feed him a little bull so he can save face on his blog

    3. They don’t pay me enough to deal with Scott

    4. I would explain football X’s and O’s to him but he is still working on his ABCs

    5. If this guy ever quoted me correctly I would be more inclined to give him the time of day

    6. Scott’s not a bad guy, really; and in fact in his own odd way he is occasionally amusing. But I still don’t want to have a beer with him.


  • Trojanfan

    #7 This guy is creepy looking. wonder what his wife looks like

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    This is a dumb, leading question by Wolf. There really can only be one honest answer given SC’s relative lack of depth at tailback (compared to 2011 and Madden’s injury). And this is not something Wolf figured out. Anyone following USC football knows there are fewer tailbacks on the roster than in the past 10 years. Wolf knows this and therefore asks a question to which he already knows the answer. An answer that can only confirm his pre-determined negativism. A real journalist looking for information, rather than validation, would ask how Kiffin thinks abt using the tailbacks or how he plans to adjust for the lesser tailback depth in 2012 compared to last year.


    If York signed and couldn’t pass the physical Wolf would have been all over Kiffin for taking damaged goods. There is no room for error with limited scholies.

  • wrong

    Thankfully Kiffin seems focused and committed to helping his football team get better because he doesn’t come off as very happy or excited when he’s talking to the media. With all of the repeating of the same things over and over again, I can imagine it must get bland.

    I give Kiffin credit for being honest with the people he likely doesn’t think about or care for- and especially for having to deal with Mr. Sheep in Wolf’s clothing and his Chihuahua-like barking out of self-perceived snarky questions. Upon receiving Kiffin’s no doubt tired responses, our fearless journalist likely filters through them for the smallest of slip-ups. Once these meaningless morsels have been found and consumed (then butchered in print), our mighty Wolfholio transforms into the Great Cornholio and secretly rants excitedly about the titicacas of his guests and the TP for his bunghole.

    Such a sad and subtle story of a slippery sleuth searching for sympathy and finding none.

  • Bruin Rob

    Where is my cadre? Bucket? Mex? I don’t get it. They should be commenting. It’s all we do. What’s going on here?