Wittek Gains

Here’s the most interesting thing to me about the depth chart: For the quarterback position, it says “Max Wittek or Cody Kessler.” The fact it is not in alphabetical order tells me Wittek is slightly ahead after a strong spring.
That won’t mean a lot in training camp but it shows Wittek’s made big strides in the past four months.

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  • Trojan Hoarse

    I’m impressed that Wolf actually knows what “alphabetical order” means….. he’s making progress…..

  • SLOTrojan

    Scott, Is your conclusion above drawn from any “inside” information or is it really as you have presented it, a silly assumption based on the order in which the names were listed? It would be fabulous if you did a little leg work and posted some “inside” information from actual sources, rather posting this sort of dribble. Thanks, SLO

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    And look at this — their names combine to form the word “Wittekessler”, a German word that has no precise English equivalent but that loosely translates as “taking pleasure in watching UCLA embarrass itself yet again.”