• ThaiMex

    You’re NUMBER 37! (tied for anyway!)
    Fit on Torgans!
    BTW…according to the stats…The “LADY” Torgans have contributed more points towards the Directors’ Cup than the men. Maybe Paralegal was on to something…the entire “Separate But Equal” agenda is beginning to make sense. Womens College Indeed!
    A Big Torgan Shout Out to all my Torgan homies out there!
    Fit on Torgan!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl



    Fight on!

  • Jon

    I still don’t get what the point of this is. Schools that field more teams (e.g., Stanford) are always going to have an advantage. Of the sports listed for winter, the following are the ones in which USC does not participate:

    Women’s bowling
    Women’s ice hockey
    Men’s ice hockey
    Women’s indoor track & field
    Men’s indoor track & field
    Men’s wrestling

    Yet it’s somehow a surprise that USC isn’t highly ranked?

    USC is, however, pretty active with respect to spring sports. Below are the current national rankings of USC’s spring sports teams:

    Baseball — not ranked (thanks Mike Garrett and Chad Kreuter!)
    Mens’ tennis — No. 1
    Men’s volleyball — No. 1
    Men’s golf — No. 3
    Women’s golf — No. 3
    Women’s water polo — No. 3
    Women’s tennis — No. 4
    Women’s rowing — No. 5

    USC’s success in spring sports likely explains how USC usually finishes around 10th place in the Directors’ Cup despite participating in fewer sports than other schools.

  • gotroy22

    I don’t get the complaint that we are at a disadvantage to Stanford. We have all these donations from rich and successful alumni pouring in so there is no excuse for us crying poverty and not being able to field as many teams as another private school. We have a track team already so why don’t we compete in the indoor circuit? That’s dumb. And we should certainly field a women’s gymnastics and softball team like the gutties.

  • Jon

    USC isn’t close to being as rich as Stanford. Stanford has a $16.5 billion endowment and about 15,000 students (undergrad and grad).

    USC has a $3.5 billion endownment and 36,000 students.

    Fyi, these rich and powerful alums have been donating money for academic scholarships/fellowships, faculty endowments, and capital improvements. I’d rather the money go to that than women’s gymnastics and softball.

  • ThaiMex

    Who say’s you can’t have it both ways? Stanford has done a great job of combining athletics and academics, and created a hugely successful diversified Institution of higher learning.
    You guys have got DRAPES hanging (no banners yet!) inside your basketball gymnasium, 3 years of sanctions against your football program, and a basketball team that just finished with the WORST RECORD in the History of the school (and you didn’t fire the coach!..Torgan for life?)
    Fit On Torgan!

  • Jethro G. Sabbath


    How is Cal State Northridge doing in the standings?

  • RolI Tide

    ThaiRoll, that Stanford panty waist stuff is perfect for you West Coast sissies. I have no call to dispute that. UCLA has done the same thing, of winning all the sissy sports, which is something South Cali could not even do!

    But you all better RECOGNIZE that BAMA is #1!

    ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!