Night Debate

If safety Su’a Cravens commits to USC in June, who will be the most important recruit to land after that? A tailback, perhaps? Ty Isaac of Joliet, Ill., or Greg Bryant of Delray Beach, Fla.? Or does USC need defensive tackles more?

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    they need a competent beat writer mostly. One that truly is an insider.

  • collegegame

    Well lets see professor Wolf, on the assumption, there are no commits before Su’a , he makes five, so unless we are hit with further sanction, perhaps for staying with this sinking blog.we will get commits from running backs, d.tackles, assorted other needs, and maybe we can use one for a great up and coming writer, journalist, that could turn this site into one of content.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    I concur with all of the above.

  • Trojanfan

    Hey wolfman where is all that INSIDE info… are always a day late


    A left, a right, and then another left and right from the SC posters, and Scott Wolf is still standing. How does Wolf endure this?

  • Quack Attack

    It really doesn’t matter who SC brings in because Chip Kelly OWNS USC and the Pac 12. That said, even if Cravens commits to SC now, he’ll be a Duck next February. We get who we want and leave the scraps to you.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Quack Attack, how was that 1st Rose Bowl in the last 100 years? Feeling cocky huh? Does the big ‘O’ on the helmet represent the Quacks’ number of National Championships?

    Yeah, the Ducks own USC alright. Lmao

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    BAH! how does wolfman endure??? he is an Adonis/Colossus hybrid among pernicious lil’ Nabob dwarfs!!! Your impotent little fists bounce off the wolfman like gnats crashing into an M1 Abrams tank!!

    Wolfman has been the Southern Cal beat writer since his precocious youth!! he is the Tiger Woods of beat writers!! and he will be here long after the Nabobs have been dragged away to assisted living facilities!!!

    ok boys, group howl in honor of the wolfman!!! 3-2-1…


  • ftfo2009

    Very nice quack attack. I can’t wait to play you again. Coliseum should be rocking. My only wish is that before you start talking the talk, please, for all of us, take care of your goddamn, motherfucking business out of conference. Every single time I actually root for you, you let me down (except for this year, thank you). So please, it shouldn’t be a problem this year (really? Arkansas state, fresno state, tenn. tech?), but try to stop making our conference look bad. As we showed you for the past 3 years, we can’t always be great…

  • NJ Trojan

    Unless current players leave early, and assuming all of the 2012 signees enroll, USC will have room for only 13 additional scholarship players in 2013.

    USC needs a center (1). Apparently, DiPoalo will replace Holmes in 2013. But he has not distinguished himself yet, and even if he is ready next year, USC will need to get a younger player behind him. USC could turn to Martinez or Hobbi, but those guys look set at guard. USC needs two additional interior offensive linemen (3). Im assuming Cope-Fitzpatrick was brought in to play tackle. If thats not the plan USC would need to bring in another offensive tackle.

    With four or five currently on the roster (depending on Cope-Fitzpatrick), USC cant afford to bring in any more tight ends. They need a classic split end, though (4). USC is loaded with very good receivers, but they dont have a classic split end. With another inch and anther 20 pounds, Rodgers could be the guy. Still, if theres one out there, USC could bring him in. If the coaches think Woods is going to turn pro a year early, they should probably bring in an additional receiver (5).

    Of the three quarterbacks behind Barkley the smart money is on only two still being on campus next year, so USC needs to bring in another quarterback (6). Madden and Morgan look like the future at TB after McNeal is gone but USC will need to bring in another back to add depth with Allen (7). Unless USC intends to bring another fullback (they should have two in Vainuku and Pinner), they should bring in an additional tailback (8).

    USC should return five DTs in 2013, so they only need but one more, preferably a big nose tackle (9). Even after Horton and Kennard leave, USC should be loaded at defensive end. USC looks to be set at middle linebacker but they are going to need to bring in at least two outside linebackers (11). USC should add three safeties (14), but they really dont need another cornerback. USC is set at long snapper, punter, and kicker.

  • AndyUSC2012

    College game just owned wolf. NOT a difficult task lately. Hey quack attack maybe you forgot but you guys got fucking owned in your own house last year by have a coke and a smile. we will take it from here. Tell Deanthony “BEATLEJUICE” thomas he better hope he makes it to the NFL and makes millions cuz hes one ugly mother.
    NJ trojan i agree with you about D tackle i dont see it as a huge position of need for next year with 5 coming back. But i do think we need 2 for depth purposes (bigelow is a good one to start with).
    WE have a QB coming in so thats locked up. DiPoala will NOT replace holmes. It will be either Hobbi or Martinez will slide over. DiPoala is a back up and hopefully a dependable one. We do have a need for an interior lineman but not sure we need more than one with Simmons and Tuerk coming in last year. We did bring in a tackle last year Zach banner and he is legit in addition to banner they also brought in Wheeler who the coaches like very much once he puts on 20 punds. I do agree that another tackle and interior lineman is necessary for 2013. Cope fitz is a tight end, hes a beast of a tight end with great hands. Check out the under armour game film from last year and read the practice reports very impressive.
    USC without a doubt needs 2 tailbacks we have Morgan and madden who are yet to establish themseleves as the future starting tailback for different reasons and i think we are all clueless on what Allen will bring to the table.. I agree with you on USC needing 3 safeties i have been preaching this all winter(redfield, goodman and cravens). But they for sure need another cornerback in addition to Hawkins. Wiley and bauchan are graduating and Robey is looking like a strong canidate to declare with another good season. Losing Kennar and Horton will hurt but we are all hoping Townsend and Williams can prove to be the future while breslin, green, D. wilson and burks provide depth. I like Fitts.. i would like to see them get Mathis as well in this class. I dont see the need for two outside linebackers. Bailey and Pullard will be returning. Sarao and ruffin will be returning behind them. They need one in my opinion and Hutchings is the perfect canidate to be that guy. I agree with your take on the need for a classic split end, i think they are looking out of state for a guy to fill that role. Good call on Rogers lets not forget about that kid. All this is workable with 17 or 18 spots. Fight on.