Personal Appearance Stories

If you interacted with Lane Kiffin today at South Coast Plaza or L.A. Live, post your story here. Last year a fan implored Kiffin to make the Trojans wear high-top cleats to prevent sprained ankles.

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  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    Wolf was either too lazy to attend, or he attended and everyone ignored him because he is an unpleasant person that will purposely misquote or publish truncated comments. Either way, Wolf is now asking people to do his job and provide material for him to promote his negative bias.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    F you Wolf. Do your job and provide relevant information.

  • Trojanfan

    X2…exactly….come on wolfman give us your thoughts on the event….Did Kiffin try to hide from you again….LOL

  • BoscoH

    It was crowded, but friendly and orderly. Several chants of 50-Nothing spontaneously erupted. Coach Sunshine knows that The OC loves him.

    He graciously signed a visor for my grandfather’s upcoming 90th birthday. In person, he looks like he could be one of the guys sipping a beer around the fire and talking college football. Except he’s got this dream coach where he gets to run a program. Does not suck to be CLK.

  • USC – 714

    I was there with my buddy at South Coast, long line and we were unfortunately at the tail end of it.

    It was Kiffin along with Randall Telfer, Tony Burnett, and John Manoogian. Got them all to autograph a USC football helmet. Chatted with Burnett for a sec, cool guy. Wanted to talk to Kiffin for a minute but he looked way too preoccupied so I just let him sign the helmet then went on my way haha.

    At the end of the day it was worth the wait. Hoped that Woods or Barkley were gonna be there but oh well…

  • carlosb

    It was a great opportunity to meet CLK and a couple of the DBs. I asked him what he thought about Scooter Wolf, and he just laughed and said “who? oh yeah, that putz”… “I have to give him something every couple of weeks, thankfully just via twitter though, so that I don’t have to waste the time I need to spend with Michael Lev, and the Gary’s, Klein and Paskiewicz who actually actively and knowledgeably cover my team”.

    One thing he did attribute to Wolf though.. laughing his ass off, he wondered when the hell he’s going to actually get CJ Spiller into his program!

  • 951Trojan_Nut

    I took my 7 year old son to the South Coast Plaza with hopes of getting Barkley or Woods and Lee but they were not there but was able to get Coach K, Tony Burnett, John Manoogian and Randall Telfer. My son got the 3 players to sign a 2012 schedule poster that they handed out and then we bought a visor at the SC store and had Kiffin sign that and then he signed a football that I had put away that already had Pete Carroll and Lendale White on it. All in all it was a great day. Coach K and the players were gracious enough to pose for pictures with my son.

  • Randall Telfer, Tony Burnett, John Mannogian, this is the best CLK could do? Can USC get someone who’s not a bench warmer next time?

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Just FYI… trojan79 is a bRuin troll. Telfer and Burnett have been quality players for SC. Kiffin is the man.

    Fight on!

  • Jethro G. Sabbath

    I went. I was standing behind Charlie Bucket, ThaiMex, The Count, UCLA Dynasty, Yoda and Roll Tide which means I was second in line. Kiffin asked me “what’s that guy’s deal”?


    Jethro G. Sabbath speaks the truth. Can’t believe this guy comments under so many usernames. What a poor, sad clown!


  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Jezro: although you remain misguided, that was pretty funny.

    on another note, why do i get dragged into this??? the post is about Kiff and his 3rd string attendees!! and why no Pious Passer?? woods? lee? these are the questions i wanna see addressed!! not more kooky conspiracy theories.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Not that anyone cares or believes me but, I am not, nor ever been, Charlie Bucket or any other handle here on this blog.

    I have pretty much hung up my commenting boots but I do read both blogs daily. I had a weird psychotic break in San Francisco following the Kraft Bowl. I do worry about a couple other guys suffering the same fate, namely Rob. Mr. Bucket I have no worries about, he seems to take this whole thing with tounge in cheek. Take him as the satire he’s intending to be and lighten up.

  • My idol BruinRob made a promise that if no one brought his name up in any of the trOJan posts he would stay away for good…so far the trOJan posters are doing good, and my idol even better. Have a nice, all nice people on these threads. :)))

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Get out and nobody will mention you, idiot. We know you’re Roll Tide, no-life loser. You can’t stay away from this blog, geek. Go get a life.

  • in sheep’s clothing

    lol jethro

  • Our 75 Is Better Than Your 85

    Ok well I’ve been reading the posts from the last week or so and it’s obvious that “Roll Tide” is not a UCLA troll. You can tell by his posts that he’s a passionate Bama booster and SEC supporter, and his hate seems to be geared toward the Pac 12 as a whole. I mean look at how bad he bashes UCLA lol, and it seems like he believes USC is “worthy” of talking smack to, while he addresses UCLA as not even good enough to be worth his time to acknowledge.

    I cant tell though if he’s ghetto like me or more of a redneck haha

  • USC owns, you make me laugh, you seem like an angry nerd that never really liked sports until you reached college, than you wanted to be a “cool guy” and you slowly learned the names of the players in the football team. And just look at you now, you’ve come a long ways nerd, you’re almost a coold guy, I said ALMOST, don’t get excited. lmfao

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Actually, you’re spot on about not entirely following sports until about 2006 during community college before transferring to SC! Good call! Although, if I’m a nerd for being a USC football fan, what does that make YOU for trolling an SC blog as a UCLA fan? lmaaaooooooo

    TROLL on, geeeeek

  • Lane Kiffin

    Who the h#ll would stand in line to get an autograph from freaking Lame Kitten … COMPLETE LOSERS

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Why do you have “Lane Kiffin” as a username? Envious of his ability to be completely awesome? while you troll the blog about how much you hate him. lmaoo