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Former USC defensive tackle Armond Armstead has worked out for the Dolphins, Browns, Raiders and Patriots.
Armstead worked out for NFL scouts in early April and ran the 40-yard dash in 5.05 seconds. He also had a 30-inch vertical leap.

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  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    ThaiMaxiPad has lost the credibility he thought he had by posting this ridiculous garbage (followed by my response):


    own’s, as usual is clueless. At least NUBSIE was an insider and knew what was going on.
    “Outstanding job bringing in players”…
    Taj Gibson?…where do i start? Graduated high school at 19 yrs. old. Then spent 3 years at some JOKE of a prep School (stoneridge prep). The O-N-L-Y “school” willing to take a chance(Yup…SURPRISE..because of ACADEMICS!) on this 23 year old FRESHMAN was SUCks. (Nope…he didn’t graduate)! BTW, This quote about STONERIDGE PREP…”Stoneridge Prep used to be a member of the California Interscholastic Federation, then became an independent prep school several years ago after repeated problems with rule violations”. Nuff’ said.
    DeMar DeRozan (please note the proper SPELLING of his name, you must have studied under Wolf?)..Oh yea…he was the guy that REFUSED to attend USC UNLESS the team also brought in his buddy, Lil Romeo (musician, actor, and part time BALLER). Floyd, “the great recruiter”, knew a good deal when he saw one…and moved in for the kill. Remember that SWEET Package deal? Speaking of Packaged deal’s and Prized SUCk’s B.Ball recruits under TIMMY…you can’t possibly forget to include Danny (busted Jaw) Hackett who’s father “COINCIDENTALLY”, was Hired as an assistant to Floyd. “Danny” got his nickname after O.J. Mayo (that’s a whole nother’ story!)got tired of HEARING CRAP, from the “COACHES SON”, and “BUSTED HIS JAW!
    Of course Derrick Williams was initially interested in SUCks, probably in part because of “RUMORS” of CASH FILLED ENVELOPES being delivered by Floyd.
    Other than that…your facts are pretty much Right On!
    Do all of us a favor and post a little more often!
    Fit on Torgan!
    April 23, 2012 2:17 AM

    Taj Gibson looks pretty good in the NBA right now. You telling me Jrue Holiday is any more intelligent or intellectual than Taj? Lmao… nice try.

    Ever try Wikipedia, idiot? see here:

    Gibson began his high school career at Telecommunications High in Brooklyn, N.Y. He then attended Stoneridge Prep as a sophomore and junior in Tarzana, California. During his senior year in 2006, he attended Calvary Christian in San Fernando, California. Enough said there, friken moron.

    Btw, I know how Demar spells his name. I just don’t CARE to do it just for some GEEKS like you that troll the blog of a team he’s envious of (the best sport in America–football baby!) Not to mention the irony in you–the cool guy who TRIES to be cool by PURPOSELY misspelling words–begging me to spell his name correctly. What a pansyass. Idiot. Get a life already!

    “Do us all a favor and post a little more often!” Lol, so you actually TRY identifying as part of the Inside USC blog community as a UCLA fan? Wow…… get a life you goddamn pansy!!! LMAAOOO

    You have no life though.. so TROLL on anyway

  • ftfo2009

    “I have a deep interest in the intellectual ability of our basketball players.”

    -Nobody ever

  • USC Owns the Rose BowI

    Allow me to clarify several points:

    1) I spend more time on this blog than anyone else, as evidenced by my incessant posting.

    2) The majority of my posts concern UCLA Trolls aka The Cadre.

    3) It’s them that has no life.

    4) I wear women’s underwear.

    Troll on tho. And Fit On.

  • ftfo2009

    ^implying he’s fooling anybody

    Welcome teh internetz!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Hmmm… do I spend time here because I’m a USC fan or because I’m a UCLA fan trolling a USC board because I get no satisfaction from my own football team. Hmmmm indeed!

  • Sam Gilbert

    And I thought I was the only one who had a troll impersonator who uses a capital “i” to look like a “l”

  • USC owns, actually Jrue Holiday is MUCH smarter than Taj Gibson, he was admitter to UCLA. NUFF SAID.