Answer Tuesday! (Part 2)

In this segment, a reader asks what new assistant coach will have the greatest impact on recruiting?

Q: gilligan said:
Mr. Wolf, who do you think is going to receive the 3rd early scholarship offer? I recalled that you mention that one of the top RBs is interested in the 3rd early scholarship but I don’t recall who it was. I must admit an RB or D-Lineman would be great for the 3rd scholarship.

A: I expect Justin Davis of Stockton to be the first tailback commitment and it might happen next month. He heavily favors USC.

Q: marvgoux said:
Now that Marc Tyler is gone, how would you describe his career at SC?

A: It was a mixed career. I think even Marc Tyler would admit that. His high school leg injury slowed the start of his career, then he battled toe and other injuries. He did have a nice junior year and then had some ups-and-downs his senior year.

Q: CryWolf said:
which one of the new asst coaches would have the most impact on recruiting?

A: That is an easy one because the answer is wide receivers coach Tee Martin. He is personable and relates well to recruits. He was the personality star of spring practice with recruits. Did you think I was going to say the guy from North Dakota State? Jk.

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  • in sheep’s clothing

    gilligan; do you mean who will take the third EE(early entry) slot after browne and hawkins? i believe davis is the most likely to take that EE. ty isaacs is a potential EE but i don’t think he’ll commit soon.