Answer Wednesday!

Time to answer some reader questions.

Q: steve49 said:
Scott, who is going to transfer out from the overabundance of quarterbacks we have now. It sure seems at least one is going to be leaving. This is the one thing we know you read, so if you look above you will see the stupid crap that gets put on here by the great fans of ucla. That is what most of us get tired of, we want to talk sports, not pissing in some urn of ashes.

A: Jesse Scroggins is likely candidate No. 1 because of his academic status and he seems to have fallen behind the other quarterbacks. The real question is whether Max Wittek or Cody Kessler would transfer if they don’t win the job? To me, it depends how Max Browne does, or how he is treated by Lane Kiffin. If he gets treated the same way as Matt Barkley by Pete Carroll, then Kessler/Wittek might feel they have no choice but to transfer.

Q: NJ Trojan said:
Assuming the starting O line will look like this:

LT: Walker
LG: Martin
C: Holmes
RG: Martinez
RT: Graf

What will the 2nd team look like and which of the returning/projected starters, if any, will face the biggest challenges in August?

A: I’d say Zach Banner is a backup to Kevin Graf with Max Tuerk and Jordan Simmons backing up Martinez and Martin at guard. For me, that means Martin will be pushed early and under pressure. If Walker struggles, Graf could flip over to left tackle and Banner could start. I don’t expect Walker to struggle, however. I think the guards will be under more threat from the freshmen. And I think Graf will get pushed by Banner.

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  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Way to ignore steve49 about these idiot @$$ bRuin trolls here.


    Well, Scott was able to hold his own with NJ Trojan, which is saying something

    And I dont’ blame Wolf for not commenting about the pinheads who post. He doesn’t like restraints on him, and he apparently doesn’t like to shackle others.

  • steve49

    I noticed that also. Oh well, it what it is. Most of the posts from fuclans I ignore anyway.

  • schammer47


    Coach Kiffin will do the sensible thing and REDSHIRT as many Freshman offensive lineman as possible. The 2012 2nd Team OL will look like this:

    LT Nathan Guertler; LG Cyrus Hobbi; C Giovanni Di Poala (Markowitz = sub-standard); RG Jeremy Galten; RT David Garness. Wolfgang, these are the same players and position assignments you posted earlier this week, after the final day of spring practice.

    Wolfer, yet another day without a single sane thought in your head. Pathetic !!!

  • Karrillo

    Anyone else wonder why Wolf still puts in the part of the question he doesn’t answer?

  • carlosb

    Karillo, it’s because Wolf is too lazy to edit the questions. It wouldn’t surprise me if he even has an intern to answer the football questions, based on his lack of general inside knowledge.

    I’m back bRUINS! Didn’t even have to apologize to you crosstown supporters of wolf’s joke coverage of USC.

  • scidiot

    I don’t think Banner will get redshirted. Look for him to block a few field goals on special teams.