Grand Opening


The long-awaited Expo Line finally opens this weekend. It is important from a football standpoint because USC will encourage fans to use it if the Trojans are ever forced to host a midweek game at the Coliseum.
Word of warning: Exposition Blvd. is expected to be closed between Figueroa and Vermont for most of the next three days.

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  • DixieTrojan

    Oh, this looks really safe. Before every USC game you can have a chance to sit between a drooling homeless guy and a surly MS-13 gangster.

    Fight On! …. FOR YOUR LIFE!!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Lol, my friends and I decided to try it to a Laker game once and it really wasn’t bad. Other than one homeless man with no teeth attempting to chew his KFC chicken while arguing with another man with no front teeth, nobody got stabbed and it was totally fine! Quite an experience hahaha.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    We often meet up with friends in Culver City to carpool to the games, so we plan to give it a try at least once this fall.

  • Sam Gilbert

    Game-day travel and/or jokes aside. I do hope the Expo line provides a efficient, safe and clean form of travel for weekday commutes. I used to take the Gold Line for awhile and it was amazing how much better my day was without having to fight morning and evening traffic on the 110. Given, the Gold LIne probably had a different element traveling on the line that Dixie mentioned (I’m not sure what a MS-13 gangster is so maybe I’m wrong there) but hopefully business men and women will feel comfortable using it.

    Give me an easy way to avoid the 10 and I’ll give it a shot, even if it’s just for a few Saturdays a year for Trojan Football and Sundays when Matt Kalil and the Vikings move to Los Angeles (see what I did there).

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    You live in LA and don’t know what MS-13 is? They are the fastest growing most ruthless gang out there. The week before I left Cali for good in 1996, the LA Times ran a week long “expose” on this bunch. They are the most violent gang going, they charge drug dealers to use the corners they “own” to sell their dope and they shoot them if they don’t pay.