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Former USC quarterback Matt Leinart is close to signing with the Raiders according to ESPN, which would once again make him Carson Palmer’s backup. Meanwhile, USC tight end Rhett Ellison was drafted by the Vikings in the fourth round.

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    Raiders will be ballin! 2 Heisman winners at the same position. Haha but in all seriousness, I hope Palmer does well and if not, hopefully Leinart gets his opportunity and takes advantage of it.

  • Sam Gilbert

    Not a fan of the Raiders but hey – Fight On Matt, Carson, .Ausberry and Parsons!

  • Sam Gilbert

    And Fight On Rhett! Stick out that Minnesota weather with Matt Kalil until the Vikings move to Los Angeles!

  • marvgoux

    Things are looking up for Matt. Last week ESPN didn’t name him to their list of 20 all time Heisman busts. Lets hope he emulates another Heisman winner on his last stop in an otherwise disappointing career- Jim Plunkett!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Bahahahhahaa… love this.

    Son of CharIie Bucket said:

    “wolfman, with Matt Lienart in the news it recalls your previous assertion that he stayed at Southern Cal for his Senior season because was ascared to go pro after his Junior season. i wonder if you think this was also the case with the Pious Passer? i ask because he is not a player who we would exactly say thrives on pressure.
    much has been made on this blog of his inability to lead a comeback victory in three seasons (OSU didn’t count), and this was with the lack of any pressure relative to fighting for a big bowl appearance. when i think of how Vontaze Burfict got into the Pious One’s head with his Jedi mind tricks, i have to wonder how will he take the pressure of a Heisman and BCS Champeeeeship pursuit?? should we be worried about this or no?? thanks as always wolfman!!”

    April 28, 2012 2:02 PM

    lbc trojan said:

    Your lame attempts to constantly cheapshot a team that kicked your team’s ass 50-0 while subtly trying to instill some sense of worry or lack of confidence in SC fans is a huge waste of time. Do you even mildly believe ANY Trojan fans will be anything less than ecstatic for Barkley and our Trojans come September? Laughable!
    Continue hating our success!

  • steve49

    The bucket pulls this out like it is new. Gawd, this is such old crap it’s obvious old bucket’s got nothing. Nice try, but I agree with lbc trojan. Now watch the taimex come in with some profound bs.


    I loved Trojan Matt Leinart– the quarterback, perhaps not the person

    I remember in his first start at Auburn, and the Tigers’ fans were doing jumping jacks with excitement until the start of the second half. Leinart faked a handoff to the right, and then faded to the left all by himself, hitting a tight end for about 30 yards, and shutting up the fans for the rest of the game, except at the very end when they were booing their own team.

    I recall that because I can’t remember college fans booing their own team while I was present. Of course I am sure it happens

    Perhaps Matt has learned that you have to put everything you’ve got into making it as an NFL quarterback, and he will leave the partying behind for the off-season

  • Trojanfan

    Hey bucket you’re a f^^kin idiot!!!!!always off the wall with irrelevant bullshit…LOL

    50-0 troll on!!!!

  • Bill

    If Sneaky Pete knows them and won’t touch either one, why are the Raiders wasting their energy?