Barkley 6th

Already time for a 2013 mock draft from and this one is a “talker” as Matt Barkley drops to sixth while Robert Woods goes fourth. Full draft here.

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  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Before lil Bucket spews his pious passer shtick, it should be recognized that in the last two years most NFL teams have drafted QBs or already have a franchise QB. Which team will need one next year? Jacksonville maybe (just drafted B Gabbert but maybe). Seahawks (just picked up FA Matt Flynn and drafted Russell Wilson. Arizona (signed Kevin Kolb). Baltimore? Doubtful. Browns? (just drafted Weeden) Chiefs maybe? Raiders maybe?
    Point is, most teams that might need a QB might not have a Top 3 pick to grab Barkley (ie. Chiefs are pretty good won’t have high pick).
    Hard to predict this early without seeing how NFL QBs pan out.

  • SIXTH??? S I X T H ??? yeah right, he’ll be lucky to be drafted at all, IMO. did anyone notice how much he went back to his old ways this Spring?

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    How many bRUINS got drafted in 2012 ? The same amount of points you scored against USC, Z E R O !!!

  • Trojan Conquest

    Sounds about right. Arm strength, or lack of accuracy on long throws needs to be improved this year. He has a lot of bubble screens that the likes of Woods & Lee get huge yards from their running ability. Also not very athletic or mobile.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Idol: you are on fire today!!

    i just had lunch with a trOXan and i shared my opinion that when the Pious Passer starts to tighten up and fade away this season, he will drop to 4-5th round.

    average arm, slow feet, bad under pressure, forces throws when doesn’t have to, very wobbly deep ball…not exactly Andrew Luck!!!

    if an NFL team has 3 all pro receivers, the Pious One will fit right in!!!

    my trOXan friend didn’t have much to say in retort, i consider that tacit agreement with my conjecture.

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    I agree with Go Go.

    Fight on Barks!

    Ps. 50-0

  • ftfo2009

    His passing didn’t seem too wobbly on those touchdown throws against UCLA. Or maybe UCLA is just trash.

    Take your pick.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    ftfo2009 FTW! As usual!

  • in sheep’s clothing

    barkley has never led a comeback: the ones that he’s had don’t count, i think because of the sanctions(can’t recall). he should just build christian churches in the congo before embarrassing himself by going only top ten in the draft.

  • lbc trojan

    Lol, in sheep’s clothing, good one! I recall Barkley throwing passes to Damian Williams, Anthony McCoy, and Joe McKnight for a comeback game-winning drive on the road at Ohio State (as a freshman), though. I believe it counted, as it’s still in the record books.
    THAT was clutch.

    MB7 for Heisman

  • Stackfire

    Barkley moved a long ways last season towards justifying all the hype. The issue is whether it was the QB or the Oline and recievers or both which produced the big numbers.

    Barkley played very well in the OT versus Stanford. He had a pick and a fumble in the 4th quarter against Oregon after 3 solid quarters. ASU was ugly. Very hot and cold versus the better teams.

    His big numbers against Syracuse, Colorado, and UCLA are pretty meaningless because those teams were clearly overmatched and USC had a huge edge at every position. Most decent division 1 QB’s would have put up big numbers in those games.

    The lackluster spring game has got to concern Trojan fans. Yet 2012 season sets up great with coaching changes galore as well as departing QB’s Luck, Osweiler, Thomas and Foles.

    Anything less than 10-2 would be a disappointment and undefeated is definitely in the cards. The Trojans are definitely back in the BCS hunt.

    Fight on.

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    I generally agree with Stackfire, but the INT against Oregon was as much a bad non-call by the refs. Woods was being held by the Oregon DB. And the fumble was on Marc Tyler. Barkley’s mobility, decision-making and execution greatly improved last season. His biggest weakness is deep throws, where he had questionable accuracy and arm strength. It seemed like he would rarely be able to overthrow Woods/Lee. If he can continue to improve his arm strength, touch and accuracy on deep throws, he’ll be more prepared for the NFL in 2013


    I was in Ohio for the Ohio St-SC game during Bark’s freshman season, and he and Joe McKnight led an incredible and improbable comeback victory in the last minutes of that game.

    About 100,000 Buckeyes’ fans were screaming for the Trojans’ head when the Trojans’ boys were camped down at their own 10 yard line in the closing minutes. Freshman Barks led the 90 or so yard drive to the winning touchdown.

    I will carry that game to my grave because the crowd was ravenous, raucous and ridiculous. They thought by screaming throughout the SC drive that it would derail the mighthy Trojans and freshman Barkley.

    They were wrong.

    And I give most of the credit to Barks

    Now, as far as his NFL draft situation, he was probably smart to stay out of the 2012 draft with Luck and No. 3 and a couple of others who might have been selected ahead of him.

  • trojaned 66

    I don’t really care where Barkley goes in the draft……how he plays as a Trojan is what matters to me.

  • usc50ucla0

    Really, the fUCLA keyboard jockeys have merit in their arguments??? The decision makers are NFL GMs. USC player draft history speaks for themselves. Predicting potential draft THIS early is idiotic. Who would’ve predicted RG3 2nd player picked??? Certainly NOBODY outside of Texas!!! So STFU!!!

  • Matt Barkley Z E R O comeback wins. Even Kevin Prince has more, 5 comeback wins to be exact. Sorry people, just telling it like it is.

  • Stackfire

    Flag on the field! 4th quarter Oregon red zone fumble that was blamed on Tyler.

    After the Oregon game, Barkley said it was a run and Tyler said it was a play action pass. The coaching staff declined to comment. Is there anyone within 10,000 miles of Heritage Hall who thinks that the USC staff would not have backed up Barkley if they could have?

    This protect Barkley at all costs goes back at least to the 2009 UCLA game when Coach C blamed Damien Williams for not running out his route for a late INT Barkley clearly overthrew. Since then, the excuses have been nonstop.

    When you have to go back to the Ohio State game to mention a comeback that this QB has mounted in the past 3 years, that should tell you something. His big numbers just do not include many second half heroics. However, the Trojans do not fall behind very often.

    As for Barkley’s strengths and weaknesses, I do not think his arm strength is in question. He has a very strong arm and throws outs and deep about as well as anyone in football. His mobility is a serious weakness but if a QB has to have a weakness, no speed is the one to have.

    Putting up big numbers at QB at USC is guaranteed in a program that puts more impact players into the NFL than any other over the past decade. I would be more convinced of Barkley’s ability if he wasn’t always better in the 1st half than the 2nd, better on 1st down than 3rd, better with a lead than with a deficit.

    I just see him as another Matt Lienart surrounded by better players and getting the credit.

  • Ibc trojan

    As to the myth Barks has “just not had many opportunities to lead comebacks” well, we lost 11 games in Bark’s 3 season. I am no expert, but I am going to go out on a limb and declare that was at leaast 11 chances for him to lead comebacks that…didn’t quite make it.

  • lbc trojan

    Who is “i”bc trojan? It must be Bruin Rob as usual. He and Charlie Bucket enjoy several usernames here.

  • Sam Gilbert

    lbc has a capital i doppelganger… welcome to the club.