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Remember in 2009 when ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper said Matt Barkley would be the No. 1 pick of the 2012 NFL draft. Kiper seemed to cast a little doubt Monday during a conference call with reporters when discussing the height of 2013 quarterback prospects.
“There are only two successful quarterbacks under 6-2, that’s (Drew) Brees and (Michael) Vick. . . . I’m waiting to see Matt Barkley, too,” Kiper said. “He’s listed at 6-2, I hope he’s 6-2, I wouldn’t want to see 6-1, 6-1-and-a-half for obvious reasons. If you are below 6-2 you’ve got to beat the odds, bottom line.”

Ben Liebenberg/NFL
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  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    I was able to meet Matt at an event on campus earlier this year and he seemed closer to 6’3″. Definitely 6’2″ though. I’m about 6ft and he had a few inches on me easily.
    Shouldn’t be an issue.
    Of course, Matt throwing spring INTs, not having any comeback wins (except Ohio State in ’09), and being a “big-mouth” might hurt the “pious one”

    Fight on!


    6 feet 1 1/2 inches won’t cut it, but 6 feet 2 inches will?

    Wow, I had no idea

  • Lane Kiffin

    Fat, slow, short, soft Barney has no chance in the NFL … Brady Quinn jr. He will sit and pout draft day like Quinn did … then flop once in the league. Goatboy Kiffin’s stat padding bubble screen O works vs bad college teams , like lard butt Weis’s did. But will not work in the NFL … Goatboy should know this , his garbage play calling produced … what a 4-20 NFL record. Hue Jackson was better !

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    LOL @ “Lane Kiffin” he must be an upset Raider/UCLA fan. Barkley isn’t setting USC and conference passing records on bubble screens, genius.
    “Soft” like Brady Quinn? have you SEEN Brady Quinn? Lol. I love that haters deflect attention away from Barkley being a Heisman front runner just to say “Yeah, he’ll suck in the NFL.”
    So when UCLA beat USC 13-9 did you say “who cares, none of these guys will be any good in the NFL.” lmao.. idiots.
    Btw, Nick Saban sucked in the NFL too. His 3 national championships dont seem to care.

    TROLL on, though!

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    “He is actually 6- 5, with the afro 6-9.”

  • ftfo2009

    Kiffin had one season before he was fired (i don’t know how many games you think is in an NFL season), and in that season he doubled the number of wins from the previous season. Not good by any means, but it was his first nfl season. I give him a pass (mostly because his wife is hot).

  • Trojan Conquest

    Actually with the yards after catch, a 25 yard gain is the same with a bubble screen as a long pass down field. With Woods & Lee, these bubble screens do rack up passing stats.

  • Lane Kiffin

    Goatboy was FIRED before mid-season in his pathetic 2nd year … even senile Al Davis could see what a loser Goatboy Kiffin is.

  • BoscoH

    What you see here is a failed marketing attempt. Kiper sent MB7 and his family the Mel Kiper version of a full color brochure with that bold prediction. They tossed it in the trash. So now Kiper has to come up with some reason to walk back his assessment. If MB7 isn’t 6’3″ now, he sure wasn’t 6’3″ a few years ago.

  • Yoda

    disturbing, this is.

    too short this padewon remains.

    can’t see over the Wookies, hmmm?

    ride on their shoulders, he should, like Yoda.

    herh, herh, herh.

    quick like Vick he is not.

    laser accuracy, like Brees, he does not have.

    5th rounder he is, i sense.

  • ftfo2009

    What is disturbing is how little Yoda knows about Star Wars.

    You misspelled padawan. Also, jedi training typically begins at age ~5, and lasts for ~10 years, it’s highly unlikely Barkley would still be within this age span.

    Wookies average height is 6’11”, hardly the ideal height for a quarterback.

    Fifth round you say? So you think Barkley’s legacy will mirror that of John David Booty? How perceptive of you.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    wait a minute, the Pious Passer was apposed to be the #1 pick in the draft??? the FOOTBALL draft??

    he was likely 3rd rounder had he come out. and that was after a year with no pressure whatsoever (he’s not good under pressure).

    based on the Cadre’s Draft Board, we have our wild-eyed, scatter-armed QB, Kevin Prince, going higher in the draft than the Pious Passer.


    it’s all falling apart, isn’t it fellas?? and earlier than i could’ve imagined….

  • ftfo2009

    You forgot about wonky-kneed. That part is pretty important when you can’t throw.

    And yes, we’re all in tears over here at Heritage. We all know seasons are won and lost in May. Or maybe they aren’t – that might be why you haven’t had a winning season in a couple years.

  • ftfo2009

    You know, after hearing all this skepticism about Barkley, I went back and checked his stats, and they actually aren’t that impressive. He only threw 6 touchdowns against UCLA!?! Embarassing…he’ll be lucky if he even gets drafted.

  • Dirk Diggler

    I want him to succeed THIS year. And I will wish him luck in the NFL. My favorite ‘SC quarterback of all time is Rodney Peete, he kind of sucked in the league, but so what? I have my memories of his pass to Erik Affholter to knock off UCLA. That will always be there. And as ftfo’09 said…he has a hot wife too.

  • ftfo2009

    I think Barkley will do fine in the NFL, I think he has the work ethic to do it, but it kind of depends on what team gets him. I’m worried about a team like the Bears drafting him.

    You remember the Bears, right Bruins? It’s where UCLA quarterbacks go to die.

  • incalos

    PUCS owns is a liar, he was on his knees the whole time when he was next to Barkley. Brady Quinn, that’s too complimentary a comparison he’s a Jimmy Claussen clown, throw it up and let your receivers do the work. Matty will have Akili Smith stats, but he’ll get paid so he’ll b alright. Plus he has that SUC degree to fall back on… (add ur punch line here…)

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Lane Kiffin, I don’t know why you insist on coming to this blog to bad-mouth yourself and your quarterback. You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. Think about the good things in your life. Now, think what it must be like to be standing in Jim Mora’s shoes right now. Feel better? Thought so.

  • Sam GiIbert

    I am exactly 6ft tall. When I met Barks at Swim with Mike Day, both in bare feet, i was a few inches taller than him. So he is NOT 6’2″.

    That said, I don’t put much stock in what Kipper says about that. It’s his slow feet and weak arm that concern me.

  • Jethro G. Sabbath

    I thought Sam Gilbert was 6ft under.


    Everyone though Luck’s arm wasnt too strong. Until he started throwing 70 yd passes at the combine.

  • I partied with John DeLorean

    @How Does: That was a great movie. I’m 40, so you have to be about my age to remember that. Chevy Chase had quite a good run back then.

  • ftfo2009

    Everyone thought Barkley couldn’t run, then they took an arrow to the knee.


    I used to be an adventurer like you, then i took a rocket to the face.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    @Charlie Bucket (ThaiMex),

    Weird, he looked great under pressure in 3OT against Stanford until a tailback fumble. Same against #4 Oregon on the road.

    Good try though, Chucker Bucker, you geek! lmao

    TROLL on!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    @Charlie Bucket (Yoda/ThaiMex/”Count”),

    Weird, he looked great under pressure in 3OT against Stanford until a tailback fumble. Same against #4 Oregon on the road.

    Good try though, Chucker Bucker, you geek! lmao

    TROLL on!


    MB7 sure looked great under pressure against UCLA. Uhh… whoops!!!!! I forgot… UCLA can’t even field a football team!!!!!! My bad. Makes me wonder, being that football is the money-maker and biggest sport in America, how bRuins keep coming back to try and bring down the psyche of the fans of Troy. TUSK!!!!! (U-C-L-A …SUCKS!!!!)

    Oh yeah… 50-0

  • Sam Gilbert

    Jethro, I am 6 feet under, cuddling with the UCLA NC Basketball rings I bought.

    Apparently Sam Gi-capital i-bert has a height advantage on me.

  • Thai Mex

    The only thing WORSE than seeing Matt Barkley drafted #1 overall would be ME still commenting on this blog ONE YEAR FROM NOW. I have no life but maybe that will change soon. Or maybe I’ll just continue HATING all things USC because UCLA “football” is complete TRASH and I have nothing better to do.

  • Lane Kiffin

    Slow white Stanford and little bro 2 star Oregon … big deal
    Slow fat scared Barney will get killed vs real football players
    Throwing 40 2 yd passes will not work in the NFL. Ask that loser Goatboy Kiffin , he was canned from the NFL for going 4-20

  • Trojan Conquest

    “apposed”?…..”was apposed to be”??? WTF are you saying?

  • ftfo2009

    What did slow white Stanford and little bro 2 star Oregon do to you? And the rest of the PAC-12? Oh, right. rofl.

    >implying that UCLA doesn’t have real football players…

    And my vast extensive 45 seconds of research has showed me that Kiffin actually went 5-15 in the NFL, all while being the youngest coach in NFL history.

  • ftfo2009

    *and having the hottest wife in NFL history…

  • in sheep’s clothing

    my favorite ucla qb of all time is troy aikman. great name, three time superbowl winner – and had a perfect record v USC: all losses. i never cared that he’s a known homosexual(dallas morning news report) – or that he has awful stats compared other hall of fame qb’s. he’s a winner.

  • Jethro G. Sabbath

    ThaiMex is finally making sense.It’s about time!!!!

  • ftfo2009

    Seems that someone’s jimmies have been rustled

  • ftfo2009
  • Edward

    Rock bottom, “sheep’s clothing”. Down there in the gutter with Bruin Rob. Your spin on Aikman, and his career is gutless. Fight On!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Thai_Mex, well, at least that’s a better effort than your last effort: “ThalMex”!!!

    in sheep: sorry if our words wounded you so badly you felt the need to besmirch the toughest QB in recent memory…BUT, if i were you, i would lay off the Gay accusations. ESPECIALLY given the current…situation.

    i will say no more.

  • Jethro G. Sabbath

    Bucket said he will say no more…..sweet!

  • schammer47

    I believe USC Owns the Rose Bowl (golly, those Words sound SWEET !!!) when he insists that MB7 is closer to 6′ 3″, than he is to 6′ 2″.

    Please take note: Back when the Mighty Trojans won the NCAA National Championsip in 1967, Notre Dame put two of the largest men on the football field in all of America, namely, Kevin Hardy and Mike McCoy. Both were DT’s, and both weighed well over 290 pounds, buck naked. In spite of that obvious fact, the Notre Dame Football Roster had both men weighing 240 pounds, each of the 3 years of their Varsity eligibility.

    During the 1967 season, the greatest College Football Coach in American History, our beloved coach John McKay, quipped to reporters that both Hardy and McCoy weighed over 240 pounds AT BIRTH.

    MB7 looks to me like he might be closer to 6′ 4″…. he certainly plays TALL…..TALL enough to send the caudre home BUTTFU*KED, THREE GLORIOUS YEARS IN A ROW !!!

    Oh this IS the CENTURY to wear the CARDINAL AND GOLD !!!

    WIN FOREVER, MIGHTY TROY !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lane Kiffin

    Oh sorry .. the supposed boy genius went 5-15 and was fired at mid year. Freaking genius LOOK OUT another bubble screen vs Syracuse from the fat qb

  • ftfo2009

    I didn’t mention that to show how good Kiffin is, I did it to show how idiotic you are that you can’t spend 30 seconds to see if your facts are correct.

    And gosh, 3500 yards passing – that must be some kind of record for bubble screens.

  • 3rdandlong

    Doug Flutie, 5’10” – just sayin.

  • 3rdandlong

    Doug Flutie, 5’10” – just sayin.