Seau Statements

Here are some statements released today by the San Diego Chargers, USC athletic Pat Haden and USC coach Lane Kiffin on the death of Junior Seau.


“Everyone at the Chargers is in complete shock and disbelief right now. We ask everyone to stop what they’re doing and send their prayers to Junior and his family.”


“We are tremendously saddened to hear this news and our hearts go out to his family and children. Junior Seau was one of the greatest legends in USC football history. He will always be remembered by USC as the original No. 55.”


“This is a very sad day. The USC football program and the entire Trojan Family extends our condolences to Junior’s family. He was one of the greatest Trojans of all-time. Our team and fans were very fortunate to see him just a couple of weeks ago at our Spring Game at the Coliseum. He will be deeply missed.”

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  • USC – 714

    The man made the #55 what it is today.

  • spedjones

    Very sad indeed. I have a hard time, however, understanding how anyone, including the Chargers, could be “in complete shock and disbelief” at this. He’s been in deteriorating mental health for years and drove his freaking car off a cliff in Carlsbad a year or so ago. Aside from the death itself, the biggest tragedy here is that nobody helped the guy once his career was over. NFL should do FAR more to help its stars post career when it comes to issues such as mental health.

  • Gnossos

    Two words……..Dave Duerson

  • Revol_Bruin

    Even though I’m a Bruins fan, this is indeed sad and tragic. I admired Seau when he played at USC and I followed his stellar NFL career. He always seemed like a good, humble human being at heart and he had rare talent that is extremely hard find.

    May God bless his soul.

  • Lane Kiffin

    So it wasn’t the 2006 guttie game or 2010 Notre Dame mess that Goatboy Kiffin called … Junior watched that crap spring game

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Still at it huh? Don’t you have a hot wife to be banging, Kiff?

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    After someone said that “Lane Kiffin” is also “McGuire” on the Green Board, I went and looked up the McGuire posts, and sure enough there was a long, long list of ravings about “Suckisian” and “Goatboy Kiffin” (whatever that means).

    As someone mentioned on one of the other posts this morning, the level of palpable anger that radiates from some of the comments on this blog is just bizarre and sad. But that’s the internet for you, I guess.

    Switching to a Facebook post system on Lev’s blog seems to have cleaned up the comments over there, but they did the same thing on the L.A. Times website, and you still see people posting nasty stuff with their real names and photos. People always say that the anonymity of the internet makes it easier to post offensive remarks, but maybe people get so accustomed to rolling in the mud that they don’t mind using their real names after a while.

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