Morning Buzz

USC men’s tennis goes for its fourth straight NCAA title today against Virginia. Meanwhile ESPN says Lane Kiffin is more likable now.

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  • Sam Gilbert

    FIght On team!

  • BoscoH

    Well, I for one have always had CLFK at the top of my well liked list. When he had a senile Al Davis repeating over and over at his firing that “JaMarcus is a great quarterback”, I knew Kiff was a bad-ass and hoped we would eventually get him back. OTOH, I like Pat Haden a little bit less after reading that. We should have a lot more college coaches and ADs closer to Kiffin’s age than Haden’s. It’s a new, different world.

  • Lane Kiffin

    Goatboy Kiffin is still a turd … he just knows he has to kiss Haden’s arse to keep his job. Goatboy’s sh*t attitude will not fly at SC , so he has to fake it and kiss Haden’s rear. Goat is still the same dumb, smug, excuse making idiot he has always been ( see Stanford )and you will see more of it when Pete’s players are all gone and the Pac starts to get better.