Position Of Need

With two tailbacks committed and defensive line still an area of recruiting concern, maybe linebacker is the under-the-radar position of need: USC is aggresively recruiting linebacker Michael Hutchings and there are a trio of out-of-state candidates to keep an eye on: Reuben Foster, Trey Johnson and Jaylon Smith,

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  • NJ Trojan

    USC needs 4 OLs & 3 Ss. They need 2 LBs.

  • Since Linebackers are needed at USC, I wonder what the “over/under” is on how many days before USC will offer to Banks? Arrested for Rape, isn’t that one of the requirements to wear Ketchup and Mustard?

  • steve49

    ^ Real nice comments, adds a lot to the site to have someone of your caliber come here.

  • Edward

    They have offered 22 defensive lineman and seven linebackers so far.


    One of the requirements of being an SC football player is to have been wrongfully arrested for rape?

    And the cardinal and gold the Trojans wear brings to mind ketchup and mustard?

    Is that the best you got ‘Cerritos?’– pretty pathetic.

    Now, back to some intelligence, I never dispute NJ Trojan’s analysis because he is given a lot more thought to the SC football make-up than I have.

  • torpedoman

    Hell LJ, Scott ought to simply hand this blog over to Mr. NJT! What a grand way to improve things around here. The idea actually inspired me to post something which I’ve not done here in longer than I can remember.

  • Roll Tide

    D-Line will always be a concern for USC and the rest of the Pac12

    We all know that the truly powerful and dominant monster D linemen are made down here. NOW CAN U READ THIS.

    bow down


    Gotta love fucla fans posing as alabama fans on a USC blog.

  • CPEM

    Sorry guys, I got Rob all riled up on another site, so now he’s coming here to take it out on you guys. He’s been spewing the same nonsense for years now. I notice he’s going by a different handle here now. I wonder if one of his many personalities got the ban-hammer.

    Hey Rob: I. OWN. YOU.

  • Edward

    Got to agree with Tide. Rival’s preseason top thirty DT’s has zero from California. But, “bow down”??? You have to steal the fight song from the University of Washington? Who the hell are you?

  • schammer47

    cerritos, rolled, edwardo,

    You ignore tha fact that THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUHTERN CALIFORNIA will be ranked at least # 2 in the Nation before the 2012 season gets under way. The TROJAN FAMILY is at the TOP OF OUR GAME, LOOKING FORWARD WITH SUPREME CONFIDENCE to the 2012 NCAA Football Season. Pay attention….Our PROFOUND EXCITEMENT comes from a wonderful coaching staff who are able to utilize the nations finest athletes, beginning with the defensive line and finishing with our MB7 QB, who most likely will be ALL WORLD long before our Trojans fuc*kover ucla YET ANOTHER TIME.

    No. Stay where you are. Suckin’ wind, eating sh*t, and wasting your time.

    COME ON, 2012 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Trojan Conquest

    “NOW CAN U READ THIS”….We can, but I’m sure 70% of people from the state of Alabama can’t.