Answer Monday!

Steve Sarkisian’s dream job and baseball are topics in this segment.

Q: Sam Gilbert said:
You stated in your “…Rumor Mill” post that Jim Mora’s dream job would be at Washington and he would jump at the opportunity if offered the job. This made me think, Sark has obvious ties to Washington, USC and BYU so would his dream job be one of those universities, another NCAA school or even the NFL?

A: USC would definitely be his dream job. When Pete Carroll left I heard he was interested if the price was right. I’m sure he would jump at the chance if offered the job in the future.

Q: gotroy22 said:
What do you think are the reasons for the poor season for the baseball team, is it a rebuilding year or was this year a major set back, should the coach be fired and do you think Mike Garrett blew it by not getting the fucla baseball coach Savage to be our coach years ago?

A: I think the baseball program is going through a slow rebuild following the Chad Kreuter era. And the Pacific-12 Conference is extremely tough this season. But really, things need to turn around next season because it will be Frank Cruz’s third year.
Mike Garrett did botch things on several levels. He needed to make it clear to John Savage while he was at UC Irvine that he was the heir apparent to Mike Gillespie. By the time Garrett decided to fire Gillespie, Savage was already at UCLA. And then Garrett compounded things by hiring Chad Kreuter instead of someone like Oregon coach George Horton. One could also argue Pat Haden should have made a big-name hire when he fired Kreuter. A year from now, we should know definitively one way or another.

Q: CryWolf said:
do the parents pay their own way on an official visit?

A: Yes. A school can only pay for a student-athlete on their visit.

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  • Trojan Conquest

    So who did USC want first between these 2, Kiffin & Sark, not counting others like Fisher. I’ve got to think Sark. Both of these guys were one year head coaches.
    Baseball…Wolf continues to ignore the Elephant in the room. With only 11.7 scholarships, it’s really tough for an expensive private school to compete. Most players get partial or half scholarships. A half scholarship will still cost a USC student over $25K. USC is competing with State schools like Long Beach, Fullerton, ASU, Arizona, Irvine, and UCLA. USC needs to recruit in wealthy areas, like South Orange County and Scottsdale, AZ. Baseball in the USA is now an expensive year round sport for kids.

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Stanford fields a very good team pretty much every year, so did Rice . The scholie thing is a huge hindrance but it’s an excuse and we all know the story about excuses.

  • Edward

    And Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, and Clemson.

  • schammer47

    Shut down all female varsity sports at USC except basketball and volleyball. H*ll’s Belles, I believe the Men’s Crew program was replaced with Female Crew. Female Water Polo ????? NO WAY !!!

    FIGHT ON, USC MEN’S SPORTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • twenty-twenty

    Two years of Cruz is enough. Don’t need to wait another year. What are you expecting to see next year that you haven’t seen the past two seasons? 7 straight years without a regional berth. Cruz….two losing seasons as coach. Only won 4 of the last 27 games this season. No improvement, and nothing to look forward too in ’13. Stanford has been to the regionals 28 of the last 32 seasons. Need a complete overhaul.

  • Sam Gilbert

    Thanks Wolf.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Especially for Memorial Day, in honor of our vanished friend NOBS, I fired up the Google and rummaged through the Internets to bring you what NOBS probably would have said in response to a Wolf post like this:

    NOBS Author Profile Page said:

    Retard, just because Garrett is doing you wife all afternoon while you pump gas is no reason to get worked up. BTW, you’re daughter is BS too in bed.

    February 14, 2011 4:23 PM [Valentine’s Day!]

  • Trojan Conquest

    All true, but USC has a shit load of really good, inexpensive, baseball schools that recruit the same players. Again, ASU, UofA, Long Beach, and Fullerton, all have a history of good success. Couple that with UC schools like Irvine and UCLA, there has to be a way for these players to afford USC. Again, recruit the best rich kids.

  • NJ Trojan

    USC has been expensive for a long time and they won a lot of NCAA titles in baseball. I remember all the articles back in the 90s when UCLA was consistently kicking USC’s behinds there were a bunch of articles about how USC could never be a great football power again. Similar articles are being written about ND now. USC baseball just needs to get its act together like USC football did.

  • gotroy22

    fucla sucked at baseball for decades before Savage turned them around. It’s all about the coaching.

  • ProbationU

    @schammer…ever hear of Title IX? isn’t one of your vacated National Championships…and you may forget that SC has a pretty good tradition in Women’s Basketball. With all the money the school has, they should be able to field a strong baseball team.

  • Ruinhater07

    Probation U, what does USC having money have to do with fielding a good baseball team? The team cam only give out 11.7 scholarships, period which is mandated by the NCAA. Besides the obvious about baseball players having to pay as much as $30k for the right to play for SC, while there are other less expensive options in the area, the coaching staff has the wrong recruiting strategy. They are recruiting the 1st round talent, and losing these kids to the draft. They are spinning their wheels on those kids that will never step on campus, when they should be recruiting those kids that they are likely to be able to sign and actually show up on campus.