Answer Monday! (Part 2)

Back to some reader questions.

Q: Our 75 Is Better Than Your 85 said:
From what you have heard or observed, what is Robert Woods doing to rehab his ankle? In other words, what is the daily rehab procedure and is he still able to hit the weight room, etc.

A: He’s been running and lifting weights and doing some throwing with his teammates. The problem, from what I heard, is that he had two inflammation spots in the ankle and surgery only addressed one. He is expected to work out through the summer but like every other injury, it won’t be until training camp when we see if the ankle can withstand serious stress.

Q: NJ Trojan said:
Martinez earned one of the starting guard spots last year. Coming out of spring 2012, Kiffin has Hobbi listed as a second-string guard and DiPoalo as a third-string center. Since Holmes and Markowitz only have one more season of eligibility left, do you see DiPoalo as Holmes’s successor at center in 2013? If not, why? And who do you think will take over the starting center position from Holmes in 2013?

A: I expect the coaches to move someone over to center or groom someone during the season. Who? I’m not sure but it would not surprise me if Max Tuerk or someone else highly regarded gets switched. Maybe even John Martinez, who has two seasons of eligibility, will go back to center for 2013. But I only expected someone highly regarded at the spot.

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  • ThaiMex

    Fine season just completed by the SUCks Baseball team. Finished 23-29, yup UNDER 500! (just a week before The INDY 500!…Maybe we can get INDY/IRL to Change the Official Name of the Race, from The INDY 500 to “The UNDER 500” in light of the TRADITION rich Torgans)). BTW, U-C-L-A SWEPT the SERIES against SUCks.
    Bad season (decade?) for Baseball, but you’ve got to LIMBO EVEN Lower to come close to The RECORD SETTING Year by SUCks men’s basketball “PROGRAM” that finished the season at 6-26!(1-17 in Conference, and was SWEPT by U-C-L-A). Strange, how even though you have a Coach with experience in such things, A TWELVE STEP RECOVERY PROGRAM won’t save you guys from yet another “tradition rich (aka, LOSING) season. Sanctions in Football, LOSING (embarrassing) seasons in Baseball and Basketball, no wonder you guys are all arrogant!
    Fit On Torgan! (especially you, Stinky!)
    “The Memorial Day Weekend UNDER 500”, sure has a nice ring to it.