Stat Time

USC tennis player Steve Johnson’s 72-match winning streak is believed to be an NCAA record. Exact records are not kept for singles’ winning streaks but the best known mark is in the 40’s.
Meanwhile, USC baseball’s 8-22 Pac-12 record is the fewest victories than all but two teams (1985, 2010) in the past 60 years.

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  • Life is indeed SWEEEEEEEEET being a Bruin fan. Of the FOUR major men’s sports UCLA won the Pac-12 title – southern Division in football…Baseball, and Track & Field…and in the only sport we didn’t win the title in (basketball), we swept the season series vs our hated rivals the trOJans…thank God for making me adore my Bruins!!!

    Yes sir!!! it is no coincidence UCLA has this catchy slogan: UCLA – Champions Made Here.

    Go Bruins!!!!

  • But lost the gauntlet to USC again

  • Globe

    8 losses
    6 blowouts
    26 straight seasons without winning a Rose Bowl

    6th place in the conference
    14 losses
    Didn’t make the NIT

    Yep, these truly are the salad days for the UCLA athletic program.

  • Globe

    Sorry, I left out:

    Lost 50-0 to hated rival
    Lost for 11th time in 12 years to hated rival

  • ftfo2009

    6-8 > 10-2

    Bruin logic. Flawless.

  • ftfo2009

    UCLA – 71 Men’s Team NCAA Championships
    USC – 81 Men’s Team NCAA Championships

    UCLA – Female Champions Made Here

    But congrats on your worst bowl team in the history of the universe. You should totally hang a banner in the Rose Bowl for that one.

  • Globe

    And your men’s championship totals don’t include the most important sport of all, where SC doubles it’s margin over ucla.

  • Trojan 70

    Don’t you love it when Lob says “we” in reference to ucla? The poor buggar went to Cerritos and lives in Signal Hill and has to troll on a limp dick dating site. I think it is hilarious that he has hitched his ass to ucla, “where folls like Lob are made.”

  • Sam Gilbert

    “UCLA – Champions Paid Here”

    -Sam Gilbert & John Wooden

  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    OMG! will you troXans please stop obsessing about UCLA???

    can’t you enjoy the success of your tennis team? they look so cute in their little Burgundy outfits!

    and do you really want to talk about paying players?? uh, aren’t your basketball AND football teams still on probation?? gawwwwd!!!


    silly trOXans!! why not bring up some notorious UCLA criminal alums next?? (chortle)

  • ftfo2009

    OMG! When did Bucket turn into a 13 year old girl instead of just someone who isn’t allowed with 50 yards of them? gawwwwdd!!!!!

    But allow me to bring up how retarded you are.

    We are so obsessed about UCLA that we make up multiple fake profiles so we can troll their sites. Clearly. We’re so obsessed that we spend our memorial day trying to come up with witty responses and hoping that someone will notice. I see your post times. It’s sad.

    We do enjoy the success of our teams. I don’t know about cute, but my team’s colors aren’t baby blue, and my mascot isn’t a baby bear. And my football team isn’t below .500.

    I’m not sure if our basketball team is on probation anymore – i think it’s over. And a 4 year investigation couldn’t find a shred of evidence or any implication that anyone officially associated with USC paid our football players.

    And we’d probably mention UCLA criminal alums more often, but I can’t really think of any alums at all, criminal or not, that are still alive. I’m so sorry to hurt your feelings, you should totally blog about it in your livejournal though.

  • Trojan 70

    Fred you are such a loser.