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USC returns 19 starters including its punter and kicker but analyst Phil Steele compiled a chart that says the Trojans rank 123rd out of 124 teams in terms of lettermen returning this season. Steele says USC returns 36 of 64 lettermen (56.25 percent). He says Stanford and Oregon are tied for No. 4, with each returning 61 of 77 lettermen (79.22 percent).
Full chart here.

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  • ftfo2009

    Shouldn’t this chart be ranked by total number of returning starters, instead of percentage? I mean, if my team only has 13 lettermen on my team, but they all return, my team would be ranked highest. Which is idiotic. Just like this chart.

  • Sam Gilbert

    I’d now like to see a chart of how many lettermen each school has that are predicted to be 1st round draft picks.

  • umpalumpa4sc

    the chart is interesting, but essentially a useless statistic. he’s trying to assume that teams with returning elder players are better. marquis and robert are technically first time letterman. its a stupid analysis and a waste of time. it just shows that usc does more with less – and in less time.

  • umpalumpa4sc

    i think i may be wrong on what a letterman is – i took it to mean a junior or senior player…but even in the article, its a little confusing as to what makes a letterman at different schools.

  • Well, that’s certainly a BONER KILLER!! whaa, whaaaaa, whaaaaaaaa.

    As usual, trojans trying to make up their own math in order to satisfy themselves.

    Face it, USC is not as good as y’all think, there were 5 games last year in which they could have lost if not for some bone head play by the other team in the closing seconds like Utah missing that easy 30 yard field goal that was kicked so low that even Billy Barty could have blocked it.

  • ftfo2009

    …and if we lost those 5 games we’d still have had a better record than you…

  • Trojanfan

    Bruin rod is a fuckin idiot….You talk a lot of shit, but can never back it up… along, bucket has the flagpole ready to go…..ouch!!!!

    troll on 50-0

  • Jethro G. Sabbath

    IF my aunt had balls, she’d be my uncle.

  • face it, you delusional dipshits, USC is no better than a 2nd place in the Pac-12 South, and at best they will end up in the Hunger Bowl this next year, Barkley will regret coming back for his senior year.

  • ftfo2009

    Wow, I’m really going to listen to someone who couldn’t even think of an original username.

  • steve49

    ^^Can’t ya feel the love? And to think we almost had a decent blog about football going here. All i did was see the name, didn’t read it, didn’t need to.


    You know, I had a memory explosion the other day when I recalled how I felt during that 8-year curse UCKLA had on the Trojans. I felt terrible with each loss, totally depressed.

    That memory gives me some insight as to why the UCKLAs on the blog hate SC’s success so much, and try so hard to rain on our parade.

  • LanceKiffin

    Ramblings of certain posters remind me of a good punchline.

    I don’t know what he does when UCLA wins the Rose Bowl, he’s only 25 years old.

    In other words, come back when you’ve won something, until then bring me a coffee and pipe down, junior.

  • Karrillo

    bruinrob, just out of curiosity where are you picking ucla’s football team to finish in the Pac-12 South?

  • ftfo2009

    I know you didn’t ask me, but I’m picking USC’s team to finish on UCLA’s face.

  • Karrillo, I know you didn’t ask me, but I predict Utah will win the Pac-12 South and UCLA and USC will finish tied for second, but UCLA will get the better Bowl invite because of their win over USC, and Barkley will regret coming back, as he will throw more picks in his senior year than in his first three years combined, just as he threw for 18 picks his senior year in High School. Barkley the fool BLEW IT!! coming back, he will will either end up being a permanent attachment to a clip board in the NFL or he will end up in the Canadial league.

  • ftfo2009

    -A lot of people seem to like Utah, I’m not sure why.
    -You really predict 31 interceptions? With all-american receivers?
    -You really think that his decision will in any way negatively effect his NFL future (assuming no injuries occur)?
    -The fuck is the Canadial league?

  • Maybe I’m exaggerating in the number of picks, but I do think USC is over rated, as is Barkley. Utah is going to be tough, and USC playing them there very early in the season will translate into a loss.

  • ftfo2009

    Obviously I disagree, but for different reasons. I think USC matches up well against Utah. They’re breaking in new OTs on both sides and have a fragile qb – we’re bringing back two good DEs, and our entire secondary is back. I don’t really know too much about their defense, but I know they have some stud NTs/LB who can stop the run well, but if their secondary is shaky, I feel pretty confident Barkley can handle a couple of WR screens, and slants enough to spread them out.

    It depends on which team shows up, the team that underachieved the first half of the season last year, or the one that finished strong. I’m hoping with a set secondary, improved WRs, and much improved LBs, we’ll be able to keep it out of reach.

    On a side note – no way Utah wins the south. If Wynn stays healthy they have a legit shot; but Wynn won’t stay healthy.

  • Karrillo

    CerritosRob, now I’m definitely interested. Who do you see the Trojans and bruins losing to?