Open Forum

As I finish the last forum, time for more questions. One per person please.

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  • ftfo2009

    Why do you think UCLA is so obsessed with USC? And, do you think it’s a healthy obsession?

  • You say timeout, I say touchdown!

    Has any team won a College Football National Championship while under scholarship reductions?

  • fight on ’92

    has there been any discussion of whether or not usc will wear home jersey’s for the ucla game at the rose bowl this season?

  • Jethro G. Sabbath

    How many questions do you think Charlie Bucket, under his numerous user names, will attempt to ask in this open forum?

  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    wolfman, with trOXan basketball setting a new record for futility and the once-proud baseball team continuing it’s downward spiral, is there ANY pressure on Bounce Pass Haden to answer for the state of these two sports programs? or is Southern Cal content to remain a one-dimensional Athletic Dept so long as the football team is in contention for the AP title?

    what do you think of Caesar returning as AD??

    what say you, wolfman??

  • Trojan 70

    Why is CerritosLob SHORT (5’6″)and ugly?

  • Sam Gilbert

    In the last round of questioning you stated that Steve Sarkisian’s dream job would be USC. Was Sarkisian offered the job? If not, why not or If so, why would he pass?

    As always, thanks for the forum.

  • Karrillo

    Lane Kiffin’s comment about Marquise Lee having the potential to be the best wide receiver in the history of USC Football made me think. If Marquise Lee and Robert Woods both stay healthy and live up to their respective potentials this season do you see any chance of Lane Kiffin and/or Matt Barkley preferring to go to Lee over Woods? Could Lee be rewarded jersey #1 by this time next year?


    Which coaches and players will be in Palm Springs Friday?

  • Trojan Conquest

    What are your ideas of how to get the baseball program back to competing for a PAC title? How do you get enough good players to come to an expensive private school, when there are only 11.7 scholarships available? How does Stanford and others do it?

  • twenty-twenty

    After two losing seasons, why should SC retain Cruz as baseball coach? On paper, we look weaker next season. The rest of the conference is strong. Why not chart a new direction and hire a big name coach who can attract great players and productive walk-ons. This season was a mess in batting, fielding, pitching and base running.

  • steve49

    What is USC planning to do to the Coliseum now that they are in charge?

  • AquaLewi


    I’m going to the state track meet in Clovis this weekend, will any future Trojans be competing?

  • oneohsixseven

    What are the chances of a major overhaul at the Coliseum in the next five years? ie: Trojans play a year (or two) at the Rose Bowl, and the entire stadium is rebuilt around the Peristyle end… to make it more USC-focused, or to lure an NFL team, or to bring the Olympics, or…?

  • malachi crunch5

    So how did Alvin Kamara’s visit go?

  • CryWolf

    Who are the uncommitted OOS recruits most likely to sign on the dotted line?

  • marvgoux

    You said the sanctions against the football program were too harsh because it was a single player involved and the NCAA made a point not to come close to the USC penalties for other schools the past few years. But isn’t it true that the sanctions were harsher for SC than other schools because of Mike Garrett’s disrespectful, arrogant attitude toward the NCAA? Isn’t it much more likely the sanctions would have been much less severe if someone with common sense, humility and a deft touch like Pat Haden were handling the Reggie Bush scandal from the start? Isn’t it true the NCAA made SC an example to other schools precisely because of Mike Garrett’s “in your face” approach? Then wouldn’t you agree that we have no one to blame but ourselves for employing an incompetent at such an important position of authority?

  • Chiete76

    Women’s BBall has been off the map since the 80s. Cooper hasn’t done much so far with limited coaching background, especially recruiting. What is the feeling on Campus about him, specifically Haden? New hires sound great on paper. Agree?

  • oneillwatch

    Much has been made of USC’s stonewalling the NCAA in their investigation of USC and it has been proposed that such “stonewalling” is the reason for the sanctions being so harsh in relation to the sanctions received by other schools. Do you have evidence that USC actually “stonewalled” the NCAA? I got the impression that USC was cooperating with the NCAA and even asked RB to cooperate as well. Do you believe that USC had evidence of misconduct for which it should have either self reported or caved early in the process and “plead guilty”? Alternatively, was this a case in which the stakes were high, the facts were elusive and, at worst, USC over-lawyered the process in an attempt to avoid being penalized for infractions that were not established or factually “in evidence”, thereby making the committee on infractions put down their doughnuts and actually do what they were paid to do and try to obtain facts that USC was not itself able to develop?

  • gotroy22

    Given the breaking news that a porn movie was filmed on the 50 yard line of the Los Angeles Coliseum, now that control of the facility has switched to USC, will administrators allow access to the facility for USC Film School students to use for their movies?

  • ThaiMex

    Worth reading, especially after ALL OF you SUCks FRAT boys are calling for his head….TYPICAL A-Holes
    fit on FRAT Boy’s

  • GuyWhoReadsThisBlog

    What is the latest on Armond Armstead?

  • AndyUSC2012

    What have you heard about Marquis Simmons? it seems as if the USC Staff has no faith in the guy (moving T. Burnett to SLB). Is it because of injuries? Is Dallas Kelly healthy and still with the program?

  • Obama is Great

    As I understand it, USC is currently at 76 scholarship players. Is there any NCAA prohibition against a star player being a walk-on? In other words, could say Matt Barkley give up his scholarship this season in order to let USC meet the 75 limit. He has already graduated and just needs to take the minimum course load – he could easily pay for his final year at SC out his NFL first round signing bonus.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    wolfman, with faggy bruin basketball setting a new record for faggotry and the once-proud baseball team continuing it’s downward spiral, is there ANY pressure on Wet-back Guerrero to answer for the state of these two sports programs? or is USC’s little sister content to remain a Title IX Athletic Dept so long as Women’s Handball keeps making it to the finals?

    what do you think of zombie-Wooden returning as AD??

    what say you, wolfman??

  • dtksr1

    Now that it is likely some type of playoff format is going to be decided on a football championship, there are those who feel in a 4-team playoff, the 4 best teams period, due to rankings, should be invited and some feel only a conference champion should be invited, along with Notre Dame being independent. Again, it is going to be the college presidents who ultimately decide this venture (and some of them don’
    t give a flip about college football like UCLA & Cal). What would you like to see happen in this playoff matter?

  • NJ Trojan

    By my count USC will return only 11 scholarship OLs in 2013: Di Poalo, Simmons, Martin, Tuerk, Martinez, Hobbi, Banner, Walker, Graf, Garness & Wheeler–and that’s assuming none leave early for whatever reason. Would you agree that USC needs to bring in at least 4 OLs in the recruiting class of 2013, and which OLs are among USC’s top targets?