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A reader asks if USC had too many backs recently to develop a star and another opens up the UCLA-USC obsession in this segment.

Q: Revenge of Charlie Bucket said:
Mr. Wolfman: with all this talk about recruiting so many wonderfully talented tailbacks, one cannot help but recall the situation Southern Cal found itself in a few years back, when the trOXans piled up schollie tailbacks like Duralogs in ’07!! i recall that a side effect of having so many “top recruits” in one positionn was that few or NONE of them was able to assert themselves, in fact NONE of the TEN schollie TB’s gained 1000 yds that year and they all eventually slipped into anonymity.
a brief recap of their pro careers:
-C. J. Gable: undrafted, waived twice, now “retired”
-Joe McKnight: barfed in camp, a “special teams player”
-Stafon Johnson: retired
-Allen Bradford: 13(sic) career yds rushing in NFL
-Desmond Reed: No Pro Activity
-Chauncey Washington: 9(sic) career yds rushing in NFL
-Marc Tyler: undrafted, still gropin’ & spittin’
-Emmanuel Moody: 2 weeks with Bufalo Bills…waived
-Broderick Green: No Pro Activity
-Hershel Dennis: Indoor Football League journeyman
it is my contention that having too many top ranked players at one position may make the coaches feel secure, but from a developmental standpoint, does not allow the full development of the individual player’s skills!! agree??

A: There were too many tailbacks in the period you mention but more important, I don’t think there was an elite back in the group. Many were average. And the coaches made some poor decisions. I thought Broderick Green was perhaps the most dangerous of the group with his size and power but he was buried, even after a big game against Arizona and grew frustrated and transferred.
USC hopes one of its incoming backs is elite but there are no guarantees.

Q: Jethro G. Sabbath said:
With all the time Charlie Bucket spends here how can he not know that he is limited to one question per open forum?

A: I guess I have to trust the readers..

Q: ftfo2009 said:
Why do you think UCLA is so obsessed with USC? And, do you think it’s a healthy obsession?

A: This is a good question. I believe it stems from a few things: USC was already well-established when UCLA was founded so that placed the school in the shadow of USC at the outset. On top of that, USC was a national football power, which made it difficult for UCLA to establish its identity. And finally, there was the fostering of the “Gutty Little Bruin” image by UCLA.
All of this contributes to the USC obssession and the “second-best” mentality even when UCLA is better than USC like in the 1990’s. Plenty of USC fans are also obsessed with UCLA but I have not seen it to the level it exists from UCLA fans in general.

Q: You say timeout, I say touchdown! said:
Has any team won a College Football National Championship while under scholarship reductions?

A: Not that I am aware of but I am not the expert on the subject.

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  • BiII

    Nobody talks about Bill that way and lives. I’m Bill.

    I am not obsessed with USC. I am here because USC has ruined my life, and I want revenge. Idiots.

    USC people wish that they were Bruins. And ALL people wish that they were Bill. I’m Bill.

    Stop haunting me. It is not right, it is not fair. Why are you doing this to me? Just leave me alone!

  • carlosb

    Since I’ve witnessed your demise from many blogs over the years bill, I’ll just repeat what I and countless others have already told you so many times in the past. just go fuck yourself bill!
    Yeah, I know, you got me to comment on your posting which is your goal, so I should be slapping myself for lack of discipline.. but what the hell, just go fuck yourself anyway bill.
    You know me as some other names, but I’m carlosb for today, just for you moron!

  • NJ Trojan

    Does anybody remember The Gipper? No, not Ronald Reagan–I’m talking about the whacko that used to post on here back in 2010 about what Teo was going to do to Barkley and later about his experience in the shed with the oppossum. He really cracked me up. I’m hoping Bill is the same whacko and that his schtick is going to get funnier.

  • BiII

    Nobody talks that way to Bill. You will pay. I’m Bill.


  • “Count” Smackula

    Poor Jezro.

    AH! AH! AH!

    Vee vill not wiolate your truschtink us, Vulfman!

    AH! AH! AH!

  • dtksr1

    It’s more like, “I am ill!”

  • lbc trojan

    Interestingly enough, there are UCLA fans on this blog every day. I rarely see USC fans on a UCLA board. Hmmm.

    Inferiority complex?

    Fight on!

  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    Ibc: we Bruins are the Pac 12 South Football Champeens, the Pac 12 Baseball Champeens, and next season we are a lock to be Pac 12 Basketball Champeens!!!

    if anything, we are suffering from a SUPERIORITY complex!!!

    by the way, you shouldda NEVER come back!!!

    UPDATE: Bruins Men Golf advances to Match Play for Natl Champeenship at Riviera. Southern Cal didn’t quite make it to the finals šŸ™

    ANOTHER Bruin Champeeenship??????

  • Jethro G. Sabbath


    Why do you always say “champeeenship”?

  • USC – 714

    Inferiority complex = coming onto a rival sights blog and trying to prove to yourself and to others that you are worthy by reciting all of your “champeenships”

    Charlie Bucket, never ever appear weak and insecure in front of the enemy. When will you learn??

  • Trojanfan

    Bucket is a fuckin idiot…..LOL

    Keep your pointless comments within the cadre

  • lbc trojan

    714 said it best…

    You are on OUR team’s blog you know, haha

  • The Gipper

    I am much better now, thanks for asking. Coach Kelly has fixed the team and we are on our way to the BCS. Also, Dr. Best has helped my brain so it is light instead of dark. And I like girls now because the therapy was a complete success.

    Can’t wait for college football! Fight Irish FIGHT!

  • ftfo2009

    ROFL let the old man hold on to his twisted memories of his 6-7 Championship team! Let him forget that those champions failed to score a single point against USC. He doesn’t have many years left guys…show some respect!